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An Unusual Session Part 3

Posted on 09 Feb 2018 @ 5:26pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Holodeck 1/Various
Timeline: Prior to Away Mission


The Counsellors thoughts leaked through her defences "to answer your thoughts Iria, yes it can be difficult, as for the good memories I keep them safely locked up in a mental shed in my mind. The images shown here are from actual recovered records, this is why only the wind and smells can be simulated and even those have bee extrapolated so what the winds and smells are like are a total guess-work, genetic memory only holds a generalised version, you will know it as either an edict memory or total recall, either way the most our genetic memory tells us if something is different. All images of my homeland are all from recovered records" Donovan finished.

'Still, a lot to figure out I would imagine," Iria replied softly, "Why do you lock the good thoughts away?" she added softer, most would luck up the bad thoughts if they could.

Looking thoughtful at the question "that bad outweigh the good and those nice memories regardless of them being genetic are precious to me and usually help when I feel sad. There is also one other thing that is affecting me more now that we are back in my original reality, it is something that is horrendous, well to me personally, may I show you what it is? It may haunt you after you see it, this is why I am asking" Donovan responded.

"I am here to help you out if that means a bit of extra haunting I can take it," Iria said lightly, she was haunted by the knowledge, memories her whole family was gone thanks to pirates. Why she'd been the lucky one to survive she had no idea.

Looking at Iria "Okay do not say I did not give you fair warning, this next bit is from what I myself saw and what my suits recorders captured" Donovan said, "Computer change scenery of Trelor Prime to Earth Starfleet Academy from the current reality we are currently in file 4565897-Omega" she added.

The scenery changed to a spot on the Academy Grounds, both were standing in front of a pile of bodies, both Jem'Hadar and Starfleet, there were a lot of MACO Marine uniforms visible and they were heaped beneath a tattered Regimental banner which said 2nd SAS MACO Regiment it even had the original SAS logo in the center of the UFP logo. As the flag fluttered in the breeze it was surrounded by destroyed buildings, upturned earth and debris splattered all around. Donovan looked up at the sky and saw dark/bluish clouds, as she looked around and down her eyes came to rest on a Marine on top of the rest with a Jem'Hadar blade jutting through her chest her eyes closed, but she had a faint smile. Her red hair was partially loose and the edges flapped in the breeze, now Donovan looked up to a blue mushroom cloud that went up high into the atmosphere of the planet, with dust blowing across the now radioactive landscape she took her eyes off the cloud and looked back at her friend, she crouched down and moved a strand of loose hair from her face.

"Hello again old friend" she said to the body then without looking "welcome to hell Iria, this is what the Dominion has done to Earth and why there are Starfleet remenants fighting at New Xindus, this will lead to a nuclear winter that will last for centuries, you see the Founders in my reality makes the Terran Empire seem like fluffy bunnies, they wanted to teach the Federation a lesson and this they have done, you are wondering who this is or about Something else?" Donovan said.

"She looks like our captain but not exactly so I am guessing it was a relative?" Iria said softly she could only imagine how this memory affected the Major at this point anyway. She was going to do her best to help, even if she felt odd seeing the ruin around them, war and death no matter where or reality was awful to her. Getting past the feeling and helping others always made the feeling easier to deal with for herself.

Looking at the body, "yes this is the Captain's cousin, by this time our Captain of this reality had done a Kamakazi action and took out an enemy plasm artillery unit by crashing the Tomcat of this reality into it, so while there may be alternate versions of the rest of the crew, you will not find one of the Captain, I am surprised you are not more afraid of the sight here! that cloud hit the heart of San Fransisco, all that is around here is the aftermath of the explosion." Donovan said turning to face Iria.

"I am afraid, this is scary and heartbreaking but we are here for you not how this is affecting me," she said softly, plus a part of her was mostly certain that in this reality that she wasn't here. In the reality that Iria was from her whole family was gone thanks to pirates destroying the freighter that she'd called home. She had been saved by a fleet ship, with as bad as things were here she had a sinking feeling that none of her family was here at all. There might be other Isiseans but none that she would know personally.

Standing up and looking to the distance, "I know you are right Iria, but these thoughts have become stronger since we have been in this reality, I had managed to contain and control them in your reality, it helped as I had lost my telepathic ability, but for some reason it came back the moment we returned to my reality, so is there anything that you can do to help me with?" Donovan said ending with a question.

"It depends on what you want to do, do you want to work on your shielding of thoughts or to damped the memories under a fog or do you want to work past them?" There were numerous ways to help but she needed to know what the Major wanted as the end results to work towards.

"I can manage the blocking, but that does not work so well with memories as it does with others thoughts, so I would say try to work past them," Donovan said then looked at Walon "Say we set up another session for a later date Iria? I have an Away mission to get to and you have your other duties!" Donovan said.

"We can do that yes, it would take a few sessions to work past the memories. Just let me know when you want to try. I can move another appointment around as needed." Iria said softly, as she made mental notes of what she was seeing and trying to get ideas on how to help the Major work past them.

"Thank you Iria, Computer end program" Donovan said and the familiar yellow and black grid returned, with a last lingering look at the spot where the holographic dead bodies were "thank you Counsellor I will book another appointment at a later date, the program is available to use if you wish to see if it will help you with ideas for the future sessions, but for now I must go, goodday" Donovan said with a smile and left the holodeck, allowing Walon to do whatever it is she did when not in a session.


Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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