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Recovery starts here

Posted on 28 Jan 2018 @ 4:35pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Ensign Lauren Jordan
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Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Sickbay-USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-1


Paul had been relaxing on the biobed practising moving the fingers of his new artificial arm when the doors to Sickbay opened and in walked his Adie de camp. He said," Good morning Ensign, How are you?" as he still needed to find the correct setting for his hand to be. As he looked back at the young female officer who looked as if she hadn't slept in a few days. Lauren looked back at her boss and could see that he was still struggling to get the fingers to bend back towards his palm and knew that he had been very difficult to persuade that the artificial arm that he now had he wouldn't notice that it was there.

"Good morning Sir," replied Lauren as she looked back at her boss who was laying on the biobed trying to adjust the artificial arm, she continued," How did you sleep sir?" as she asked the question as Paul looked back at her with a raised eyebrow but Paul could see she was worried about him. Lauren had been asked by Lieutenant Coro to keep her informed of Paul's status and how he was coping with the new arm, as she came to a halt next to the bed and saw the gleaming silver arm, she finished," and how are you getting on with the arm Sir?"

He replied," I'm alive," looking back at her, he continued," But not the man I used to be," as he nodded towards the artificial arm that he now had, he finished," But to answer your question Ensign, I slept alright last night," as he gave a smile to her."and as for the arm Lauren not good, I don't like it one bit," he finished speaking the doors to sickbay opened and noticed a master chief and Major Donovan enter the room. Paul said," Major Donovan, Chief Armitage, What are you doing here?" as he watched them approached his bed.

- Crew Lounge -

Major Donovan entered the ship's lounge and saw the Captain's Yeoman sitting at a table looking out the window at the streaks that were the stars rushing by, she walked over to the table "Hi Lucy, may I sit?" Donovan asked.

Looking up startled Lucy arose, only to be motioned down by S'arila "of course Major, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Armitage asked with a courteous smile now on her face.

"Have you heard the latest! Lieutenant Winchesters flight got ambushed on a scouting mission, he is in medical having a prosthetic arm fitted, I was thinking that you might want to visit him, to see how he is" Donovan said and as her telepathy was back she could read Armitage's mind, she did not want to but the young woman was broadcasting loudly. "I will go with you if you want!" Donovan said.

Armitage looked at her beaming, "will you?" she asked hopefully at Donovan.

"Of course I will, now finish your drink and let us be going," Donovan said standing as the Yeoman finished her drink with that they both left the lounge and headed to the nearest turbo lift.

- Medical -

After a short ride they exited onto the medical level and headed straight into the Med bay, they saw an Ensign standing next to Lieutenant Winchester and a medic who was checking his arm, his false arm.

He looked up at the " Major Donovan, Chief Armitage, What are you doing here?" he asked as he sat up.

Both women looked at each other, Armitage looking up almost straining her neck as Donovan was so tall compared to her shorter frame and Donovan looked down at her and it seemed the Major lost the silent battle.

"We are here to find out how things are and how your recovery is going, Chief Armitage being Yeoman to the Captain will need to bring the Captain up to speed on your condition and such," Donovan said indicating the Human/Bajoran hybrid Master Chief who meekly smiled and looked at the Ensign.

"Hello, and who are you, Ensign? I know all the crew on this ship, well the crew that has been hearing the longest, but you came aboard with Lieutenant Winchester, so I have yet to meet the people he brought with him. As you have heard I am the Captain's Yeoman Master Chief Petty Officer First Class Lucy Armitage" she said holding her hand out.

"Hi, I'm Ensign Lauren Jordan, the Lieutenant's Aide de Camp" replied Lauren looking at the Master chief petty officer as she held out her hand in greeting to her. she continued, " Nice to meet you" as she waved the Master chief away from Paul as she knew the two wanted to talk by the sounds of things.

"So Ensign, how long have you been with the Lieutenant?" Armitage asked Jordan.

"I only met him the day we shipped out before we came into this reality," replied Lauren looking back at the Master chief, She continued," This is my first posting," as she remembered how her family must feel if the news had got home about the Tomcat disappearing.

Looking at the pain in the Ensigns face, Lucy gently laid a hand on the Ensigns arm "The Captain will get us through this Ensign, she got us through the Hydaransz system mission, this is no different in danger to that one" Armitage said in a consolatory manner.

"I know, it is just the thought of my family back home not knowing where we are that's all" replied Lauren as she looked back at the Master chief, she continued," and I am worried about him," as she pointed to the CAG who still wouldn't see the Counsellor.

