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Paul's new arm Pt1

Posted on 26 Jan 2018 @ 9:57am by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Edited on on 26 Jan 2018 @ 5:13pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 59 to 65-1


Paul woke up from the surgery still a bit groggy from the antithetic and looked down at the silver monstrosity that was his cybernetic arm, Paul glared at the arm and shouted,” What the hell have you done to me Doc?” as He was not in a good mood, As he tried to move the fingers Paul knew that the thing was not working as he tried to sit up in bed.

Dr Cahill came over to LT Winchester, We could not save your arm LT. It was to badly mangled. We put you on this arm and once turned on it will work just like you real arm.

You will still be able to be a fighter pilot and all other duties as well LT. Your surgical wounds need to heal a little more and soon I will turn it on so you can try it out.

"Turned on?" Paul replied looking back at Cahill, he continued" when will that be Doc, Never," as he didn't like the look of him being a cyborg, just the last for letters gave him the shivers at the thought. oO Is this how the Borg started? Oo as he kept his gaze upon Cahill.

Dr Cahill smiled, She reached on and turned it on as you can see it is totally quiet and does not make any noises. Also there is the covering for it that looks identical to your flesh too. With this on it, no one will ever know.

And this is nothing to do with the Borg either. This is technology developed by Star Fleet before the first contact with the Borg.

It is on go ahead and try it out. It works by nerve stimulations in the remainder if your arm and is controlled by your brain.

As Paul tried to flex his hand, Paul started to wonder why they had done this, but he said, " I thought you had turned this thing on Doc," as the fingers s didn't even move an inch let alone close into a fist.

I make some adjustments to the sensitivity of the sensors. It begins to move. "All it takes is some minor adjustments and it works just fine for you Lt Winchester. And when you leave you will have a remote that allows you to adjust it to where it works the way you want it to work.

"Oh Joy," Paul remarked with sarcasm looking at the Tomcat's CMO, He asked," How am I supposed to fly with this dam thing?" as he didn't like this thing that was attached to him now as he felt that this was not truly his arm.

I continue to adjust the arm response as it begins to move more and also more like it should. I place the flesh covering it and then reach the remote to LT Winchester.

"It has 3 slide switches. 1 controls the sensitivity of reception from your nerves. 2 controls have quick it reacts to your commands. 3 controls the strength of the grip.

You can adjust it to where it is like you want it. In a few days you will feel like it is a real arm and you have had it for a long time. Also I want our ship's counsellor to talk with you too. You have been through a long LT Winchester."

"I am not talking to no shrink thank you," replied Paul looking back at Cahill, he continued," Its bad enough I have to live with this thing, but No shrink," as he started to lay back on the bio-bed as he was not happy about the turn of events, He thought oO I wonder what Paula will say when I tell her? Oo as he looked back at the celling.

It is required under Star Fleet regulations. You will do it. Till you talk to LT Whalon you are grounded and will not fly. Also, you will need some therapy to learn how to use the new arm to its fullest extent.

"I'll do the exercise to work the arm Doc, but the Shrink, no way," replied Paul looking back at her, as he knew that the arm was now a part of him and he had to live with it and also the servicing of the arm that came with it and the updates of the programing for it. as he just wanted to sleep for a bit as it started to take a lot out of him.

Ok, why don't you just rest for a while Lieutenant It will help you get stronger. And sleeping on it will also allow you time to adjust to it as well.

"OK Doc, I'll sleep on it, but I doubt I'll change my mind," replied Paul as he started to pull the cover over him, he finished, "Just don't keep hassling me about it ok," as he knew that he would just lose his temper at the officer and he had been trying dam hardest not to after what Cahill had done to him.


Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

LCMD Alexanderia Cahill
USS Tomcat


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