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Planetary Survey Exploring the Chamber

Posted on 18 Nov 2017 @ 11:37pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Trelor Prime
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 50+2


Eventually the team entered the chamber, it had some lighting, but otherwise, it was dim and dank looking, the away team moved through the old equipment gently, they were here for information and did not know if there was any available.

*Pointing to the far console after checking her Padd* "that console over there Commander Cahill should give you what medical data there is, do not forget to hook up a power source" Donovan said.

Dr Cahill responded, "I am happy you trust me like that Major Donovan. As you know I like to study old sites of lost cultures and try to learn from them. I think past history is truly amazing. I got hooked on studying them by Professor Dangerfield in the academy. He was an Archeologist and took me on some of his works while I was studying at Star Fleet Medical. Some finds are extremely rewarding."

"Well tread carefully Doctor, these terminals are older than earth is and me" Donovan responded with a smile.

Once there were in the chamber they looked around there were several consoles in a low power mode. Maia continued to scan.

"Lt. Taggert, see if you can find what is powering these consoles...That might shed some light as to what we are dealing with, watch out for booby traps though, someone went to a lot of trouble to keep this place hidden," Maia said.

"You got it, commander," Nicci nodded, her ponytail bouncing up and down as she did. Taggert's adjustments to the tricorder were helping, and she started getting indications of the power transfer conduits used in the chamber and was able to get a good idea of where the power was coming from. "I think I have the power source, ma'am. It's down the corridor, to the right, and in another chamber. That's where I'm getting readings. Permission to investigate?"

Then Sterling walked over to Donovan and asked "S'arila, does anything here seem familiar to you"? Maia asked.

"Apart from the writing Commander! Not a damn thing, remember I was a newborn when I was removed from this place, so I do not think we will have much luck, but there is always hope" Donovan answered.

"Dr Cahill, any trace of biological residue"? Maia asked

"Commander there is some trace residue in these containers. I am checking things out now. It appears some of these culture dishes may have had the early stages of more of the beings that later develop into Humanoid species like Major Donovan," Dr Cahill said

"It is possible some tried to develop more of their species but died before they could finish. Amazing some of these Maturation chambers are still working. And till we opened the chamber here the radiation levels were actually a lot lower," The Doctor continued.

She looked at Major Donovan, "Do you know much about how this process worked Major? It appears to be similar to what we do when we start a clone from Petri dishes in our labs." Dr Cahill said.

Please continue with your analysis Doctor, this could be a very important discovery," Maia said.

Donovan turned to face the rest of the team and responds to the answer "This place Commander Sterling was built to make better soldiers, adaptable soldiers fight the darkness according to the files that were recovered, I was one of those entities. This mark between my eye's Commander signifies that I am of royal blood, from what records say we were few in number as we were the Fleet Admiral's of our day, I would have been one had I not been left in the stasis birthing chamber pod. From what records that were recovered my genetic alterations were complete, remind me to take you through my alterations in better detail at some point Commander Sterling," Donovan answered.

"So you're saying that this chamber was used to create super soldiers similar to our own eugenics wars? This is a different universe different rules and laws must have applied. Major, you mentioned that the writing seemed familiar to you, can you tell me what language it is in because it looks familiar to me as well," Maia asked.

"Yes to the super soldiers, but the Trelan people were five-thousand years ahead in genetic engineering when this planet was thriving living world, Starfleet and other Empires scientists have apparently only just scratched the surface on genetics, this will be why such things are outlawed in Federation space" Donovan looked at the language as she stepped up to where Sterling was. "It may look, familiar Commander, but the connotations and the accent and pronunciation and syntax are like nothing you have ever encountered, but if I spoke my native tongue, it may sound like old earth Gaelic, but it would be anything but that but thanks to my total recall we have a translation matrix to use" she added. Then looked to Taggert "Lieutenant Taggert, that power box over there is this places power point, plug some power cells into that and it should give us more light," Donovan said pointing to a box on the wall.

