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one mad Klingon

Posted on 28 Jan 2018 @ 4:36pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG shakram Coro
Edited on on 28 Jan 2018 @ 4:43pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Sick bay- USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-2


After the Captain had left him to rest and practising closing his new hand, Paul had been thinking much about what the Captain had said to him about seeing the shrink and his refusal to see her, then he heard the doors to sickbay open and close. he turned to see who it was that had entered the room and he wished that he hadn't now, He saw one hell of a pissed off Klingon.

"What the hell do I hear that you are refusing to see the ship's counsellor" she started looking back at Paul, as she came to a stop next to his bed. She continued," You are the leader on the flight deck and there are young pilots that look up to you," she finished," and here you are refusing to talk to the counsellor, what does that say to them?"

Paul replied," And hello to you to Shakram and what brings you here?" as he guessed that Lauren had informed her of what he had said and she was not happy about it, as He looked back at her as he didn't know how bad her anger was with him and he knew that she was still mad at him for leaving her like he had and now this on top, he knew that he was not going to have a nice afternoon. He continued "And as for your question Lieutenant," as he used her rank since she had come in he finished," I know they look up to me and as for refusing to speak to the counsellor, I have my reasons for not wanting to,"

"That maybe, Paul, but they need to see you make an effort and should one of them end up like you someday," she stated looking back at him, she concluded, "They might follow you in defining the help," keeping her gaze upon him, she finished," but you have to set an example for them to follow and by this example,"

Paul looked back at her for a minute or two and understood what she was saying and that he as the CAG had to set an example to his Pilot's and at the moment he wasn't He replied,"I'll think on it Shakram, but don't promise anything," as he tried to squeeze the hand shut and failed once again. He replied," I understand what you are saying Shakram and I will consider what you have said," He finished,"But please tell the crews that I am fine and well," as he noticed that she was not going to do what he asked until he agreed to speak to the counsellor.

She replied," I will do so if you agree to see the Counsellor," replied Shakram who knew just how to get Paul to do it and that meant a bit of blackmail, but it was needed to be as she knew that Paul could be stubborn when he wanted to be and that she had to prod him in the right direction. as she waited for Paul's response, she looked at the gleaming metal arm that he now had, she said," and don't be afraid of the arm Paul, think of it as a trial,"

He looked back at her once more and replied," A trial you say, Shakram, I lost an arm when I crashed that fighter and I want to know why the hell did the throttle jam open like it did," as this was now starting to make him angry again as he wondered if this was her game to get him worked up to win this test?

"That is already in hand Sir," she replied formally, looking again at him, she finished,"Now I will leave you to rest and I will return for your answer later," as she turned and head back towards the entrance, Paul knew that the pressure to see the ships' shrink had now begun to come from all sides, the Captain, his own flight and the Marines, and of course the ship's doctor. He looked back at the arm and called out "when do I get the remote for this thing Doc," as he waited for the answer to come.


Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant JG Shakram Coro [NPC Winchester]
USS Tomcat


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