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Into the Unknown Fire Part 1

Posted on 07 Jan 2018 @ 8:19pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 08 Jan 2018 @ 9:49pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: Tomcat/Various/Xindi Space
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 52


- Bridge -

After all the Away teams had returned to the ship Ensign Barker took the ship out of orbit and entered warp six, the Captain wanted the said speed as they needed to make sure things were working as for all the ships advancements and defenses, it was a Heavy Cruiser and its armor could only be upgraded so much while still retaining its agility. Sitting in her seat Somers turned in her chair to see her First Officer and Security Chief and the deputies of Security and Engineering.

"Welcome Back, hope you enjoyed your exercise! Now it is time to move on, we are currently at warp six heading for the planet New Xindus, the reason we are going so slow is because I want to make sure everything is working right, I do not want to have to fight our way to the planet if we do not have to, this ship is not that strong, so Lieutenant Taggert if you could man the aft engineering console we have the cloak installed and I will need an engineer to keep an eye on it from the bridge," Somers said.

"Understood, Captain," Taggert replied with a nod, as she took her place at the aft console, getting it set to her I put preferences, and getting herself updated on all the ship's systems' conditions so she could be up to date on what's going on around the ship.

She nodded in response then looked to K'Muss, "Ensign, I want you to man the Sensor and communications station, Lieutenant Jekkar I want you to make sure that the ships defensive and offensive systems are in full working order and ready to be used, I am under no illusion that we will not be using them, I suspect that we will have to use them at some point, Commander Sterling, I need you and the Science department to analyze the data you got from the Away Teams, see if you can find out a way to get us home," Somers added.

"My teams are already on it Captain, I have to add that we are relatively certain that the biogenic weapon was used by the inhabitants of this world, probably to make it uninhabitable and to drive off invaders. We also found what seems to be a depleted ZPM device though we don't know exactly how it works we are working on theories. We also determined that the maturation chambers enhanced psionic abilities but that the last one grown was approximately 15 years ago. The process must consume tremendous amounts of power. Apparently, when they ran out of power their reserves were not enough to create more. As soon as we get any more information I will be happy to report it. It was an interesting adventure". Maia stated.

Looking at the Captain "Yes Captain will do it right away" Jekkar responded and got to work.

"Sensors. Aye captain." the caitian said.

Again she was nodding, "Excellent, then she opened a Comm channel to Engineering. =/\=Somers to Dodd, is the cloaking device ready to go? =/\=

Down in engineering Lieutenant, Dodd responded to the hail.

=/\=Dodd here, the cloaking device is fully operational. All ship’s systems will operate normally while cloaked. We have worked out everything.=/\= Dodd replied. =/\= Engineering is ready for anything.=/\=

Dodd was running a final check of all systems and was pleased with the readings. Nelson and Machado were keeping the cloaking device under their watchful eyes. Pril was Watching over all the power relays just to be sure the ship’s systems had adequate power at all times.

=/\= Excellent Mr Dodd, great work, Somers out =/\= she then turned her attention to Sterling.

Things were moving along smoothly for once and as such Jasmine sat back in her seat daring to relax a little, she found it strange travelling under cloak, but in this reality it was needed as for all the advanced the Tomcat had, she was still an Akira class and thus could only take so much punishment before exploding. Reports on the power of the Dominion weapons in this reality said they were significantly stronger than her reality "I will be so glad to get back to our reality," she commented to herself, then swivelled her chair around to look at Jekkar.

"Do you find it as strange travelling under a cloak as I do?" she was referring to the dimmed lighting signifying the cloak was active.

"Captain we are not only cloaked but we are also at least 3 points out of phase. Personally, I find it both strange and comforting. Strange that we are in a place and situation that we have to tiptoe as quietly as possible so not to arouse suspicion that we are even here. and comfort that we are in fact invisible. I do find it strange that we haven't run across a single Jem'Hadar patrol ship. I realize the Federation is gone, but I have been unable to detect even a resistance". Maia said.

Holding her hand up and sticking a finger up as she counted off the possible reasons, "Well let's see, first off when we arrived here, Major Donovan said that some Jem'Hadar fighters chased the ship so far, then gave up. So seeing a Starfleet ship run probably put us in the 'no immediate threat' category, Second they will be concentrating on the last Federation held area of space and will not expect any enemy ships coming in from behind them. Third, our cloak is from another reality and unless they expect such a thing then their sensors will not be adjusted for this. But still, the cloak is not infallible. We must be careful the closer we get, I think some submarine tactics will be used," Somers finished.

"Captain, according to my readings we are also three points out of phase. We should be able to phase through solid objects in this cloak configuration. I think the reason may be that we are still giving off our universe's vibrational frequency signature, as is the cloaking device. We could use this as a tactical advantage. Also, it gives me an idea of how we might be able to get back to our own universe. Permission to leave the bridge to go to science lad 2 to confirm my hypothesis," Maia stated.