"On it, Major," she called, walking back from the other room. Walking back into the room, Nicci took several power cells, and set them down on the floor, and pulled open the panel under the console, which overhung the bottom where she needed to access. Various cables, computer nodes, isolinear chips, and other technology appeared there, some in perfect order, others burnt out.

Nicci took a seat, Indian-style, and started working, while Sterling and Donovan kept going around the room. She pulled a few cables and used her tricorder to figure out the pathways and where she could actually hook up the power cells.

"There we go," she said with a smile, to her self, and grabbed a power cell, about the size of a shoebox, and pulled a cable out, and hooked it up, locking it in place, and tapping a few commands into her tricorder. The signal initiated the power sequence and the flickering lights and flickering console powered up with an audible noise, signalling the increase in power.

"There it is," she said proudly, to the Major. "We're powered up here, Major."

Smiling, then realizing that her darkened face plate blocked out any emotion that she could have shown "Excellent Lieutenant, good work" Donovan responded, making sure to put joy in her tone, then she looked at her wrist where the timer was and looked worried.

"If you're okay with it, I'll grab a few more power cells so we don't run out while we're here," she said, gesturing to the four other power cells she had brought in.

"That would be good El-tee" came her response, with a pause she spoke to Sterling.

"Commander Sterling, that console over there, by the cloning pods should be the science officers workstations," Donovan said pointing to a powered down a station. She was drawn to an empty pod like a moth to a flame, but as she headed to it. "Commander Cahill, how goes downloading the medical data?" she asked.

"Excellent Major," Maia said moving towards that console. She scanned it with her tricorder. "These symbols here look like they are Iconian in nature, perhaps a dialect it's not exactly the same". She wiped the dust off the console it was still in low power mode. She didn't see anything resembling an EPS power tap, but she could tell that the console hadn't been used in decades. The console was hooked up serially to the power system console that Lt Taggert was working on. There was a big crystalline chamber in the middle but it looked completely depleted. Maia scanned it. It was made of a material that was completely alien to her. Maia wondered if this could be a zero point energy module. If it was it was completely beyond there technology level. Ancient indeed.

"Good," was all Donovan said then fell silent as she pulled out her tricorder and scanned the deactivated pod, she detected traces of birthing fluid and she pulled the complete data from the pod, to have a look over later, she looked at the strange writing on the pod and all it said was S'arila D'Tana, she shrugged and moved on.

"Where is my power, Lieutenant"? Maia asked Taggert.

Dr Cahiil responded, "Everything is going great Major Donovan and Commander Sterling. I have found some vials here all are numbered and named. It appears this is the source of where they started the process to genetically clone the next generation. And Give more time than we have, maybe a team of doctors and scientists could develop the necessary data to actually use the process to develop the species in the maturation chambers.

It is more advanced but similar to the process that is now outlawed by Star Fleet when they tried to make genetic superhumans that resulted in them being too strong for any use but as soldiers in wars Commander."

"You've got it," Taggert replied, as she finished hooking up the third power cell, stood up, leaned over the console, and using her tricorder, entered some commands to transfer power to the console where Commander Sterling was standing. "We have enough power now that we can get computer data and perhaps the tactical database. Once I get cells four and five hooked up, we should have up to 16 hours of power, which should be more than enough for what we need."

Maia's console came to life slowly but was fully operational.

"Well done Nicole". Maia said.

Commander Sterling studied her console and the readings, it was in a form of Iconian, However, she didn't download the database, she remembered that story of the Iconian probe that was able to rewrite software on various machines. She was, however, able to discern what had happened to the planet. Apparently, the powers that be at the time had launched nuclear devices to drive the entity initially known as the Darkness and then the Scourge off this planet, destroying the Scourge and the planet's biosphere in the process. Billions died a few fled underground and were living very primitive lives there. This cloning facility was used to create super soldiers to fight the Jem'Hadar by enhancing psionic abilities in the soldiers. The cloning chamber itself had been dormant for the past 12 years.

