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Away Team Planetary Survey

Posted on 31 Oct 2017 @ 10:38pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Trellor Prime/Shuttle White Fang (Alternate Reality)
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 50+1


Because Trellor Prime was irradiated not only did the landing party require EVA suits to operate on the surface they had to shuttle down because the scattering effect of the radiation made transporters unreliable at least without pattern enhancers. Commander Sterling took the class 4 shuttle White Fang and waited for the team to show up while she went through the pre-flight checklist.

Dr Cahill was the first to show already in her EVA suit. Fortunately, she had prepared inoculations for the team. Maia assumed it was a Hyronalyn/Adrenaline compound.

After inspecting the outside of the shuttle Donovan entered the shuttle and went to an empty seat and sat down.

Hopefully, they would find signs of life or some kind of underground city. The Tomcats sensor array was pretty powerful, but who knew if the inhabitants of this world were forced underground and the scattering effect masked life sign readings. For all Maia knew the humanoid inhabitants could have been horribly mutated or themselves dying of radiation poisoning.

The team also consisted of biologist 1st class Tom Rollins, Botanist 2nd class Tracy Helms, and Planetologist 2nd class Kyle Joiner.

Soon the equipment was stowed and the inoculations were given, the crew were also in there EVA suits.

"Everyone strapped in"?

Dr Cahill saw some Security Officers come on board with all the weapons she went over and gave a hand to help get everything stowed. Once done Commander Sterling came on board. She stood ready and passed out all inoculators to everyone and then smiled, "Everyone needs to use these once every 12 hrs and be careful too. She also handed everyone radiation monitors too. If these get to orange return to the shuttle and de-nominate yourself.

She put on her EVA suit and took up her seat at the medical section. She set the controls to record all finding for future studies. It could help in the future in our own time to have this information keep in our computer records. Plus Star Fleet would be happy to study it too."

She smiled, "Medical section already for departure commander."

"Excellent Doctor, I do hope your medical services won't be needed, but I know your scientific specialities will be," Maia replied.

Donovan now spoke up "Apart from the human biomass found by Commander Sterling, human in nature, this to me is a surprise as I thought only my foster fathers away team had gone to Trelor Prime. Anyway, there is no life of any kind on the planet, our EVA suits will allow us six hours on the surface, no longer" she then looks to Cahill "Commander the human remains will need to be sterilized and quarantined before you have the corpse brought aboard this shuttle, understood?" Donovan said.

"A lot could have changed in the months you've been with us Major, Maia said.

"Good, any questions people?" Donovan asked.

"Yes, what was this planet used for in your day Major"? Maia asked.

"Well from what the records say it was the Trelan Homeworld, the Trelan were a very advanced species, more so than the Borg, but for some reason the Borg did not bother them, by the time I heard about this planet it had been dead for at least two-thousand years, nowhere is the kicker, my file says I was born in 2355, but in fact the real records said that I was a newborn was in a special unit where I had been genetically modified, the best way to describe the Pod I was found in, is something akin to a Borg maturation chamber, but more advanced. The records actually said that my stasis pod had been sucking up power for at least one and a half thousand years give or take a few decades and when in 2355 a Starfleet exploration team found me, my stasis pod opened as the facility I was in was about to run out of power and collapse, or something, so a Lieutenant Donovan, mine adopted no foster father picked up a mewling infant and got his team out of there. So any further questions?" Donovan said.

"Perhaps they were trying to breed a telepath. I know that you are so inclined to one degree or another," Maia replied.

=/\=This is shuttle craft Tigers Claw requesting permission to launch=/\= Commander Sterling requested from the pilot's seat.

On the bridge of the Tomcat =/\= Acknowledged Tigers Claw, safe journey, Tomcat out =/\= Somers responded and closed the link.

"Here we go," Maia said pressing the thruster control button.

"Clearing the bay in 3..2..1..." Maia said. The shuttle bay cleared. "Engaging impulse engines. Setting course to where Major Donovan was found. Shields nominal," Maia announced.

