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An Unusual Session Part 2

Posted on 07 Jan 2018 @ 7:48pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Holodeck 1/Various
Timeline: Prior to Away Mission


After a paused Iria responded.....

"The best way to face it is to talk about how it makes you feel and then I can help you more from there," Iria said lightly, even with not living it personally having it part of her memories it had to have affected S'arila in a number of ways. Knowing how she felt about it would help Iria be better informed and to help her with her control and focus.

Never one to see a shrink, Donovan was uneasy, but she sat down and gathered her thoughts "All this makes me feel like I have lost a part of myself, I do not know how to describe it exactly, perhaps it is my alien genes, but not knowing a lot about how I was found and who and what my race was and how advanced they were must be playing on me for sometime. Did you ever hear how I arrived at your reality?" Donovan began.

"Maybe while we are here you'll get a chance to get some data that wasn't found before." Iria said lightly, "I only know what the reports said and from what you have said in previous sessions. That hadn't come up yet so if you want to tell me that is up to you." she added in calming tones. S'arila had talked easier with her after losing her telepathy and now it was back in force S'arila seemed to her to be closed off as a protective measure.

"I know what you are thinking Iria, I have yet to successfully raise my telepathic barriers, so can you please try to quieten your mind for me?" Donovan asked. "As for finding anything more from this hologram, I am afraid, it is what you see, a lot of the data came from my Combat EVA suit a prototype, I stored all the data on me in its memory banks and there has been some data loss in the transition, so unless we can find a way to locate it in my genetic memory then this is going to be a long session" Donovan added.

"What I meant was while we are in your reality maybe something will be found that can help you find more information. As for lost in translation data, I can't help there, either I am afraid. Talking and listening is what I am best at or being a distraction when needed." she said softly, ruefully, her feline form was a good distraction for some folks. She sat still a moment and put up her mental shields as best she could, she'd gotten used to having them down while talking with Dodd.

"Ah! now I am understanding you, let us hope that the away teams down to the planet will finally come up with something, I am told that I am to be assigned to Commander Sterlings Team, as she goes to look for the location where I was located as a baby. What is ironic, is that the planet Trelor exists in your universe and my people are alive and healthy but are reclusive and there are measures in place to stop anyone from venturing into their space. I have a friend in Starfleet Intelligence's external division and they told me one of their probes that were sent to the location I gave was destroyed when it hit something or was hit by something, so now they have quarantined that area by the Taurus Dark cloud off and no further exploration is to be done in that area, so I will never know what my people are like in your reality, no one will know. If my telepathic ability is leaking, please let me know and I will dampen it down!" Donovan said.

"Alright, well let's find what we can here," Iria said evenly, she looked around there was so much to take in and the idea of having that as part of S'arila's genetic memory was daunting to her but she was going to do her best to help.

Looking at Walon "so Iria, I take it this is your first time trying to help someone with a genetic memory to come to terms with their loss I take it?" Donovan asked.

"Yes it is, I will do my best to be of help." there was no point in denying that, besides each session was a learning experience. She just honestly hoped she could help S'arilia. She loved being a counsellor to help folks but when she couldn't immediately she just learned and prepared for the next time.

"Okay, If you want I will show you what this planet looked like before the holocaust, there are image files on it, I have not long restored them, was going to activate them, then we got thrown back into my reality and all went to crap" Donovan said "Computer collate and adjust still images and convert into a 3D image, extrapolate a sunny day with a light breeze for light winds and sun that is standard for a Class M planet that has a 370 day rotation oround its sun and from records add the original gravity omit the figures" she added.

With that the bleak landscape that was a devastated planet was replaced with a bluish/pink sky with light bluish/white clouds, a light breeze ruiffled their hair causing Donovan to push her hair behind her ears. The city they were in was now replaced by a pristine vision, alien structures tall an majestic they were near the coast and in the distance one could see light purplish/blue water, the water fountain in the centre of the city near where they were spewed similar colour water and a sweet smell wafted through the air to hit Donovan's nose, she had some idea what Iria was thinking, but her telepathy blocking techniques were easily remembered and she had raised her mental walls, then the gravity took effect, she was expecting it to be heavy, but not as heavy as it was.

"Ouch! Four G's in gravity, this is definitely not earth, if you want I can switch us to observer mode, if the simulated gravity is too much for you?" Donovan asked quickly adapting to the gravity change quickly.

"Whatever is easier for you I can adapt Major." she said feeling winded in more ways than one, this place was amazing to the eye and rest of the senses. "All of this is from genetic memory?" how did S'arila stay so normal with knowing this before and after the destruction of this place all in her memories. Did she just push it to the background and keep going forward?


Major S'arila Donovan [PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Ships Counsellor
USS Tomcat


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