Looking at Sterling with a raised eyebrow, "I would like to get back without any fighting, but we are nae that lucky. Go ahead Commander, make this work to our advantage, but I do not think three points out of phase will allow us to go through objects, but what do I know I am no scientist," Somers said with a smile but underneath she was puzzled as to why there was such a difference with the cloak.

Maia nodded at least they would be harder to detect, they might even be slightly out of phase is that they were from a different reality altogether, and then Maia left the bridge to go to science lab two to check on her teams progress.

- Medical -

Dr Cahill was making sure Sick Bay was ready for anything. After the last fight he was in she made new battle plans and also revamped all considerations she could think of to make things work better.

She gave Walon complete run of the Sick Bay and also her areas to be sure everyone was in tip-top shape for anything they may run into.

She also made extra response teams available to take on any emergency that may be encountered. She had a secondary Sick Bay set up in Cargo Bays 2 and 4 to allow for quick treatment of any casualties.

She had everything set up and all she could do was wait now and hope we were not needed.

She returned to her office and started making copies of everything she had brought back from the away mission. It gave her something to do so she was not worried about the mission and what may happen. And who knows we may get to Xindi with no problems and no fight either.

- Counselling Offices -

Iria and the rest of the counselling staff had been taking well enough to the extra training for Sickbay procedures and could hopefully offer some extra assistance but none of them was qualified for anything major. Not yet, at any rate, but even just helping hand over equipment to the doctors was considered a help. Since they wouldn't have to search for it. Iria personally didn't mind but it still made her hurt to see others in pain. She knew it was silly and she also knew it was the main reason why she never fully went into medical beyond counselling.

She Tapped her Communications Badge, =/\=Captain, all is set up down here and standing by=/\= Walon said.

- Bridge -

Tapping her Commbadge to make the two-way connection =/\= Thank you, Doctor, Somers out =/\= she then looked at Ensign Taggert "Mr Taggert activate the cloak, Mr Barker increase warp speed to eight," Somers instructed.

"Yes, Captain" Barker replied.

Taggert nodded her head, with a curt nod, saying, "Aye, captain. Cloaking device engaged."

Her long blonde ponytail swished at her nod, and she tapped the button on the console right in front of her.

To an observer outside the ship, you would have seen the Akira class ship shimmer and distort in close-fitting waves as the light started distorting around the ship, the colours and image fading from view. In some parts of the ship, you could almost hear the sound of the ship cloaking, which was the gravimetric field adjusting itself to avoid detection.

Nicci smiled to herself as the cloaking sequence finished exactly according to spec. Her jury-rigged device was holding and the Klingon contraption was working within normal parameters.

Looking at Taggert "Excellent Lieutenant, make sure the thing stays up, the last thing we need is to go boom, I am told that the Tomcat of this really went down defending earth, so I figure when we de-cloak some sirens are going to go off and questions will be asked" Somers said.

Paul tapped a few commands on the helm control console and this was a first for him to have a ship with a cloak, he said,"Fighters are ready to go when you want Ma'am," as Paul knew the Klingons were just itching for a fight.

Another Science Officer was at the main bridge at the science console when the ship cloaked there was a slight ripple in her perception and the lights dimmed, however, the ship didn't explode. At least she didn't feel a wave of nausea. It seemed Lt Dodd was successful in hooking that Klingon cloaking device up. Maia checked the ships EM emissions and noted that the Tomcat was also 3 points out of phase.

Looking around at the dimness, "okay now this is weird I know the original Defiant had a cloaking device, a Romulan one, but I think this is the first time a cloak has been put on a Cruiser class under Starfleet control" Somers commented.

"Best I can tell, Captain," Taggert commented. She didn't see any classified information to the contrary, so she wouldn't have known about two other incidents involving ships named Enterprise. "Let's hope we can finish what we need to do and get back home. Who knows what we'll find in this alternate universe." She was not looking forward to seeing more of this universe; if there's an alternate universe, there could be counterparts to everyone she knew, including her. And to Nicci, that was just unsettling.

"I am unsure of what the rules are Captain on current events, I know in our reality Starfleet is not allowed to use a cloaking device, so what makes using one here different?" Jekkar asked.

Looking at him "simple, an Akira may be a tough ship, but we are only one ship and for now I want to keep our interactions down to a minimum, besides when we return to our reality the cloak will have to be removed so I want to use as much of the time in using the cloak" Somers answered.

The other two simply nodded and returned to their duties.

After her XO left the bridge Somers decided she would go down to see the Doctor about assigning some supplies for the remnants, but first, she needed to catch up on some reports, so looking back to the aft of the bridge.

"Lieutenant Taggert," Somers said, probably surprising the young engineer as she stood and headed to her Ready Room.

Taggert reacted quickly, surprised. "Yes, captain?"

"You have the bridge, Lieutenant," she said to Taggert. "Try not to break my ship," Somers added with a friendly teasing smile.

She swallowed, the weight of her first time having the bridge settling on her shoulders. "Of course, captain," Nicci said, as she watched the captain enter her ready room. The friendly smile let her know the captain was teasing her, though the immensity of the responsibility didn't settle her down. "Okay, first time," she said to herself. "Nothing to worry about."

