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Trailing thoughts over dinner and Sparks fly

Posted on 17 Apr 2018 @ 11:44pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 29 Apr 2018 @ 11:20pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Mess hall 1900 hours
Timeline: day after tentative telepathy


-Walon's quarters -

Iria sat at her desk in her quarters, pulling her hair back into a loose french braid. Her uniform had been traded for a long sleeved shirt of cerulean blue and she was wearing black slacks, her feet in soft faux leather ankle boots of cerulean and black. Off-duty she was much happier in casual wear than her uniform. Or her fur coat as she thought of her feline form. But going to the mess hall as a cat wasn't on the agenda for today. She was meeting Remington Dodd to practice telepathy with him. She enjoyed talking with him and getting to know him more. She also privately thought he was a very interesting person. Still, she knew that it was very unlikely anything would come from these sessions. She was not what most guys looked for when choosing a date or anything else. Especially after they found out about the cat side of her. That is what ended the relationship with Edward years ago, he had been fine with the lady but not the feline. "I don't want hairballs on my stuff when you get pissed." had been his parting remark. Iria shook the memory away and got up and headed out of her quarters to head down the corridor to the lift.

- Holodeck Two -

Dodd had just finished a stroll through Old Central Park in Old New York City, circa 1990's. He had never visited New York City when on Earth and thus had not even seen Central Park as it is in this century. However, he wanted to see how it had been once. So he took the time to create a simulation based on old data. He had picked a late autumn day and wore what was once call blue jeans and a red and black plaid sweater. He took in all the sights and almost forgot what time it was. Since he had no time to change, he left the holodeck and headed towards the mess hall.

- Mess hall -

She walked through the doorway and looked around the room it wasn't as crowded as usual and it was easy to see where Dodd was. She offered up a smile as she met his gaze from across the room before she started towards him.

Dodd noticed the moment Walon walked into the mess hall even before he saw her. He had sensed her presence and rose to greet her when she approached the table he had picked.

<< Greetings. I am pleased you were able to join me. >> Dodd stated telepathically when he reached out to take Walon's hand in an old-fashioned way and then bowed to kiss the back of her hand. He then pulled out the chair for Walon and offered her to sit.

<< Good evening, >> she smiled brightly as she replied. When he kissed her hand, her cheeks flushed red. << How are you doing today? >> her tone softening, as she sat in the offered chair. His old-style gentleman, treatment making her blush even more, she usually saw others getting such treatment, and it was flattering.

<< I am glad to see you. You look nice. I do prefer to socialize in civilian attire. I am sorry I didn’t get as fancy as you. I was enjoying a holodeck program earlier an so I am still wearing the attire I was wearing then. It was a walk through old Central Park in Earth’s old New York City. >> Dodd replied.

<< Central park is nice, and you look comfortable. Was it windy in the park? >> she asked smiling, she thought he looked very nice indeed, and comfortable. << Did you just walk or feed the ducks or anything? >> she liked going to the Central Park to ice skate. during the holiday season, all the lights and music around the park made it a lot of fun.

<< It was nice and there was a little breeze. I picked a late autumn day. I wanted it to be warm enough to not have a bulky coat but cool enough to not get sweaty if you know what I mean >> Dodd replied. << I just walked around and took in all the sights to see. I did see the ducks but opted not to feed them this time. I did not see the zoo but plan to go back to that program to see it soon. I take it you have been to Central Park, do you like it there? >>

oO I am wondering how I should move forward. I am very interested in Walon and feel she has a lot to offer to a relationship. I am worried that when she would be in feline form around Rocky, that she might get mistaken for food. However, I have a terrible scorecard when it comes to relationships so I want to make sure things are mutual on both sides and thus make sure to try to stay in the friend zone until I am 100% certain of how she feels. Oo Dodd thought, to himself and certain she was not reading that frame of thought.

