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Sounding out the Teams part 1

Posted on 23 Oct 2017 @ 7:36pm by Lieutenant Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG shakram Coro & Ensign Lauren Jordan
Edited on on 29 Oct 2017 @ 10:43am

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Flight deck- USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 45


- Outer office of the CAG’s Office -

Upon returning to his office, Paul found a young Ensign standing outside his door, Paul asked, “Excuse me, Ensign, are you waiting to see me?” as he looked at the young female officer, He thought to himself oO I hope she is not scared of me Oo as he watched her straighten her jacket and began fidgeting with her collar.

“Yes Sir that I am,” replied Lauran as she looked up at Paul, she continued,” I am Ensign Lauran Jordan, your new Aide,” giving him a smile of her own and also trying to make herself feel less nervous than she already was. She thought to herself oO I hope he wants me to work for him, Oo as she started to twiddle her fingers behind her back.

“My aide?” replied Paul as he could not remember ever having an aide the last time he commanded an Air Group, but still she was here and willing to work, “This is news to me, but since you are here, Welcome aboard Ensign,” He said looking at the young woman, He asked, “Or can I call you Lauran?” holding out his hand to Lauran.

“Yes you May,” replied Lauran taking his hand and shook it, as she knew that this was going to be her first posting and didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with her boss, as she released his hand she asked,” I can start to set up your meetings with the Deck manager and the chief engineer,” as she knew that it was the best way to start.

Paul replied,” Don’t forget the Squadron leaders Lauran,” looking back at her as she moved to her desk to start making the requests to the other officers, as she did so, Paul said,” I’m going to Lunch, if you need me call,” as he exited the outer office.

- Flight deck -

As he did so, Paul began to walk across the flight deck when he noticed a few of the Klingon’s looking at him. As he approached the doors to the deck, they opened to reveal a Klingon that Paul was surprised to see, after all, he had left her alone in her bed when he had gone to the Odyssey and knew that he would have upset her, as He came to a halt he hoped that she would not show her displeasure at seeing him here in front of the rest of them.

As Lieutenant Jg Shakram Coro had received word that the new CAG wanted to see her, She had finished her meal and had returned to the flight deck only to find the one person she hadn’t expected to see, she strode over to where Paul was standing and came to a halt, She said,” What are you doing here?” she continued,” You have disgraced me after the last time we saw each other,” as she slapped him across the face.

“I’m assigned here,” replied Paul looking back at Shakram, He continued “And what was the slap for?” He knew full well what it was for, and that was for leaving her alone and not saying goodbye, after all, they had both been drunk the night before as he remembered the drinking contest and smiled at how she had drunk him under the table.

“What you a Pilot now?” asked Shakram as she placed her hands upon her hips as she knew that the last time she had seen Paul he had been in Operations, However; he had told her that he had once been a Pilot and had lost the love of it, But what had changed, Had she rekindled the love of flying in him once more? That was the question going through her mind.

“Sort of,” replied Paul looking back at her as he wondered how she was going to react if she knew that he was now her boss, He continued, “So, what position do you hold here?” as he knew he had to find out who was where in his squadrons.

“What do you mean sort of, are you or are you not?” replied Shakram looking at him she continued,” I have no time for riddles Paul, I have a meeting with the new CAG,” as a small growl came up her throat, Paul knew then that it was time to stop playing with her.

“Do you?” he asked looking at her, He continued,” Don’t worry about him, he will let you off for being late,” He thought to himself oO I see that Lauran is effective in her position, Oo as he continued in thought oO I wish I had one the last time I was CAG Oo, He finished “any way he isn’t in his office at the moment”

Shakram asked, “Well then where is he?” looking back at Paul knowing that he was ready to impart some information to her, She growled,” I don’t have all day,”

Paul replied “The reason he is not in his office is that he is talking to the Klingon Squadron leader,” giving her a smile, Shakram looked back at Paul with disbelief in his description as to where the CAG was, then it dawned on her that she was the Klingon squadron leader. And that she was meeting the new CAG.

“You mean to tell me that you’re the new CAG here?” Shakram responded in disbelief suddenly remembering that she had just slapped her new boss, which for her meant that she had to ask for forgiveness and that she had to forgive him for leaving her like he had.

“Yes I am Lieutenant,” replied Paul using her rank, “could pass round to the other Squadron leaders that I want drills conducted to see time from their quarters to in the fighters, “ he finished,” slowest from each wing will be cleaning the fighters and the shuttles and runabouts for the next month,”

She thought oO Dam him, he wants drills to see how good we are, Oo keeping her hands on her hips as she felt like slapping him once more, but then decided against it, She replied,” Aye Sir, That I will,” knowing that the drills would be every three days at different times, But she would do as he asked of her. She finished, “is that all Sir?”

“That is all Lieutenant, Dismissed,” replied Paul looking back at her, he finished,” Now how about Lunch?” posing the question to her, he knew that by making it up with her was the right thing to do.

“Are you asking me to Lunch Paul?” asked Shakram.

“Yes I am Shakram, I want to make up for my actions towards you,” replied Paul looking back at her,” That’s if you will let me,” as he hoped that she would.


Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Lieutenant JG Shakram =Rebel 1=Coro[PNPC: Winchester]
Squadron Leader
102 Rebels Squadron
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Ensign Lauran Jordan [PNPC: Winchester]
Aide De Camp
USS Tomcat NCC 62114


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