With that Somers had entered her Ready Room, all should be okay, they were still on route to New Xindus and they were cloaked, so barring some unforeseen event, all should be quiet on the bridge.

-Sick Bay/Science Lab -

Dr Cahill had copied all information she had brought back with her she also took the time to translate the information in her natural earth dialect of English.

She was reading the information and was amazed at what she was able to bring back. A lot of it was notes made by doctors there of how things were developing within each maturation chamber. But it also had some notes on the starting process that was used to develop each life and told how they were held in stasis till they were needed for whatever mission they were developed for she was reading and was totally involved with the books and completely lost track of time.

Dr Cahill got to thinking about some stuff and some ideas on how we may be able to get home. She decided to go to the Science Lab to work on a couple of them. She left Sick Bay and went down the corridor. Once on the turbo lift, she went to the right deck and proceeded to the lab.

Dr Cahill entered the door and a couple of them looked at her. No response though because they were used to seeing her there often. She went to an open station and started to run some ideas through the station looking for some ideas that may work. A lot of them failed so she quit trying them but a couple of them did show some promise.

Maia entered the science lab looking around she saw that everyone was hard at work. Then she spotted Alex.

"Hi, Alex what are you doing down here? Testing a theory"? Maia asked.

Dr Cahill smiled, "Hi Maia was checking out some theories and have not had much luck yet. Some I tried I discarded due to the fact they destroyed the ship.

But a couple does have some promise, Perhaps finding a way to open a rift in the space-time element with a Tachyon burst or some other way. But the main thing is I don't want casualties or the ship damaged."

"Well, I'd be very interested in hearing about your theories. I just found out that the cloaking device is vibrating our own reality vibration which is just over a full three points out of phase, I think we may be able to phase through solid objects when we are cloaked, So I came down here to test my theory". Maia said.

She got to work testing her theory by making a computer simulation, while the simulation work a three-point matter/energy interphase was not enough to phase through solid matter but it made there cloak undetectable by denizens of this reality.

=/\="Commander Sterling to Bridge, Captain I have to report that we will not be able to phase through solid matter but the phase differential should increase the effectiveness of our cloak by up to 330 percent". =/\= Maia said.

Dr Cahill smiled, "That was an interesting theory. I had not thought of something like that one. Would have been interesting checking that one out Maia.

"Well if our phase variant had been 5 points in either direction we probably could have. That would have given the Captain a great tactical advantage in combat it was worth checking out. What have you found Alex"? Maia replied.

As you know some kind of dimensional rift caused us to be brought here. One theory I have is we may be able to open another one with a Tachyon Beam and it would allow us to get back home.

Not sure if it will work but so far it is one of the better ideas I have come up with Maia.

"Hmmm, have you figured out how not to cause an anti-time eruption of this space-time continuum? The last thing I want is to destroy an entire universe this one or ours. There is already a six-month time differential between the universes. plus we are only one ship we would need three separate tachyon pulses in three different time zones to fire on the same spot. Perhaps we could equip runabouts with tachyon pulse generators to achieve the results we want. It will create a smaller anti-time reaction which we could then send the ship through, We could then create a static warp shell which will close the eruption, however, the warp shell would have our universes vibrational signal, theoretically, we should find ourselves in the right time and in our own universe. I'll get to work on the math and work on a computer simulation". Maia stated.

Maia took a seat and began turning her theory into a mathematical model. She then plugged those variables into a computer simulation.

Dr Cahill smiled, "Perhaps keep a transporter lock on the runabout pilots. that way if we need to go before they can return to the shuttle bay we can destroy the runabouts before we leave to prevent leaving any trace that we were here. And also prevents any of our technology from being used against the remaining elements of what was the Federation."

Walking into the room Jasmine only caught a fraction of what the Doctor said, but it was enough to give her the chills.

"Doctor the Dominion of this reality according to reports have better tech than we do, I would be more concerned with the Federation Remnants than the enemy. Think about it, why would the Dominion want our tech as it is currently on Par with theirs, the only thing we need to do is make sure our research and database does not fall into their hands, now what was the first bit about using runabouts? might I remind you we only have one of them and I will not lose what auxiliary ships we have, excluding the fighters, so run it by me in layman's terms again on what your idea is?" Somers said sitting in a chair near them and looking directly at Cahill.

Dr Cahill smiled as Captain Somers came by. With no one in the lab but myself and Maia, we did not hear her come in.

My idea is still basic Captain, It was a Dimensional Rift that out to allow us to come here in the first place based on my theory and I have run a couple of test runs that show we may get home if we can open another one. One theory for that is the use of a Tachyon Burst to open one for a short time to allow us thru but close once we are thru it.

"Commander Sterling and I are running through some additional ideas to try and make it happen right now". Dr Cahill replied.

Getting comfy in her seat Somers sat back and rested her hands on her lap "okay then Commander lets hear it and remember to keep it as basic as possible" she said.


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