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Flight of the winchester Pt 4

Posted on 15 Jan 2018 @ 10:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG shakram Coro & Ensign Lauren Jordan
Edited on on 17 Jan 2018 @ 3:49pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Flight deck- USS Tomcat
Timeline: After FoTW Pt3



Just then he heard shakram’s voice over the Com =/\= “So, I have to bail you out of trouble then Bowman?”=/\= as the Klingon’s entered the fray and the enemy knowing were out gunned and out maned by the numbers that had turned up, turned and ran, Paul replied,” Thanks for the assist Queen, it was appreciated,” he finished “Now let’s go home,” as they all turned and headed for home Paul noticed something wrong with his fighter.

As they got nearer to the Tomcat and each one of the Fighters landed upon her deck without incident, Paul looked at his console and noticed sparks started to fly across the console and the ship began to shudder as if something had come loose during the battle. Paul said,” Big Bird this is Bowman, I am having problems with the controls, “as he tried to slow the craft down, suddenly the throttle opened making the craft speed up.

He said,” Mayday, Mayday, Throttle has opened up and I’m coming in Hot,” as he headed towards the deck in full view.

Back on the Tomcat’s Hanger deck...

Lauren called” Everyone clear the deck, I repeat clear the deck, Fighter coming in hot,” as she opened her com channel, she said, “Medical team to the Hanger deck ASAP” as the fighter suddenly slammed into the deck and began to slide breaking one of the wings.

Meanwhile, inside the fighter, Paul tried and failed to keep it steady as he shook violently about as his left arm smashed against the sides of the cockpit whilst he thought oO This is the end of me Oo as the craft came to a stop and the fire started to break out.


Dr Cahill responded thew flight deck when she heard the call of May Day. She always was there when there was an emergency.

Suddenly the fighter came in and in a total chaos of running around, they managed to avoid the crash.and fire that resulted.

She stood by while the fire crews remove the hunt pilot. She then moved quickly and started accessing her patient's injuries. She hit her communications badge, =/\= Transporter room one this is Cahill, Emergency beam out to Sick Bay Code Alpha 1.=/\=

Once in Sick Bay here and K-Tel set to work along with others from the Trauma Team. Cahill looked around, "Move him to surgery now. We will have to remove and replace this arm now to save his life."

They went to surgery and set to work.

Lauren ran from the control room and began heading for Sickbay as she was worried about her boss, Just behind her came Lieutenant Coro who also was worried about Paul as she caught up with Lauren, She said "Don't worry Ensign, If I know Paul he will battle through this,"

Lauren replied" I know Lieutenant but I still worry about all you pilots every time you go out into the void," as she kept up the pace with the Klingon.

Meanwhile, in Sickbay, Paul started to come around as he saw the Doctor, He said through Gritted teeth "How bad is it Doc?" as he remembered the crash as he noticed the nurses come around him as they began to cut away his flight suit and started to assemble the machines around Paul.

In Sick Bay Dr Cahill work as hard as she could. She heard LT Winchester ask a question. She placed her hand on his shoulder and told him. "I am afraid we cannot save it that we will give you a new arm that will allow you to continue as a pilot as well as all your other duties.

"New arm? what new arm?" He replied looking back at the Tomcat's CMO, Paul knew he was in a bad way, but losing a limb that was bad news, even for him as he started to pass out from the drugs that had been administered to him to help him relax.


Lieutenant Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat

Ensign Lauren Jordan [NPC: Winchester]
Adie De Camp
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Shakram Coro [Npc: Winchester]
Rebel 1
USS Tomcat

LT Commander Alexanderia Cahill
USS Tomcat


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