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Finally Meeting the C.A.G

Posted on 13 Jan 2018 @ 7:36pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Lieutenant Paul Winchester

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: CRR/Various
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 50


- CRR -

After leaving the bridge Jasmine entered her Ready Room and sat behind her desk, behind her was the Federation Seal and below that was the new emblem of the 95th Rifles SFMC and at an angle on the left was the Federation banner and sloping to the right was the 95th Battalion standard, now she got comfy behind her desk and pulled up her CAGs file, she decided that it was time to meet her new CAG, she pressed the buzzer and her Yeoman entered.

"Lucy contact lieutenant Paul Winchester for me and have him report to me if you will!" Somers said.

Looking at her commander with a smile "yes Captain" Lucy responded and left to return to her desk to the small outer office that existed the other side of the bridge, when Lucy had returned to her desk she called up the required communication code and pressed the button.

=/\= Yeoman Armitage to Lieutenant Winchester, Captain Somers would like to see you =/\= Armitage said and waited for a response.

- CAG’s Office -

Paul had been very quiet since he had left the USS Odyssey and returned back home, Now he had taken to flying again and had regained his pilot’s licence to fly fighters once more and had found the love again with them, it was during one of his Training flights that he had been given new Orders, these Orders shocked him rather, He was to report to the USS Tomcat as its new CAG.

It had been years since he commanded an air group. As he thought back to the months before. Now he had arrived here and had been here a few weeks, Paul had used those weeks to find his feet once more checking what the status of the Group was. Just then his Commbadge chirped and he tapped the small golden object that rested upon his left breast, =/\= Winchester Here, =/\= he replied upon hearing the female voice inform him that the Captain wished to see him, He continued, =/\= “Tell the Captain I’m on my way=/\= as he rose from his seat and headed out of his office and across the flight deck to the nearest turbo lift.

=/\= Understood, Armitage out =/\= the Yeoman said and closed the link.

- Outer Office - Captain's Ready Room -

Lucy walked into her bosses office "Captain Lieutenant Winchester is on his way up" Lucy said.

"Thank you, Lucy, when he arrives, please send him right in," Somers said and her Yeoman nodded and left the Room.

Lucy was at her desk when a Lieutenant in a red shirt approached her, she looked up "Lieutenant Winchester I presume?" she asked.

“That I am,” replied Paul giving the young yeoman a smile, He asked,” Do you know what the Captain wants to see me about?” as he knew that he hadn’t had the chance to come see the Commanding officer when he had arrived and knew it was bad form to leave it this long. He knew that his one of his Squadrons the 102nd Red had a bad reputation and he was to put a stop to that, as he was commander of the 30th TAW. But to top it off he had a squadron of Klingons and he had to handle those with kid gloves as he and Klingons had had a bad history with each other.

"If you go right in Lieutenant, the Captain is expecting you," Armitage said.

"Thank you, Yeoman," replied Paul as he crossed the floor to the door and pressed the chime, He thought to himself oO well here goes nothing, Oo. As he waited for the command to enter Paul straightened his jacket to make his self-look more respectful.

Somers looked up as the door opened and Lieutenant Winchester entered her domain "greetings, Lieutenant, please have a seat" Somers said indicating the seat in front of the desk.

"Thank you, ma'am," replied Paul as he took the offered seat, He continued," Sorry for not coming sooner than I have Ma'am, but I have been sorting out the group." as he kept his eyes on his new Commanding Officer.

"I understand, I figured this meeting was long overdue," she said as she looked at his file and looked up "may I offer you a drink?" Somers asked.

Paul replied," Yes Please, White coffee with sugar," looking back at her, He continued," So, what is it you wanted to see me about Ma'am?" as he leaned back into his chair.

Somers got up and went over to the replicator and pressed a surface "one tea, white two sugars and one white coffee with sugar" she said and two mugs appeared in the tray steaming, she picked them up and carried them over and handing the coffee to Winchester, then sitting down behind her desk, took a sip of her tea. "I see from your record that you are qualified to fly a Starship too! How would you like to get to fly my ship on occasion, that being when the Fighters are not required?" Somers asked.