The trip to the atmosphere was relatively uneventful but as soon as they hit the atmosphere there was a lot of turbulence. Maia added power to the stabilizers and the structural integrity field.

The upper atmosphere was a mix of liquid and gaseous Cyclo-hexane and Argon which made the ride even bumpier but they broke through that layer to carbon dioxide oxygen and nitrogen. The radiation here was fairly lethal as the upper layer blocked the solar radiation collecting and reflecting it like a magnetic shield. This planet did have a rotation but there was no moon to keep its liquid core spinning. The effect was the same however except this planet was slowly dying as it cooled. The shuttle skirted along then over one of the continents along the equator and over several destroyed cities. No life signs were detected within a four thousand kilometre diameter. It took about 1/2 an hour to skirt and scan the land mass but even the soil was dead.

Maia turned to the coordinates specified by Major Donovan scans didn't reveal anything promising but Maia landed the shuttle close to where she was found.

"Okay team listen up. First thing is first. We will set up the pattern enhancers so that the Tomcat can get a transporter lock on us. Then start the survey. get your samples and stay in contact. This is a very hostile environment. Major Donovan and I will scout out the area and see if we can find anything. Alex, you are in charge of the survey. If for whatever reason you start to feel sick or dizzy inform someone immediately. Keep your COMM lines open. Our EVA suits should protect us for about six hours but anything can happen. Is that understood"? Maia asked.

Dr Cahill responded as she moved to the Science section on the shuttle. She set the scanners to record all information that was collected. She did note that in parts of the planet it did show signs of trying to recover from the Nuclear Winter. She was also checking out levels radiation at various levels in the atmosphere as they descended. She had put on some special containers to collect samples in she wanted to research them to see the overall effects of the nuclear destruction of the planet. And maybe find some plant remnants of vegetation to study as well.

If anyone becomes ill, return to the Shuttle as soon as possible and I will check you out the shuttle should give enough protection from all bad effects in a crunch."

Looking around and then to Cahill "Doctor there are a human biomass two clicks from this shuttle in a southerly direction. Commander Sterling located it, and I think we would all like to know why a human would be in this dead world," Donovan said as she gathered her things.

"Let's get these pattern enhancers set up at least we will be able to use the shuttles and transporters if we run into trouble," Maia instructed.

Once the pattern enhancers were set up Maia turned to Major Donovan.

"Want to take a walk Major and check out that human biomass?" Maia asked/stated.

=/\=Sterling to Tomcat. Pattern enhancers are online you should be getting a transporter lock on this area. We have detected a Human biomass approximately 2 kilometres to the south of this location. We are going to investigate. Sterling out! =/\=

"Two clicks huh? Where are these maturation chambers you were grown in?" Maia asked Donovan.

"Nope, I am more interested in returning to the place I was hatched, there has to be some more information in there about how I came to be, hopefully, there will also be information on how to get back to our reality," Donovan said. "As for the Biomass that is why I said for Cahill and one of the Security personnel to go to that biomass, as we have a job to do, also it is taking all my self-control to control my emotions, the sooner we leave this planet the better," Donovan added.

"Alright, I can understand that. Let's find your chamber. Do you have any idea where to look?" Maia asked.

Sending the last known location to Sterling and the rest "I believe that it is this way" Donovan said as she took the lead, she had memorized what the place looked like from recordings, even after the entryway had collapsed shortly after she was rescued. She led the group one click down from their landing site when she came to a familiar area "This looks like what I have memorized from the recordings" Donovan said, happy to know that having something to focus on helped with her PTSD issues.

"Well, if this were an advanced civilization, I would love to see how their power cells remained charged and functional for so long," Taggert added. "I read legends about a race called the Iconians whose technology could've lasted this long too."

"Alright everyone doesn't forget where we are parked. Major Donovan lead the way," Maia instructed.