Lucy sensed the mixed feelings from the Ensign "do you think of the Lieutenant as more than a work colleague? And as for your family, I am sure they will be okay" Armitage asked,

Lauren looked back at the master chief for a minute and replied," What are you implying Master chief?" asking her own question, was she thinking that she had a thing for Lieutenant Winchester? as she knew that he was already taken by Lieutenant Coro and there was no way she wanted to Challenge a Klingon.

*shrugging* "My mistake, I usually have a good eye for spotting things, but I see in this case I was incorrect, nice meeting you Ensign, welcome to the Tomcat," Armitage said with a smile and discreetly returned to where Donovan and Winchester was.

Back at the Biobed Donovan looked at Winchester and she smiled "Lieutenant, you are currently broadcasting your thoughts, being a telepath I can hear them if you know how can you please try to calm your mind and tell me what is troubling you?" Donovan said to Winchester.

"Ah sorry Major, was I hurting you?" asked Paul looking back at Donovan, as he started to relax a little bit knowing that he was a bit on edge about having the new arm and that he would have to get used to it, Paul also knew that he would have his flight taken away from him and his bridge clearance if he didn't do what the Doctor asked him to do.

Donovan simply nodded, she did not say a thing, the Lieutenant has some serious issues with counsellors it would seem, until he could manage to quieten his mind, she put up her mental defences, the moment she did the room went quieter and she felt relieved.

Paul looked back at the Major as the two girls moved away from the side of the bed, Paul replied," I'm just peachy Major, have you seen the monstrosity that Cahill fitted me with," as he looked back at the Marine. He continued,"and now she wants me to talk to a shrink about my feelings and such," as he knew that he was stubborn as a mule at times but he didn't want to talk about this.

Looking at the false arm "I am sure in time a more realistic one can be fitted, but I am quite sure the Captain will say that you have to listen to the Doctors orders, she will probably go on a bit more than me, but still you will need to come to terms with the loss of limb" Donovan said.

"Oh joy," replied Paul with some sarcasm in his voice, " I just feel that I'm being pressured into seeing the shrink," he continued as he looked over at Donovan, He finished" all that's wrong with me is this thing," as he pointed to the new limb. he finished "and all I have to do is get on with it and not notice it much and forget that it is an artificial one,"

*sighs heavily* "Lieutenant I am not here to tell you what to do, I am simply stating facts, just as a thought El-tee have you been trained to quieten your mind around telepaths?" Donovan asked.

"No I haven't Major, Why do you say that?" asked Paul, looking over at the look that his Aide had upon her face, he continued," And should I have been Major?" as he asked the question to the Marine.

She looked at Winchester "Sometime ago before you joined us we had a mission where some telepathic insects connected with my mind and the mental screech sheared my ability to read thoughts. You see I was a strong telepath, stronger than anything Starfleet has on record, so when I lost my ability I was pleased that my mind was silent, that changed when we were returned to my reality I now have to remember to keep my mental defences up. So while my loss of ability was a boon for me, I adjusted and you will too in time, you may not see the loss as a boon, but I tell you what I do, just so you know that I understand how you feel, as I felt like you when my ability returned" Donovan explained.

Paul looked back at Donovan for a minute with suspicion as he knew that they were for the moment in another reality and were trying to find a way home, He asked," Major, May I ask what reality you are from?" as he now was curious about the officer.

She looked at him with some intensity "This one Lieutenant, this one; I was in this reality and saw the death of Earth to a 90 foot Matter/Antimatter blue tinted mushroom cloud from a specially designed radioactive bomb dropped on the heart of San Fransisco, I and the Second SAS MACO Regiment got there shortly after and the cloud was still in its mushroom form that towered over the devastated Starfleet Academy where we made our last stand" Donovan answered.

" I see," replied Paul looking back at him, He continued," That must be hard to see happen to those youngsters who hadn't seen the universe," as he knew that now Donovan was home, He asked," So what can you tell me about this reality?"

She looked at him "When the doctor clears you from medical and takes you off flight duty for the duration come find me and I will tell you what I remember, how does that sound?" she asked.

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Smiling "Excellent, I will see you then El-tee, I shall leave you in peace to get sorted out," Donovan said then looked at Armitage "Okay Lucy, let's leave these people in peace"

Looking up "got it, Major," Armitage said and excused herself, Donovan shortly behind her, both women left Medical behind them, their visit was over, as they turned one corner Donovan saw the Captain walking down another corridor, it seemed she was heading to Medical.


Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
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USS Tomcat

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
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