" I will do what is asked of me ma'am," replied Paul looking back at his new commanding officer, He continued," I will follow your orders," as he knew this was his last chance and he didn't want to screw that up. as he took the mug he said," and thank you for the coffee," as he took a sip of the hot beverage.

Somers nodded, "I will be honest with you Lieutenant we rarely use the fighters much these days, but I will expect combat drills to keep the pilots on their toes and ready, now normally when possible and we are not in combat we operate in the Mira Sector and out by Starbase 51, the base that is the Tomcats F.O.B. for the area, this base is known only to a few in Starfleet and is the main staple of our operations out in unclaimed space. We have an Embassy on Galen IV, so much Intel and counter Intel goes on there that the Rifles do not leave any sensitive information at our Embassy. Sorry I went off course, this is why I am not a pilot *smiles* anyway when in normal space moving slowly at half impulse I have a CAP of four fighters flying patrol around the ship, should any hostile forces try attacking then the Tomcat goes from being a Heavy Cruiser to a light fighter carrier and the rest of the Squadron the CAP is part of is launched first, then the other two Squadrons are put on alert and ready to launch, when all fighters are off the deck the ship comes back to Cruiser operation and we support the fighters, I will open the options for questions for you Lieutenant" Somers said.

Paul replied," Well, Captain I do have drills already in operation and now I know about the CAP," he said looking back at her, He said," I shall have Rebels 1-6 launched to replace those who are out there presently," he finished," and they will be rotated every 10 hours," as he waited for her response to his idea.

She thought his idea through "also make plans for mock combat drills, use the 103rd Red Squadron as attackers, it will give the Klingon's a morale boost, as they are none too good with sitting still, although the Klingon's on the Tomcat have learned to manage their downtime" She answered with a smile.

He asked,"But what do you want me to do when not on the flight Deck Ma'am?" looking back at her, still, now he had some information to work with and needed planning, he knew he had to speak to his other squadron leaders again.

"When not flying fighters or doing duty with your Combat Air Wing, you will take shifts on the bridge as Helmsman, in fact, if you are okay with it I would like to appoint you the ships HCO as your secondary duty. But half of your time will be on the bridge flying my ship. Oh, you might have seen it, but we have a Venture-class scout on the Tomcat, it acts as our long-range scout and also as our intel ship. Currently, the Klingon cloaking device we have is being put on this ship, it is rated for anything from aB'Rell to K'Vort class ship, the only issue we are currently having is making two different power sources work together. Using the cloak on the Venture class ship is easy, but an Akira is a lot more complicated" Somers responded and fell silent and allowed this recent news to be absorbed by the Lieutenant.

"That's fine by me Ma'am," replied Paul as he knew that he had just now got extra paperwork handed to him, He continued," I will have my Pilots up here each month on a roster for helm duty," as he knew his first victim would be one Klingon female named Shakram Coro.

"Lieutenant, I have other Fleet and marine officers trained to fly this ship, your pilots need only to concern themselves with piloting the Tomcat, right what else do you want to know Lieutenant, ask know as the chance of doing so again will diminish" Somers responded, hoping that he will ask her some questions, she was used to questions, and he was not asking any.

"What is the roster system on the bridge Ma'am?" asked Paul as he wondered if it was a 3 shift system or a 4 shift system, he knew that it had been a long time since he had been on a 4 shift system.

"I run a two-shift system Lieutenant, ALPHA and BETA shift, Major Donovan always takes the Beta shift as she rarely sleeps, something to do with her species, but the rest of the Command staff and main crew work the day shift, the ship runs on earth time a 24 hour cycle, so on a non-action day both shifts do a 12 hour rotation, all except the Pilots of course, when at full Impulse one Squadron is always on duty and supplies the ship with a CAP. This is why we have an extra 24 pilots that will take the day shift, Starfleet pilots for both 100th and 101st Squadrons and extra Klingon's for the 102nd, so basically the ship can always deploy fighter cover day or night, okay next question" Somers said.