"Major Donovan you might find this interesting". Maia said.

Walking back to where Sterling was working "what is it, Commander?" Donovan asked.

"This writing can you make heads or tails of it? Apparently, the main power goes into this crystal, it looks like it may be a zero pin energy module, but that is just a theory. as you can see its quite dead, so the proprietors hooked it up to a conventional power source. There I an embryonic storage facility 2 levels down, but there is no power to grow a new clone. The last clone grown was 15 point 74 years ago. This console is locked in a diagnostic mode.." Maia said.

S'arila noted that Sterling had given the Captain a SITREP, now she was back doing her job "Well that is something for you egg-heads to work out, as for the lower embryonic storage facility on the lower levels, I did not know about that and to be quite honest it does not surprise me, I only know what we have found in this place" Donovan responded, feeling a little down in the dumps as she remembered how her homeworld now looked.


Dr Cahill started looking at the console labelled medical and was able to power it up. There was a lot of good information about the cloning process. She was looking at another part of the console and she found the port that may allow her to download the information on how the cloning process. work.

She turned to Commander Sterling and Major Donovan, "I think we can download all the information from this computer port here. But not sure if we have an adapter that will fit into the connector. It would be a real plus if we could take this cloning technology with us for future study. I am amazed at how this stuff works."

Looking over at Cahill "Be careful with any samples you may find Doctor, I have been getting the feeling that while the Scourge swept across this planet like earth Locusts on steroids or on an Acid trip, I do not think the Scourge were the ones to poison the planet like it is" *pulling out her Tricorder* "atmospheric readings indicate more than just radioactive isotopes, there is an element that is not natural in nature for this planet pre-wasteland" Donovan added "Commander Sterling, as a scientist, do you recognize this chemical compound? I am sending the readings to your Padd" she added.

Dr Cahill smiled, "I am always careful Major Donovan. I am looking at these findings as a scientist or doctor would explore and examine them.

Alex looked at her adapter, "This looks close, what do you think Taggert? She looked at Commander Sterling and Major Donovan, "I hope doing this does not violate the Prime Directive. But I am really finding the research to be interesting. Hmm here are some log books and what looks like could be some of the research that was done by your people Major Donovan. Care to take a look at it?

"Not sure the prime directive applies in the case of a dead world, Alex. Try your adapter lets see if it works". Maia said. Maia checked her tricorder and ran it through chemical then elemental analysis.

"You're right Major, its called Xenothium, and it can only be created in a lab. It is not a naturally occurring element". Maia said. "Possibly used in a biogenic weapon". Maia added.

"The Prime Directive does not exist here Doctor, this is a dead world, a murdered world, besides the Trelans were Xenophic and had a vastly superior tech to what Starfleet has now, or so what little records that survived say" Donovan responded. Then she thought over the chemical discovered "I wonder how it escaped, my people would not kill themselves not when they knew they were going to die, they revered the land too much. This is a wild guess now, but I think they were working on a bioweapon to use against the scourge when the Scourge attacked a safety locker not knowing what was in it and inadvertently released the chemical. Commander, could you get a sample for study please?" Donovan asked then turned to face Cahill and Taggert. "Doctor it is important you be very careful not to damage your suit, that goes for all of us, also I would recommend decontamination time when we get back for all of us" Finally speaking to Taggert.

"Lieutenant, see if you can get all consoles working then have a look see which one posses advanced chemical research and let COmmander Sterling take a look-see" she added.

Dr Cahill inserts the cable and starts to download the information. Computer says it will take about 30 minutes. She looks up and sees some books that catch her attention.

Alex took a few down and placed them on a table top to examine them. The translations are interesting. "Major Donovan if I am correct with my interpretations of these books. They contain all the information on the Chambers and how they work and possibly could be built. See what you think Major?

