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An Unusual Session Part 1

Posted on 06 Dec 2017 @ 10:45pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Holodeck 1/Various
Timeline: Prior to away mission


After sorting out what she had to do Donovan made her way to the holodeck and entered number one she walked over to the console and placed the chip in and started the process, "Computer start the program on my command" Donovan said.

Now she tapped her Commbadge =/\= Donovan to Walon, Counsellor I was wondering if we might have that session now? I am in holodeck 1 as I have things to show you in the hopes you might be able to help =/\=

Iria had been walking around the office as she read over the notes from the last session she'd had with Donovan, she'd been waiting and figured refreshing her memory was a good thing, hearing the comms call from Donovan had her looking up in surprise and curiosity. =/\= Walon here, I will be there shortly Major, Walon out. =/\= she replied, as she pocketed the PaDD and headed for the doorway, she had no real idea of what S'arila had in mind but she was game to do her best to help.

Donovan was pacing back and forth and paused when she looked up as the holodeck doors opened and in walked the lithe Counsellor with the strange eyes, thanks to her special glasses she could currently see like a normal person. "Ah Counsellor, I know this is unusual, but I hope you have your Padd ready for what I think will be an interesting session!" Donovan said.

"Let's see what happens then, S'arila I am ready." she smiled as she patted the Padd in her pocket ready to add notes as needed. Usually, she was the one to suggest using the holodeck for helping with difficult times for folks. It was going to be an interesting day it seemed.

Nodding standing still as she prepared herself to show a scene of a 3D recording, she had edited to be minimal animation she had punched the parameters of the devastation into a computer and it came up with an algorithm to simulate the conditions, minus the radiation that still lingered.

"Computer run homeland destruction omega," Donovan said and the black and yellow holodeck was replaced with a desolate wasteland, where a dim sun shone down, it would normally be brighter than what was shown, but due to the radioactive matter and other particles in the atmosphere, the light was dimmed. The devastation was such that it could not snow and there was no frost. If not for the atmosphere and the ruined buildings one would assume they were on a Frozen version of a Y Class planet, normally there would be insect life or even mutated life, but the scene that was active indicated no life in any form it was the sound of a silent world, a murdered world.

What greeted Walon exactly was a scene akin to the old tales of a Gothic setting that was usually associated with Vampires and the mythology that surrounded them a dark gloomy windswept barren place, after the atmosphere of the surrounding ruins which looked like earth had shortly after it's Third World war and in effect there were alien skeletons lying on the floor some still with strange weapons in their hands, while it looked peaceful, the place was anything but, as the full effect of the simulated gravity took hold, it was equal to 3G's where earth was 1G as was most of the planets in the Alliance, as Donovan was originally born on such a planet half her DNA was normal for such a world and this is why her strength was that equal to a Vulcan or Klingon and why she had better athletic abilities on One and Two Gravity rated worlds, if she ever beamed down to another 3G world she would be like an unaltered human was on earth.

"Computer switch top observation mode and produce two comfy chairs," Donovan said and appearing out of nowhere two comfy armchairs, she looked at Walon who was acting like a tourist "Welcome to my nightmares Counsellor, you are seeing what I see in my Nightmares, this is my Nightmare. All the buildings and skeletons may look replicated. but they lack no substance like most holoprogam entities would, most of this is derived from old holo-stills and what records could be recovered when I was found. This planet was once called Trelor Prime and it was from what files say made this way by a species called the Purge, initially those same records say that it was only known as the Eternal darkness, now Iria shall we sit and begin the session, I hope it is not too disturbing as I wanted you to have a good idea of what you will be facing" Donovan added.

Iria looked around at the dead world, the destruction, debris and fallen bodies. It was tremendous it was awful but if this was what Donovan meant by her nightmares it proved one thing to Iria in an instant. Donovan was a very strong person to have survived the sight of such horrors and she was determined to do her best to help S'arila keep a hold on her sanity. "I have seen worse nightmares but at least you're are strong in facing them," she said softly everyone else she knew trying to face such nightmares had greater difficulty even speaking when confronted with the visionary being brought before them. It told Iria much about S'arila's character.

"I never saw these in person Iria, I saw them after the fact and it is part of my genetic memory so that would be why this is my nightmare. I may look human and was brought up among humans with all the values and baggage that comes with being human, but I am not fully human and my alien genes have a genetic memory, what I need is help in managing in coming to terms with all this *indicates the devastation around her* I do not know how long I will have my telepathic ability, but it reactivated the moment we entered this reality and if I know the Captain, she will want me on one of the away teams" Donovan said.



Major S'arila Donovan [PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Ships Counsellor
USS Tomcat


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