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We have arrived

Posted on 23 Oct 2017 @ 10:06pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Planetary Orbit/Trelor Prime
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 50


After speaking with K'Muss in Security Jasmine returned to the Bridge, as she entered the bridge, she looked at the viewscreen which was showing a hellish world, she guessed they had arrived, but protocol was protocol. "SITREP Commander?" Somers said. She looked at the viewscreen which showed a dark desolate world devoid of life, it looked dark and foreboding, she did not know what she would find down there.

Maia rose from the captain's chair and stood at attention.

"We have arrived and are entering a standard orbit Captain. Sensors do not report any energy readings, weapons defence platforms or shields of any kind. The planet is very sparsely populated at a very low technology level". Maia stated.

"I see, thank you, Commander," she said then looked at Jekkar "Mr Jekkar Security and Tactical report?" she asked.

"Ship and Crew are on standby for Tactical incursions, I have assigned Security to all essential sections of the Ship." The Andorian said in response.

Before she could answer Ensign Cody Parker arrived on the bridge, she looked at him "Cody get onto the Communications and Sensor console, I know it is not your speciality, but I know you can do the job" she said and Parker nodded and sat at the station Swiftpaws usually sat at and got to work. "Excellent Lieutenant, thank you" she responded to Jekkar's report. "Maia I need you to do your science thing and scan that planet, when that is done I will take it from there" Somers added.

It would take about 30 minutes to completely scan the planet. Maia didn't waste any time with a preamble she took her station and began a short-range intensive scan section by section. "Scanning low levels of Gamma radiation on the northern continent. The planet seems to be in the later stages of a nuclear winter, Captain". Maia reported. "There are life signs on the southern continent and both poles..."

Doing a double-take "WHAT!!! What kind of life Maia, can you determine?" Somers asked.

"Human life, Captain". Maia replied.

"Impossible, there has been no human life on this planet since Donovan's Adopted father and an away team set foot on the planet, there might be remains, but nothing more, besides nothing, can survive down there, hell even in EVA suits our away teams will have a limited time down there" Somers said walking over to the sensors and seeing the initial readings and fine-tuning them "As I thought human remains *becomes thoughtful* it is strange how human remains are on this planet thought Donovan said no other humans besides those on the away team had ever set foot on the planet, but have the body brought aboard Commander and have Medical autopsy the body after applying all quarantine measures have been taken, I want to know why a human body would be on the planet when it is supposed to have no surviving organic matter of any kind on it" Somers said, she was quite unnerved as things were not exactly turning out as Donovan had mentioned.

"A lot has obviously happened since Major Donovan has been with us, Captain. War changes things this world could have been used as a fall back point or a refugee centre. Either way, will we investigate?" Maia asked.

" The dead body will be investigated, it would be interesting to know why there is a human biomass on a dead planet" Somers added.

- Auxiliary Engineering -

Taggert worked with Nelson and Machado, along with Tjaansz to get the Klingon device integrated into the ship's systems. Chief Engineer Dodd had given them some work to do and they had all been working with the limited information they got from the captain and what they could glean from the cloaking device itself. It took nearly two hours for them to get the full range of computer requests, power requirements, frequency modulations, and other settings recorded, then another hour and a half for Nelson and Machado to get the connections rigged up, while Nicci and Teela worked on getting the brain of the whole thing programmed and built.

"It doesn't help this thing's expecting our ship to transfer data commands in Klingon," Teela said as she was working with the data conduits. Nelson was getting the power system connected, while Taggert was fiddling with a nice palm-sized rectangular device with several standard connector points on three sides.

"thlIngan Hol Dajatlhlah'a', tIyla'?" Nicci asked her purple friend, playfully.

"What?" she replied, a cute perplexed expression on her face.

"Exactly," Nicci smiled and laughed a cute little laugh. "I picked up some Klingon when I was in rehab with a Klingon martial arts instructor at the starbase. We all don't speak Klingon, and we don't read pIqaD, so this little doohicky," she shook the box in her hand so they could see it, "will translate all the power requests between this cloaking device and our ship into a Klingon-friendly format, the deflector grid translation matrix, off-axis warp field controllers, and translate the cloaking generator coil commands to our impulse engines."

"Oh, is that all?" Machado quipped.

"Something like that," Nicci replied. "This is tricky business, hooking a Klingon device into a Federation starship. We do use a number of parts that are relatively compatible, since the Khitomer Accords, but it still takes work getting the plasma coils operating at the frequency required by the device, as our impulse engine's plasma buffer is built a little differently from the Klingon models. They don't have as many backups as we do."

"Well, thank goodness for little blessings," Nelson said with a smile, as Nicci finished and put in three isolinear chips.

"Okay everyone, let's get it hooked up," she said, as she connected the power conduits to the translation matrix, while Machado and Teela hooked up the computer data cabling.

"And.....power up," she said, as she threw the switch, and the translation matrix activated, and the computer powered the cloak.

"Did it work?" Nelson asked.

