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Into the Unknown Fire Part 2

Posted on 17 Jan 2018 @ 3:14pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Nelson & Petty Officer 3rd Class Ramon Machado

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: Tomcat/Various
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 52 to 59


- Science Lab -

"Captain", Maia said stopping her work. "We are working on a way to get us home, it's still a working theory, and I am working on the mathematical models to see if it can be done in the first place. We are attempting to manipulate the dimensional anomaly using its relationship between time and gravity. We know we can create an anti-time reaction by emitting a beam of tachyons at a fixed point within the rift at three different points in time. What we are trying to do is see if we can create a controlled reaction. The last thing we want is to create a paradox. Once a small anti-time reaction starts we can take the ship to the centre of the anomaly and create a static warp shell which with our universes vibration will collapse the anomaly placing us in our universe approximately 6 months ago. Since this universe is about six months ahead of ours we should arrive home in our own continuum at the right time. At least that's the theory," Maia said.

Dr Cahill responded, "Also if by chance we get close enough to the planet Xindi, I have some palettes set up we could beam down to the Human survivors with medical stuff and some portable replicators. This would let them replicate food and other items needed, plus power cells for any Starfleet weapons they may still have. There would be no Federation markings on anything and it could maybe help turn the tide in their fight here too."

Looking first at Sterling then, Cahill, she listened to them both in that order and would reserve her questions if any until later; she finished listening to them both then looking at them both "A Paradox would be a bad thing, that much we can agree on, not to mention the amount of paperwork involved in creating one" she said glumly "It is a good theory, make sure though that you do not blow us up, otherwise not even the afterlife will save you from my wrath" Somers said with a half-smile. "That I will freely give my permission on doing, but we will have to contact the survivors before we de-cloak as if I was part of a dying entity and suddenly a fully armed and undamaged ship de-cloak above my head, my first instinct would be to shoot first, remember upon meeting these people we must keep in mind that they have seen everything they know pulled from under them, but some Medical supplies and treatments after we make contact should put us in their good graces," Somers finished looking at Cahill, indicating that the last bit was for her attention.

"Is that wise Captain? This isn't our fight and by getting involved we will almost certainly be drawing unto ourselves a lot of problems. In this instance, I would think the prime directive applies. After all, this isn't our reality. We can not restore this universes Federation nor can one ship combat the Dominion. The fewer that know of our presence the better off we will be. All I'm saying, Captain, is that we cant save them and in fact may do more damage to them in the long run," Maia stated.

Looking to Maia, "There is no Prime Directive issue here Maia, I will probably catch it in the neck when our high command hears of it, but I plan to use this in my defence. It is our duties to help and assist those we are not currently at war with, now I would never think about helping the Dominion here because while we are not of this reality, we are Starfleet and the Starfleet of this reality, what is left of it is currently at war. I only intend to supply the defenders with medical and food supplies I will keep us out of the fighting as much as possible. We will only fight if attacked; besides even as battered as the defenders are Major Donovan's report say's that the remnants have the tech on par with ours, the only problem is the Dominion tech is slightly more advanced. So we will render humanitarian aid to the remnants Commander, but I want you working on a way to get us back; helping humanely is one thing, I do not wish to get entangled in their conflict. If we do more harm, then is it not right they should go out fighting and with honour, would you not want that consideration put to you in similar circumstances?" Somers asked.

"Aye Captain," Maia said. She clearly didn't agree with the captain's position on this but she was too good an officer not to do her duty when the call was made. In her mind, it was the Kobayashi Maru scenario all over again.

"Your caution is noted, Commander, but I did say only food and medical help they will be given, I will not supply them with weapons even though we could do it, but as we are on the same tech level, new weapons and such will prolong their fight and in the long run more pain and suffering, they currently have enough of this according to the reports. Granted those reports are outdated, we do not know what has passed since those reports, this is why we will take up station just out of their estimated sensor range and send in a scout shuttle painted in black non-reflective material similar to what the US used on their F-111 Stealth fighters, which reminds me I have to go speak to Dodd," Somers added standing but pausing long enough to allow for any responses.

"Understood Captain food and medicine only. I could not help but suggest Humanitarian aid as a possibility. It was only a suggestion is all. I hope you understand Commander Sterling. It is the Dr showing up in me. To avoid contact I suggest the supplies be beamed down from maximum transporter range. This will keep us out of their situation Captain," Alex said.

"Captain why de-cloak the ship at all? Wouldn't it be more prudent to hide our true capabilities and resources? We could easily send in auxiliary craft with the supplies, without showing our hand to the natives and whomever else may be monitoring. As you said I would be quite alarmed if a fully operational battle cruiser de-cloaked above my town. Starfleet is gone or at best severely demoralized, the Federation in tatters. We could be seen as pirates or marauders. We have no contacts on the planet to negotiate with, and so far the only other planet we have been too was pretty much booby-trapped," Maia said. She didn't want to come across as argumentative but as a first officer, it was her duty to point out alternatives to the captain.

Looking at Sterling with a raised eyebrow "Maia I hear what you are saying but I have already mentioned that the Tomcat will remain out of sensor range of New Xindus's defence line and use a matte black optic reflective equipped shuttle to use also the distance we will be from New Xindus will put us out of transporter range, remember I said materiel similar to the old F-111s the Unitest States used to use, they called them stealth fighters I think, anyway I need to go speak to Lieutenant Dodd on that matter, Commander Cahill, if you would begin to assemble mecial supplies and foodstuffs ready and Commander Sterling work on a way to get us back out of this hell-hole and to our own reality, if we can do this right we can have as little interaction as possible.

"Aye Captain if there is a way to make it work we will find it," Maia said.