Donovan walked over to Cahill and took a look at the old but remarkable preserved books, she read them "you are partly right doctor, they do mention the chambers, but they are doctors notes, on life support systems and observation's but the mention of the chambers is definitely there, take it with you, Doctor, the ship has more computing power and should be able to translate easier.

Dr Cahill smiled, "Understood Major thanks for the help."

Maia walked off to collect her sample of Xenothium.

As this was going on her prototype suit began to play up and started belting out "I'm Going Slightly mad, by a group called Queen" Donovan violently walloped the suit, but only succeeded in hurting herself "Goddamn prototype suit, it is always doing this!" Donovan exclaimed with another *thud* on the suit which changed the song "We'll Meet Again" this was where Donovan unconsciously slipped into her Trelan native tongue and was very inventive with cursing. While the written Trelan had been translated, the verbal version was still being worked on so the words coming out sounded ancient Gaelic, but the universal translator could not comprehend and thus did not work.

Dr Cahill noticed Donovan's acts of striking herself and her speaking in her native tongue. She went over to her. "Major Donovan is there anything you need from me? I can help you if you need it". Dr Cahill said.

"Is there a problem Major"? Maia Inquired,

Without looking at the pair "no I am okay, it is this damned suit, it has been giving me troubles ever since I was issued it, why Starfleet R+D decided to put in a music App I do not know, I will have to seek out Lieutenant Dodd and see if he can remove this annoying music thing" she said frustrated but the music finally stopped and she gave an audible sigh "so much better" Donovan commented.

Dr Cahill replied,"You are lucky Major, Mine has Rap music by someone called LL Cool J. I don't care much for it myself. I think LT Dodd is in the mood to play some jokes on us. LOL"

Looking at her dubiously "Unless you have an advanced prototype EVA combat suit like mine then a standard Starfleet EVA suit does not have one or have you customised your suit doctor?" Donovan asked.

"I carry a recording device to help me relax when I wear the EVA Suit Major. Seems my head nurse is playing a joke on me."

Once the download was complete she began to set things up so everything could be put on the shuttle. She had also loaded up all the manuals she could find and had them ready to go. She was amazed at what she saw and was looking forward to examining them more when back on the Tomcat.

Cahill smiled,"See all the manuals are placed in my office once they are de-contaminated. I want to research them more while we have them myself. I know Starfleet will take control once they find out about them and they will be locked away to be studied by a few key personnel and kept secret, it could enable me to better understand Major Dononvan's anatomy and be able to better treat her" she said.

"As long as you do not report the finds, study them to your heart's content, but make sure you pass on anything you find to Starfleet Medical and Engineering Doctor" Donovan responded.

Dr Cahill responded, "I plan to make copies for myself and send the originals to Star Fleet for further study as well. Between them and myself we can learn a lot from the information. This information is too good to be held by one person Major Donovan."

Maia finished collecting her samples bagged them and tagged them. They had about an hour of life support left.

"Lets finish up and head back, we are running out of life support. We have just over an hour. Let's get back to the shuttle and get out of here" Maia instructed.

Dr Cahill finished loading the remaining books and smiles, "Looks like I have a lot of reading to do now Commander, I want to learn all I can out of these books. And who knows back in our timeline there may be some others that survived like Major Donovan and these may help to better treat them. Ready when everyone else is Commander.

"Yes and perhaps Nicole can come up with some kind of explanation for this apparent ZPM and how it might work." Maia said as she led the way back to there shuttle..

Donovan was thinking about the brief conversation Commander Sterling had with the Captain, she took one last look around and finally felt at peace, for some reason, it is as if she had come full circle, but it was puzzling and upsetting to know someone used a biological weapon besides the atomics that had been used. She sighed heavily as she joined the rest of the teams as they packed up and made their way back to the shuttle, standing at the enterance she took one last look into the interior and deactivated the power and followed int he wake of the other, she was more at peace with herself now.


Commander Maia Sterling
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