"Let's see," Nicci said. "Computer, run diagnostic Taggert wa'maH cha'."

"Running diagnostic twelve," the computer replied. It threw a few test commands at the device, see if the translation matrix would accurately pass the Klingon commands onto the various parts of the Federation ship. "Diagnostic complete. The device is functioning within normal parameters. Note that deflector shields will not operate while the cloaking device is active."

"Understood," Nicci said. "Good job everyone!"

- Engineering -

The cloaking device has been successfully integrated with the ship's systems and all is normal now in engineering. LT. Dodd has assigned PO Nelson as the main engineer to the cloaking device and Machado would be his back up.

"Great work on getting all the systems in tune with the cloaking device to help with silent running when cloaked." Dodd complimented Machado and Nelson. "I feel you both have done a great job and that is why I am making you the primary team for the device. Nelson, you are the first person responsible for this device and if you can't tend to it for any reason, Machado you are the secondary. I know I can count on the two of you and I know the captain can as well."

"Thank you, sir," Machado replied feeling a little relieved he was not the primary.

"Sir, I won't let you or the ship down," Nelson responded as he reached to shake chief's hand.

Dodd shook Nelson's hand, dismissed the men, and headed for his office. He was suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed with emotional waves coming from off the ship as if he was able to sense a whole population's emotional state.

He removed his uniform jacket and sat down, he then ordered the computer to dim the lights and he closed his eyes. He was feeling fear and panic and it was strong. He almost felt as if he knew the people he was sensing.

Dodd realized that he could block this feeling and started to meditate to push the feelings from his mind and try to move on with his duties. He also knew the stress of being in this realm was hard on the crew and he had also been working long hours to keep things running as smooth as they could.

- Sick Bay -

Dr Cahill awoke to here we had arrived at our destination. We had entered standard orbit and was in a normal situation on board. The motion sickness problem had begun to get better since all the crew had been taking the medications and was doing better.

She started doing some scans to see what the radiation levels, all seemed safe but were slightly elevated. She noted it and gathered her stuff.

- Bridge -

Dr Cahill went to the turbo lift and then exited on the bridge she made one final check on the medical Section console on the Bridge.

"Captain radiation levels are slightly elevated. If any Away teams go down they will be required to do some iodine therapy to be safe. Although the levels are safe for most crew members we have on board the Tomcat."

Somers nodded at Doctor Cahill's report "It will be EVA suits then Commander, but go and prepare the doses of vaccines ready, if we can give the away team more protection against the elements and environment down there I am all for it" Somers said.

Dr Cahil smiled, "Rodger that Captain, the doses will be ready when we get together in the Shuttle Bay. I will have my suit on and ready to go when called."

She went to the turbo lift and was on her way to medical where she would get the necessary doses ready and had individual hypo-syringes readied for everyone to be able to self-dose if they were separated from the others.

After Cahill had left the bridge Somers turned to her next two senior officers, "Commander Sterling I want you to lead a Science Away team down to the facility where Major Donovan was found as a baby, take some power cells with you, Lieutenant Taggert and Commander Cahill and two security officers as you may need to make the power cells compatible with the machinery down there, if only to get scientific information also take Major Donovan with you too, she has studied her peoples language and will have a good understanding of what each console may be used for, Doctor Cahill can keep an eye on Donovan, if the Major shows signs of relapse have the Security officers bring her back to the Tomcat, now as the atmosphere is full of radiation you will have to shuttle down to the location, which will be in our database, any questions?" Somers said.

"Does Major Donovan have the coordinates to where she was found because surface readings show irradiated debris where cities once stood?" Maia advised.

"You would have to ask her that Maia, but I think everything she knew was placed in the ship's databanks if she does not, if not and the data in the memory is unclear, then take a sonic probe down with you and scan for a cavity" Somers suggested.

"Understood Captain," Maia replied.

After speaking to her First Officer Jasmine looks to her Security Chief "Lieutenant Jekkar, I want you to take a tactical team down to another location, in the databanks there should be a basic plan that will say where their Security centre is located" she pulled a data chip out of a little pocket and held it out to him. "This was given to me by the Major, she said it contained the locations of each division, but not what was in the rooms or what security systems may be active if you want you can take Ensign K'Muss, but I need Lieutenant Dodd on the Tomcat," Somers added.

"Yes, Captain," Jekkar said to her. "I'll take K'Muss and a Team." He said as he signed out of his Console and motioned for the relief Officer to assume the Station.

With that all set Somers once again left the bridge and headed to the Captain's Ready Room, as she had yet to meet another new crewmember who came aboard at Starbase 39 Sierra, it was her CAG, up until now she did not need the fighters, but it would not hurt things, if she met the new officer.

- Medical - Shuttle Bay -

Dr Cahill finished getting the doses of Iodine injectors ready she made up several of them. This way everyone can self-administer them to their selves. She then got her EVA Suit and her bag then headed toward the shuttle bay. She wanted to be there ready to go when the others arrived.