"That's understood sir," as he now knew that he would be doing the alpha shift down in the flight deck, he continued," I understand we have a squadron of Klingons with us, Sir," as he looked back at the Captain, He asked," How did that come about?" knowing that the Klingons would not run from a fight.

She smiled "My uncle Samuel Somers who is a respected Federation Ambassador to the Klingon's, well one of eight anyway, but the family name is respected by the Klingon's, something to do with "Uncle Sam" pun unintended," she said with a smile. "He never said what he had done to deserve such respect from the Klingon Empire, my cousin who is a Major on Starbase 332 has more diplomatic acumen than I as she grew up around such people I speak of diplomats now. But she decided to join SFMC, Uncle Sam was so disappointed but accepted; apologies I went off topic. Anyway, the Klingon's on the Tomcat are members of the 95th Rifles, honorary members, but members they have agreed to abide by Starfleet rules and this ship was originally a Marine ship, things happened and I had to make it diverse. All marines including the marine pilots are 95th rifles, the fleet pilots have the same standing as the Klingon's on this ship" she paused.

"You may have noticed a couple of fleet officers wear a white band at the base of their shoulders, even some of the marines, it is an honour award that is given for extraordinary conduct, which varies, okay next question," Somers said.

Paul asked," Will I be allowed to wear the patch of the 95th rifles on my duty uniform as well as my flight suit?" looking back at his captain, as he wanted to get permission before he did anything to his uniforms.

Looking at Winchester with a raised eyebrow "due to fleet uniform regulations, your standard duty uniform cannot display a patch, not even the marine pilots cannot show a unit patch on their duty uniforms. But your flight suits, on them, the 95th Rifle emblem can be displayed, there are three variations that differ slightly from the main Regiments logo. Your flight suit will have the 95th logo on, but the background will be blue, the Klingon's red, both are classed as honorary patches, as you are Fleet and the Klingon's, Klingon's both squadrons cannot wear the standard black background that all the marine's wear."

She paused.

"The only exception to the above rule are the 95th Rifle Ground troops we have on the Tomcat, marine pilots can escape the above rule if they are flying escort, but only during the event. The Marine detachment as I said can display unit patches on their upper right shoulder as more often than not they may be called upon to do some on the spot guard duty. I made sure that this was allowed when I reorganised the Rifles back into existence. But all members of the Tomcat may display the 95th Rifles patch on their dress uniforms, upper right arm if you are wondering, any pilots that are among the assault troops will be shuttle pilots so they can display bronze pilot wings, where fighter pilots can display silver pilot wings. All pilots can wear their pilot wings on their regular duty uniforms while serving on the Tomcat, I cannot speak for the other ships and bases, I would assume one would need permission from the commander of those deployments" Somers stopped allowing what she said to sink in and allow the possibility of more questions.

"Ok," replied Paul as he knew this was going to be somewhat of a nice change to what he had been doing for the last few years, He continued," May I get to work now Ma'am?" as he wanted to get the fighters ready to the get-go and make them the best in Starfleet.

Nodding "by all means Lieutenant, in about a couple of days your duty will be at the helm of my ship, you get to fly the Tomcat but for now, get settled in and begin organising your departments. Remember each squadron has 24 pilots, this will be to allow for CAP duty and readiness duty, one dozen pilots per Squadron will be on duty at all times, but as we are in an area that would make a CAP illogical, concentrate on helping the Klingon's fit in more, they may have agreed to our ways while serving on the ship, but they still get edgy oh First Lieutenant Tabor is Squadron Commander of the Marine Squadron, any final questions Lieutenant Winchester?" Somers asked.

" I do have an idea on how to keep the Klingons happy," replied Paul looking at his captain, "I'd like to make Lieutenant Coro my Deputy CAG " as he hoped the idea might work in both their favours.

"I am okay with that Lieutenant, as long as your department runs smoothly when the time comes, is all I am concerned with, if there is nothing more then I will let you get on with your duties," Somers said and watched her CAG leave her Ready Room.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
Commander Air Group/CHO
USS Tomcat

CPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat


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