With the pattern enhancers working I could beam over to the location and take care of what I need to. Then time needed to gather the biomass would take about 20 minutes. And that included the time to secure the biomass in a special container to protect others from the radiation hazard. Then beam back to be here for the rest of the team Commander. Said

Once back I could join you and Donovan where the maturation chambers are. That way I can get a look at them to form the medical standpoint. I find the idea interesting of how they reproduced.

"Alright Alex, I want you back here as quickly as possible avoid trouble, is that understood"?

"I will take Ensign Wade as my Security member, He is also a paramedic if needed." Dr Cahill looked at her equipment, "Ok we are ready to go be back in a few minutes Commander. Tiger claw beam 2 to where the Biomass is located. Keep a transporter lock on both of us in case of trouble."

Soon they were transported to the site, Dr Cahill immediately took some readings with her tricorder and then went to the Biomass. Even though Decomp had occurred the body was still amazingly good condition. Ensign Wade kept a watchful eye on the perimeter as always. She soon had the biomass loaded in the special chamber and was able to seal it. She made sure only her Captain Somers and Commander Sterling had protocols to open it and stood up.

She hit her communicator, "Tiger Claw this is Dr Cahill, Beam the container back to the shuttle area then load it up. Put a force field around it to protect crew members from possible radiation effects."

She then took a few minutes to get some samples of soil and vegetation from the area and sealed all samples in special containers.

Once Done she called Commander Sterling, "Biomass is secure and got some other samples while here to compare to those at the landing site. Biomass is secured by force field to protect us from any radiation dangers as well. We are returning to shuttle now."

"Tiger Claw 2 to beam back to the shuttle, energize now."

Once back she made sure everything was secured as needed. She turns to Ensign Wade, "Let's go to Commander Sterling and Major Donovan location. I want to see the maturation chambers myself for medical studies." She checks her tricorder and followed the signal to the Commanders and Majors location.

As Donovan was scanning for the safest way to enter without endangering the team, she sensed Cahill and her escort arriving at their location, she did not look only continued to scan the last known entry point.

Dr Cahill smiled when she returned, "Ok let's see what else we can find here. She began to use her tricorder to take more readings. Something over there, Some kind of possible Biomass.

Lt JG Nicole Taggert took her tricorder out, though her readings were indeterminate. "I'm getting energy signatures, but I'm going to need a moment to adjust my tricorder to triangulate them so we can find the maturation chambers."

Maia turned to S'arila "Let's find your Maturation chamber. Any sign of where it might be, Major"? Maia asked Donovan

After twenty minutes of scanning Donovan had found the location and signalled the team to step back as she pulled out her hand Phaser and set it to wide beam and full power "Lets get in there the first Commander" Donovan simply said and fired four times until a stable but large enough hole to allow EVA suited personnel through. The moment they got past the rock formation they encountered a blast door, there was no other word for it, somehow Donovan knew what to do so she walked up to it and pulled the front cover off the control panel and hooked up a portable power source and got to work.

Dr Cahill stepped back, She watched as Major Donovan with precise skill opened the wall with her Phaser. The Blast Door was quite amazing. She moved over closer but did not touch anything. She was taking some readings with her tricorder. She wanted to have detailed information of what was going on.

Maia also scanned her tricorder was set to scan for energy and she was detecting faint but steady energy readings.

"Quite simply put I am using my genetic memory to input a 50,000 long string of code, it is the only way to get this door open and this will only give us a once in a lifetime chance as the code will not work a second time" Donovan said then spoke to Cahill "Commander Cahill, when we get inside proceed with caution, the equipment while ancient will be a bit more advanced than the Starfleet of your reality" then to all "when I sent you the last known location of this pace I also sent a translation program, it should allow you all to understand, what the consoles say" Donovan added.

"Interesting a genetic bio-scan probably to keep out those pesky neighbours. It looks like something in there is still on.." Maia said.

"Understood Major Donovan, I usually let security go first then follow in case of a problem. Or a way to allow key personnel only Commander Sterling. We use similar security protocols in Starfleet too."

"These are a little more advanced than Starfleet Commander, and a lot more complex, I will be so glad to return to the reality I grew up in, this place is depressing" Donovan responded.


Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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