<< Yes being comfortable and not sweaty while enjoying the park is best. I love going during the holiday season program, there are huge tees decorated in the middle of the park, and lights and music all through the park, the skating rink is my favourite part during that program. >> Iria gave a wry grin,<< I have to ask, does it bother you that I can turn into a cat? >> Iria sent to him genuinely curious about his thoughts on it. o0 Better to know now than before I really fall for him. 0o, Iria thought, she didn't want to go through a break up like had happened before. She really hoped he didn't hear the private thought but felt herself blushing slightly all the same.

Remy had found he was falling for Iria and the fact that she also had visited the Central Park program, meant that maybe they had more in common than just telepathy.

<> Dodd replied. << I think your ability to turn into a cat makes you unique and different than anyone else I know. I don't hold that ability against you in any way. >> oO I think that adds to what makes me feel like I could have a relationship with her. Oo <>

<< I would love to show you some terran Christmas traditions. Like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors? >> she laughed delighted, << I like all plants honestly, and I only get around catnip for my birthday. >> Though during her last birthday she'd skipped it too much going on to really act that silly...

The mess hall was busy with lots of people eating, talking and making all sorts of noise. However, Remy and Iria merely sat and conversed as if none of that was bothering them.

<< I have a pet carnivorous plant that I rescued from a burning arboretum on the planet I was visiting at the time. I nursed it back to health and kept it. I named him Rocky after I watched an ancient terran motion picture of the same name. I feed him mice once a month and if I can't get live mice, I have a special replicator program that gets him the protein he needs from a replicated food source >> Dodd replied. << I am not sure if I am able to actually read the mind of the plant but I can sense when he is hungry and knows when I need to get the mice if they are available. So catnip is your plant of choice, huh? I bet you would enjoy playing with Rocky's food from time to time as well. If we are both free maybe we could do the Christmas in Central Park program and you can educate me on the traditions of old Earth? >>

<< It eats live mice? I haven't seen a live mouse before so I have no idea how I would react, to tell the truth, I love chasing birds on the holodeck though, >> she admitted with a smile and blush of embarrassment. << Roses and catnip are my favourite plants but I have some bonsai and others around the office and my quarters, to just add more colour and life to the room. I would love to go to the Central Park with you any time you like >> she added in delight, and she meant it.

<< I have usually had luck with finding live mice or other small rodents in the bowels of space stations or such. I even find them on away missions. I have my sources and I don't typically keep them for long before I feed Rocky. Sometimes I can even get them in a suspended animation so they are alive but not need to be feed or the worry of them getting away from me >> Dodd replied. << Maybe next week we could do the holiday version of the Central Park program on Holodeck Two? >>

<< Sounds interesting, to be sure, I have seen voles on stations before but never seen any mice but then I wasn't actually looking either. Maybe I should try it and see if I can help round up any of you and Rocky? >> she sent back to him with a smile and then spoke aloud as her head had started hurting from all the telepathic speaking so she changed to verbal. "Holodeck two next week sounds fun, do you want to skate or just walk around?" she asked looking directly at him, her eyes bright with delight.

"I am sure Rocky would like a vole but never fed him one of them. Always just stuck to mice or rats." Dodd replied out loud. "I look forward to the holo-deck encounter. I have been ice skating before so maybe we could start with a walk then end up skating and having what I am told is hot chocolate afterwards."

"That sounds like a very good idea," Iria said with a delighted smile that showed off her dimples. She was about to ask another question when her stomach rumbled not loud enough to roar but enough to make her blush, "Guess that settles my question; what would you like to eat?" There wasn't much point hiding and it wasn't the worst that could have happened...

"I am open to anything at this point, all this chatting telepathically has worked up an appetite. I had been thinking I would like to try a pot pie. I had heard someone talk about one or was it think about one and it sounded interesting." Dodd replied.

"There are several types of pot pies, beef stew, chicken, even a clam chowder one which I happen to enjoy but I think that makes me biased," she said with a wry grin. She did tend to enjoy a type of fish meal when it wasn't time for breakfast. For breakfast, she enjoyed pancakes when time allowed...

