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Pulling Myself together

Posted on 23 Sep 2017 @ 12:16pm by Major S'arila Donovan

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Donovan's Personal quarters
Timeline: Current


After leaving the bridge S'arila made her way back to her quarters, she might have had help in pulling herself together, but it was only temporary, she still felt the strange pull and nausea of being back in her parent reality. she knew that she would need to speak to the ship's Counsellor, but first, she wanted to get herself together a bit more so she replicated a full meal and for her, a full meal would mean eating twice as much food as what other sentients eat. she knew it was her alien heritage or rather half of her, she may look human, but she was anything but.

Now in her quarters, the lights were low and she remover her glasses as she laid the table out and placed plate after plate of food on it. Then she finished it off with eight jugs of soda. She could not drink alcohol even the synthetic stuff as it had an adverse effect on her, she found this out a decade ago when they had shown her recorded footage of how she acted and they teased her by saying that she could not hold her drink.

Now she tucked into her food with great gusto, when in public she was polite in how she ate her food, but in private she ate like a pig, there were no manners and she ate fast and burped loudly after knocking back a jug of soda and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. While habits of her parent species were not fully known, she always seemed to digest food more efficiently when she ate in such a fashion when there was company, she did not find the food very satisfying. After years of wondering, she chalked it up to one of her genetic trait habits, when she was in her right mind she thought the way she ate in private was disgusting, but when she was sitting at the table with so much food that disgust did not exist in this dojo, it was like a switch that was flicked on.

All too soon the meal and soda was finished giving one final belch she looked at the mess and groaned loudly "in the name of all the gods, I hate this side of my heritage" she said and began to clean up, first by putting the dishes in the reclimators and then cleaning down the table top, as she was fishing up she looked up at straight at the reader.

((Fourth Wall Break))

Stopping what she was doing and turning directly to the reader, "hello there, I do apologise if you had to see that, I find it disgusting too, but hey I have learned to live with it. You may have noticed that I recently had a mental breakdown, I was told that I had PTSD, but until it happened I did not believe it, I was so embarrassed and was surprised that Remington, ah Lieutenant Dodd was not freaked out by seeing what went on in my mind when he ventured in. I do not think anyone knows that I remember everything that happened while he was mind walking" she paused as she began to pace tapping her temples then stopping as she looked at the reader.

"You may have noted that there was a shed in my mind, one that I would not let Remington into, it is not that I did not want him to enter for my sake, I stopped him for his sake as it is where I keep all the memories of what I saw years ago before I got sucked out of my reality into yours. What was in there was so bad, it may have left a mark on his mind that he may not have noticed until it was too late."

Another pause...

"I know that I will not be able to keep such things to myself for long as now we have returned to the reality which spawned me, the good crew of the Tomcat will actually see the horrors, but thankfully only a small portion. It would seem that we are on our way to the planet where my adoptive parents first found me, I have to admit I have a mix of apprehension at returning to my homeworld, one I do not remember I might have. I have read up on it and I hope I have briefed the crew on what to expect in this reality, however, I cannot prepare any of use to see what we will see on Trelor Prime as I have no memory there." Donovan paused as she replicated herself some waters, then emptying the glass in one inning.

She went into the bathroom and began to clean her teeth, stopping mid brush with a mouthful of toothpaste as she looked into the mirror and continued addressing the readers again. "Of course I know that I will have to share my issues with the Counsellor more than before *smiles, then finishes brushing* with her head in the sink she continued "I think I know a way to help the Counsellor understand my nightmares, I just hope I do not scar her for life otherwise my issues will have issues" *laughs as she gargles and spits the water into the sink* as she wiped her mouth and placed a neatly folded hand towel back on the rail and walked out of the bathroom.

She was still addressing the readers "as a matter of fact you lot, I am due to make me an appointment with the good Counsellor now, I think I will make the session in a different setting, the holodeck, there is nothing better than a visual representation on my nightmare and as I live it every day, programming the parameters into the computer will be child's play. *mischevious smile* Shhhh *places finger to mouth* remember readers no one should meta sim, you know what I am planning but your characters will not know, still I am not liking having to show the Counsellor my nightmare, but I need to find a balance before we beam down to the planet *makes shooing motions with hand* now off you go, I have to get ready, I may talk to you all again, bye for now" Donovan finished.

((End Fourth Wall Break))

Donovan turned back to what she had to do oblivious to everything else, she got to work programming a hologram onto a chips designed to be used on the holodeck, it took a few hours, but eventually it was done, with that in hand she headed down to the holodeck to prepare for the Counselling session with Lieutenant Walon.


Major S'arila Donovan
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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