After arriving in the shuttle bay Cahill made her way onto the shuttle making the necessary arrangements to the medical section and stowing her gear. She had her EVA Suit on the shuttle but had not yet put it on.

Shortly behind Cahill Major Donovan arrived in her Combat EVA suit the one which she had arrived in and the helmet under her arm, she had standard-issue Hand Phaser and that was all.

- Engineering -

Since all was running smoothly so far in engineering, Dodd was going to step out to try to speak to the captain. So he explained to Taggert that he was stepping out to go talk to Somers and to call him if there was an emergency.

So he departed engineering to head to the captain's ready room on the bridge.

Taggert finished seeing the chief off to meet the captain, when one of the enlisted crew walked up to her, "Hey,, Lieutenant?"

"Hey, Petty Officer Southern, good to see you," Nicci said, as she noticed someone behind her.

"Don't know how you do that," she remarked with a smirk. Lt (JG) Taggert had a knack for not getting snuck up on by people. It was uncanny. "Anyhow, we have some power draw I can't explain," she said, handing the Assistant Chief a PADD with the standard and new power draw charted in a line, showing the new frequencies. Southern was a smart girl and would probably put two and two together if she knew anything about Klingons. "It looks like we plugged something in recently but I don't see anything coming in from you or Chief Dodd saying we're installing any new equipment."

"Miss Southern," Nicci replied in a low voice so as not to draw others' attention, "it's special equipment for our mission. We're trapped in a different reality, and the power draw is expected and normal for the duration of our time here. We're going to have some spikes, so don't go setting off any alarms. No one needs to be concerned about it. Consider it classified till we use the device, got it?"

"Ah, yes sir, er, ma'am," Lauren replied with a nod. She knew protocol was to use 'sir' for everyone in the fleet, but she didn't think it right to use it with female officers.

"Delete that report, and any records of it," Nicci ordered. "I'll explain it to you later when we get back home."

- Corridors of ship - CRR -

Dodd was walking along the main corridor headed to the turbo lift. Once he arrived at the lift, he boarded it and headed for the bridge. After he reached deck one Dodd headed to where the Captain's Yeoman was stationed, he walked up to her.

"Ah Lieutenant Dodd, is the Captain expecting to see you?" Armitage asked.

"Hello, Lucy. She is not expecting me, but I had a feeling I needed to speak to her sooner than later." Dodd replied.

Armitage sent a silent message through to Somers who replied that it was okay, she looked up at the Chief "you are cleared to enter Lieutenant" Armitage said.

"Thank you, and hope you have a pleasant rest of your day," Dodd stated as he prepared to enter the CRR.

In the CRR, while she was waiting for the Commander Air Group to arrive she went through some paperwork and a silent notice came through from Lucy mentioning that Dodd wanted to speak to her, she sent word back that he can go ahead and speak to her. Then without looking up "Enter" Somers said as the outer door buzzer sounded, she looked up to see her Chief engineer enter her office.

"Lieutenant Dodd, what can I do for you? If you could make it quick as I have the CAG dropping by shortly" Somers said.

"Hello, Ma'am. Sorry for this unscheduled meeting of sorts." Dodd said once in the CRR. "I felt I needed to speak to you sooner than later. I know that the cloaking device is functional and sooner than later, my team is going to notice power fluctuations that can't be explained without some sort of reasoning behind it. I have attempted to keep a small handful of staff to the device and didn't want the whole staff to know about the device until we used it. Taggert is on-board with that way of thinking as well."

She looked at Dodd "hello and that is interesting" was all Somers said.

"I want to know if you planned to tell the crew about the device or when I could let my team know about it and how it will affect the power usage on the ship. I will say that you need to be aware and share with navigation that the defector array will not function properly when the ship is cloaked but I have Machado working on it to see if there is any way to adjust the defector to still function while cloaked." Dodd replied.

*Smiling* On the Tomcat very little is secret Lieutenant and us having a cloaking device is no secret as it is never used in Federation space, bring in who you need, also look in the classified area of the databanks and look for file Sigma, it will give you a way to sync the Klingon cloak with Starfleet power systems" Somers paused "Computer Lieutenant Dodd is cleared to access the Sigma file" Somers said and the computer beeped, she looked at Dodd "go to it Mr Dodd, get that cloak working again" she finished.

"Thank you, Ma'am. I know you have someone else coming to meet with you and so I don't want to take up too much of your time. I appreciate you fitting me in for this unscheduled meeting." Dodd stated and then prepared to leave the CRR.

"Make it work Lieutenant, make it work," Somers said as Dodd departed her Ready Room.

So Dodd then headed back to engineering. He started to access the file named Sigma on his PADD so he could start making the plans for fixing the issue with the cloaking device and the defector grid as well as how to fix the power relays to keep them from spiking.

- Engineering -

Dodd arrived in engineering and headed to his office.

He removed his jacket and sat at his desk where he started to access the Sigma file to review. With his PADD he started to outline all he could for how to make the necessary adjustment.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [PNPC: Somers]
Captain's Yeoman
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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