"I am going to go with the chicken variety as I do prefer white meats over red meats. But suddenly I am thinking of breakfast foods." Dodd replied having somehow sensing her thoughts of pancakes which were a strong thought from Iria. "I would be happy to go replicate our meals if you are ready to eat. "Dodd offered to show his good manners to her since he was thinking about her in a romantic way but he is trying not to scare her off.

"A clam chowder pot pie for me please," she said her cheeks flushing pink as he mentioned he was thinking of breakfast foods, Iria figured she might have thought a bit too hard about pancakes, and he caught on to it.

Never meaning to randomly read another's mind, Dodd was into Walon and felt comfortable around her and thus seemed to not keep control of his telepathy. Dodd headed to the replicator to retrieve their meals.

"Here you go, Iria," Dodd stated as he sat her meal in front of her and then took his seat across from her. "Smells really good." oO I hope she does not sense my hopeless romantic feeling I am having right now. Oo "I forgot something, please excuse me one moment." Dodd then excused himself from the table.

"I forgot to get us something to drink," Dodd stated as he returned with two glasses of water. "I hope the water is okay with you, as I don't want to hinder the taste of our meals with anything else."

Iria smiled as he sat back down again after getting drinks for them. "Water is fine, and thank you, I hope you enjoy the chicken pot pie," she also hoped, she didn't embarrass herself further today...

oO Iria could never embarrass herself to me. I know she is doing her best to help me control my telepathy and other mental abilities. I also think I am developing feelings for her. Oo Dodd thought to himself not sure if she could sense that thought or not, but he didn't care because it was the truth. "I do like this pot pie. Thank you for encouraging me to try new things and grow beyond what I was." Dodd commented to Walon.

"No problem at all and anytime I love trying new things from food to games and such." Getting to know him better during the sessions was enjoyable too, and she found herself enjoying each moment spent with him. If she wasn't careful she could easily lose her heart to him, as much as her mind was already used to him. Her tolerance for telepathy with someone not being Isisean had grown with him, too.

"Good because I am going to try to work out a time we can do another holo-deck adventure. One of my staff has a tropical rainforest program he uses for hiking. He offered me the program to use for a hike myself as long as he is not running it at the time. Maybe we could do that next week or sometime and maybe do our telepathy session as we hike in nature?" Dodd stated. He had to be careful to not lose himself in her thoughts and feelings. He was falling for her and knew she had similar feelings but he could not force the issue or he would lose her and his heart could not take that.

"So a visit to Central Park then a rain forest hike I think next week is going to be fun-filled if nothing else." iria retorted with a smile that showed her dimples. "What would you like for dessert?" She asked with a grin that was playful and relaxed. "Or do you trust me to pick?"

"Well, how can I resist trusting you with dimples like that. I could just soak up the company of a beautiful woman and be pleased. But if you would like to pick, I will promise to at least try it no matter what it is." Dodd firmly replied to Iria as he too smiled from ear to ear over the cuteness of her dimples. oO I only hope she did not since my first thought reaction to her question because she would discover how much I like her. I hope not to scare her away as I am really enjoying my time with her and find myself thinking about all day long when we are between these sessions. Oo

Iria smiled and got up from her seat and walked to the lounge manager talking quietly smiling the whole time as she spoke, then she came back with two plates of double chocolate, berry cheesecake. ''This is one of my favourites though I had the lounge manager add some berries instead of mint because I know mint and chocolate is not a favourite for everyone so made a compromise in hopes you'll like it."

"Wow, that looks good. I like cheesecake and I only turn it down when it has nuts on it or in it. But I was feeling like berries for a change and look at you go. You have me so turned on right now. I am surprised I am not drooling over the look of what you have in front of me." Remy replied.

Iria smiled blushing as she set down their plates, and offered him a fork. "Just cheesecake and berries, but I am glad you like it and I agree nuts on cheesecake doesn't mix well." she paused as she sat back down and added with a cheeky grin that showed him her dimples. "Though peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate on top is pretty good, I still prefer chocolate and peppermint but I don't mind switching to berries for a while if you like it more that way."