Cahill smiled and tapped her communicator, "Chief Johnson ready 4 pallets with relief supplies. No Federation markings or any kind of weapons. Food, medicine and blankets for them. Also not Federation locators either.

Now Maia how can I assist you?"

"First we have to find the correct variables so we can plug the numbers into the formula for the simulation. The trick will be to find the right balance between anti-time and gravity. If we don't we will create an anti-time paradox that nothing in this universe will escape from, too little and nothing happens or we may be through into another space-time continuum, too much and the ship will explode before we seal the disruption between space-time. What we are trying to do is implode the ship in this dimensional/timeline and reappear in our dimensional timeline. I know it sounds like a paradox but remembers with an anti-time eruption we should be thrown back in time. Here it will seem like the ship explodes when we seal the subspace barrier. Now, in theory, we deploy/generate a graviton field with our dimensional resonance/frequency theoretically we should be sucked back into our dimension when we reappear in the past. No matter what dimension we are in, nature abhors a vacuum. But it has to be timed at the exact moment the ship implodes when the subspace barrier is resealed. At least that's my theory," Maia said.

Dr Cahill responded. And we also need to account for the difference in the field we are from and the one here too. If not matched it could cause us to be destroyed while going through the rift.

"Technically I think we will be destroyed when the field collapses in on itself, but we will be thrown backwards in time reappearing in our own universe at the correct time for us. Cause and effect Alex, cause and effect," Maia stated.

OK Copy that Maia. Dr Cahill smiled she knew we would soon be home. And she did not want to have anything spoil it. She was always thinking ahead. Alex said.

"Okay, I've got the formula plugged into the computer, ready to give the simm a try."

The first simm failed, so did the second then the third.

"I think we need a better way to deliver the graviton pulse. maybe we could at it to the deflector shield grid generators. We will need to talk to Mr Dodd about that," Maia stated plugging in new variables.

The fourth time the simm worked.

Understood Maia, as Dr Cahill watched and hoped it would work. The first 3 failed badly. But the 4th run was a huge success. She could not hold her self back hardly but she manages to do it. "Whoopee we got it right"

"We still have to figure out how to set up a graviton field and how to modify our deflector grid to the correct resonance to slip through dimensions," Maia said.

With a smile and a nod, Somers left the Science lab and headed out and for the main engineering.

- Engineering -

Nelson was constantly monitoring the cloaking device and was reporting to Dodd every 30 minutes the status, meanwhile, Machado was monitoring the rest of the ship's systems to be sure to catch any abnormal reading that could possibly be from using the cloaking device. Pril was working on the warp core to be sure the cloak had no ill effects on it which we did not expect but being in a different reality, we just wanted to play it safe.

Dodd was at the pool table going over all of Nelson's reports and the readings from all the rest of his staff. All appeared to be acting normally or within parameters. And Dodd was also wondering when we would figure out how to get back to our reality. So he had thoughts about that going on in his head as well.

Dodd notices a few odd reading and sent our a few crews to investigate. He was unaware of the slight phase variance. He had been working on an idea for how the attempt to get home. He was reviewing all the known encounters with other realities in the computer’s database. If he could figure out how the technology worked he may be able to construct a means to get back but it would take some time and lots of uncertainties could come into play.

After finishing up in the science lab Somers left the section and headed straight for engineering, she needed to speak to her Chief Engineer about her plan as they could not remove the cloak from protecting the Tomcat in a war zone, so it would need to be radar and sensor resistant materials as it would be a modified shuttlecraft she hoped the materials would be enough.

Now she entered Engineering and into a hustle and bustle of a busy engineering, she looked around and located Dodd and walked up to him "Lieutenant Dodd, I need your tech abilities to implement an idea I have" she said, he was with some of his Staff, this was good as these engineers were nothing to be laughed at, they knew what they were doing.

"Hello, ma'am. I would be happy to help you with your idea as I am sure I can get a few of my staff to help out implementing it," Dodd replied to Somers. "Let's step into my office and talk." Dodd then motioned to his office.

Nodding she followed her Chief Engineer into his office and took a seat and while she waited for Dodd to get comfy she organised things in her mind

When ready she began, "By now you must have heard that we are on-route to New Xindus under cloak, well here is a bit more the Tomcat will come to a halt outside of the Xindi Sensor perimeter and launch a shuttle, as it will be impossible to remove the cloaking device to transfer to the shuttle, I have come up with an idea to coat the shuttle in sensor resistant material. Look up in the databanks for Stealth paint or material, the stuff was used in the old US stealth fighters, need you to pull the plans for the reflective material and improve on it and modify two shuttles, one will be to make contact the other will be to transport humanitarian supplies. I do not intend to commit our forces to aid the remnant, no matter how much I want to, my ship and crew come first, also I have Commander Sterling working on a way to get us home, so would you be able to adjust two shuttles?" Somers asked.

"I can certainly help with that request," Dodd replied. "I was actually reading about old Earth airship and recall reading about the stealth fighter. I am certain we can make what you request and improve upon it as well."

Dodd quickly pulled up some information on his workstation.

"Alright, ma'am. I will get the best of my staff to work on this request immediately. I don't think it would take us too long to get this together. I will get the shuttles outfitted and let you know as soon as they are ready." Dodd added.

Nodding "thanks, Remy, I shall now leave you to get on with it, I will return to the bridge," Somers said and left engineering and her chief engineer to get on with his new task.

Somers walked up the corridor to the nearest lift and entered, as soon as the doors closed "bridge" she said and the lift took her swiftly up to the bridge.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Petty Officer Class 2 Timothy Nelson [PNPC: Dodd]
Engineering Officer
USS Tomcat

Oetty Officer Class 3 Raymond Machado [PNPC: Dodd]
Propulsion Specialist
USS Tomcat


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