Remy was now in heaven as he got Iria to blush with is a play on words. He wanted to keep her interested and build up to a relationship more than just dinner and telepathy.

"I am a huge peanut butter fan. I could eat peanut butter all the time. Since it was not something I had as a child, when I first had it, I knew this was a food I could enjoy much like the way I enjoy the company you provide for our sessions and then this dinner." Remy replied with a very compassionate smile on his face. oO I really need to reel it in, as I am finding myself falling for her and I don't want to scare her away. Oo

Iria smiled at him, "Have you ever had a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich? It is like a grilled cheese sandwich but you put peanut butter and your favourite jelly in it instead and grill it in a pan like you would the grilled cheese. My adopted brothers introduced me to that when I was eight and they were not in the mood to cook, so they told me how to make that." it was not a sandwich for everyone though the peanut butter tended to melt and it could get all over if you were not paying attention. It was really good though.

"I have heard of them before. That sounds like something we could maybe do on our next date. I would grill you a PB and J anytime as you talk me through how to make it just the way you like it." Remy replied still with a compassionate smile on his face as he started to blush a little himself. "I think it is getting hot in here and this sweater is not helping any."

Iria smiled, "Easy enough for me really I prefer creamy peanut butter for it and usually pair it with grape jelly, every now and then I will use apple jelly instead. I don't like strawberry jelly too much warm it gets too sweet." she said she felt warm herself but figured it was mostly just all the back to back blushing. Or it was a case of Murphy's law where anything that can go wrong. "We can get more water or something if that will help or you can remove the sweater if that would make you comfortable?"

"Thing is I am not wearing an undershirt," Remy replied as he did not wear undershirts when he was off-duty as he really hated the layered feeling to his clothes. "But I will gladly go get each of us some more iced water." And he stood up and went to get fresh water.

Iria watched him as he came back to the table with fresh cold water for both of them. she offered up a smile, as he got settled, she accepted her glass and felt her cheeks flush again when their fingers brushed against the other. "Thank you for the water Remingtion."

As their fingers touched, Remy felt his heart flutter. He saw her blush and he smiled. "You're more than welcome. I do enjoy your company and hearing your voice is actually more pleasing to me than reading minds." Dodd replied. "I look forward to our time together. You are helping me maintain my mental abilities without losing control. Seems odd that a Betazoid would be getting assistance but I really do mind at all with you being the one I am getting assistance from." Remy started to blush now.

"Just trying to make sure you are able to be comfortable with your abilities and we'll I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy getting to know you better as we go." She said softly her face still a bright pink. In any other setting, she would have been worrying about if she was doing the right thing. The time spent with Remington Dodd was not wrong nor were the feelings that were growing. It was more a matter of getting past her own shyness.

oO Well, this is going much better than I had thought it was going to be. Iria is a wonderful woman and I thoroughly enjoy her company. Oo Dodd was just gazing into Iria's eyes and taking in the spectacular view in front of him.

"I am enjoying your company and getting to know you better as well," Dodd stated. "I could chat with you all night long."

Iria smiled showing off her dimples and nodded to their dessert. "Well we still have plenty of cheesecake left to eat, so we can talk too. I don't think the lounge manager would be happy if we kept the table all night," she said softly lightly joking.

Dodd grinned slyly, "I think we could find someplace to eat the cheesecake, that may be a little more relaxing than this lounge." << Maybe we go to the holodeck and enjoy our cheesecake on one of the few shores of Pacifica. >> oO Hopefully she does not take it the wrong way, but I know the stargazing on Pacifica is relaxing and I think she would really enjoy it. Oo

"That sounds lovely, Remington let's go!" Iria replied delightedly she was more than happy to spend more time with him and what better way than enjoying the stars and a dessert.

The couple then got their dessert to go and headed off to the holodeck. They then enjoyed chatting and stargazing on a holographic shore of Pacifica.


Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
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USS Tomcat


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