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Looking for a Way Home

Posted on 09 Oct 2017 @ 10:42pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Trelor Prime/Various
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 30


- Bridge -

After the briefing of sorts, Donovan continued.

"My native planet is *checks stellar readings* ten light-years from here just beyond the Taurus Dark Cloud, it is a wasteland but perhaps we will find some information still in the databanks that will aid us in making our own spatial anomaly to our reality!" Donovan finished.

"But S'arila, you said your planet was a barren wasteland attacked by some malevolent force, was it the scourge?" Somers asked.

Looking at Jasmine "Not exactly, we never had a good name for it, but the best way to describe this scourge, good name by the way" Donovan said.

"Thank you" Jasmine responded.

"You are welcome, the best way I can describe the Scourge is imagine a six foot mutated Ferengi, but twice as ugly and with no moral compass to guide them, the Scourge was like earth locusts, but instead of eating the crops they left devastation and barren lands in their wake. They exude some type of radiation poison that sterilised the areas they invaded and like those Locusts numbered in their millions. By the time they left my native planet of Trelor Prime, my people were wiped out the planet barren and from hat fragmented history files told, the last survivors managed to put me as a fetus into a Stasis Chamber before succumbing to the Scourge plague that remained after the Scourge themselves had left the planet."

On the bridge, Commander Sterling had the centre seat. She ordered a full sensor sweep of the spatial anomaly as well as ordered yellow alert. She had received word that the main sensor array was now operational. There were no dominion ships in the area and the Xindi were being quiet, not so much as a shuttle had left the planet. Maia knew they had been scanned but no communications had left the planet nor were they hailed. Seemed human ships were shunned in this dimension. Maia was feeling a little bit queasy herself the spatial disruption to there systems were starting to take its toll it was a little like being hung over. She had a mild headache and seemed sore all over. She would have to stop by the sick bay at the next opportunity.

'Mister Jekkar, any signs of Dominion listening posts within sensor range"?

"Negative, I'm attempting to extend Sensor range by diverting non-essential power." The Andorian said as he tapped at his console. "I've also got to compensate for the vast amount of stellar activity in this area."

- Lower decks/Engineering -

Jasmine walked the corridors of her ship, she had a queasy feeling in her stomach, but she has it well as she passed crew who had greeted her as she passed them by, after a turbo lift ride she arrived at the engineering level and headed into Engineering and saw her CEO and ACEO working away "Lieutenants Dodd and Taggert, join me in the CEO's office if you will please, I have an idea that will increase our odds, I hope" Jasmine said and walked into Dodd's Office before the pair could speak, she waited till they were in the same room before she would continue.

"Well, what a surprise, captain," Dodd said in as a surprised voice as he could muster as he already sensed she was coming to see him. He knew enough to act the part and he was sure Taggert was really surprised about her visit.

Taggert had a surprised and slightly puzzled expression on her face, not expecting the captain to be down in Engineering. "Hello captain," she said as she strode across engineering, her ponytail and her endowment bouncing with her quick pace.

"From the looks on your faces you are curious as to why I am here so soon after the briefing, but the idea I have will pile more work on your staff, but it is to be made a top priority, understood?" she said.

"Understood, ma'am," Dodd replied. "However, I am thinking you were coming down here to ask about installing something that requires an engineer. Am I correct, ma'am?" Dodd asked.

"You are Correct Mr Dodd, I need you to assign a team to install the Klingon cloaking device on the Tomcat, we need all the help we can get, we are one ship against a reality gone mad, possibility, " Somers said.

Showing her his PADD which had a few different ideas on what might be a possibility of installing and a cloaking device was one of those. "I sensed that it would be something you would come see us about in person. I then worked up the specs and had Taggert review them. I am going to have Nelson and Machado work on installing the device once Taggert's teams have the prep work done. Should be within the hour and we will start the actual installation of the device." Dodd replied.

Nodding her head "Understood Mr Dodd, make sure the cloak works by the time we return from Trelor Prime, I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst where luck is concerned, so with this done, I will let you get back to work" Somers finished.

"Thank you, ma'am. We always welcome you in engineering and will get this taken care of as well as work to help the shields better protect for what Donovan briefed up on." Dodd replied as he worked to finalize the plans on his PADD.

"A cloaking device? Aren't we bound by treaty not to have those?" Taggert asked, not understanding why they even had it on the ship. "How'd we even get one on the ship?"

Looking at the Engineer "We are in an alternate reality and thus the treaty does not exist here, also in our reality the Tomcat works on the fringes of Federation space, and sometimes we go into the Unknown and unclaimed space. The Cloak is classed for a ship of the size of the Tomcat, but it is mostly used on our Venture class scout ship for Intelligence reasons. As to how we got one, lets just say I know people in the right places, but I never use it when deep in Federation Space due to the treaty, in this reality, we are alone and have little or no friends so I will make sure that my ship and my crew are as safe as I can make them; any other questions?" Somers asked.

"It will be rearing to go in time as it will be the top priority of the whole engineering staff to make the ship function properly when the device is integrated into her systems," Dodd replied.

"Well, I guess I can bend the rules given we're not even in our own reality anymore," Taggert said as she rubbed her hands together as she thought. She'd had a few instances of 'bending' the rules before, including getting her back to duty so early. "I'll need to study up on the specs, but I think the Chief and I can get this taken care of, Captain."

Nodding "excellent, please excuse me, I have to go and check on Security," Somers said and left engineering and headed up to Security.

- Medical - Bridge -

Dr Cahill was working in secret but at the same time, she was doing all she could to keep the crew able to do their jobs. She gave an open order for the nausea medicine for anyone that needed it.

She also continued to work on something else. She was studying the radiation levels on the planets. Some it was so high that even with protective suits no one could stay for more than a few minutes. However the planet Major Donovan was pointing out with iodine injections an OA team could stay on their for about 6 hours without any ill effects from it. Also on another planet the levels that an OA team could stay for 9 to 10 days due to the lower levels of radiation.

She put her information on a tablet and went out toward the turbo lift. Once on she went to the bridge. The Captain was gone so she gave her findings to Commander Sterling. " Based on reading I have collected from a medical standpoint these are the levels of radiation on all planets I have checked and this is the max time recommended for being on the surface. Also, in any case, iodine injections will be needed by any members of an OA Team. Our shields will protect us on the Tomcat, shuttles and fighters with no problems.

"Hi Alex, been busy"? Maia said looking over the PADD. She shook her head. "I don't think the captain will initiate away missions to these planets unless it is absolutely necessary, however, I will pass it on when she gets here". Maia added, "Thank you".

Not a problem, it was something I had on my mind and it did give me something to think about other than the big picture as to how we return to our reality.

I am working on some other things but would prefer to not mention those right now. The less everyone else knows the better. But may give us a little advantage if we have to go against the Dominion. Which I hope we don't.

Did update the computer banks with updated medical information to allow our tricorders to identify any Dominion that may try to shapeshift into a species we trust. Also, the main computer is set to identify them if they try to get on board without our knowledge.

"Very good I am also working on a mathematical hypothesis not only on how we got here but how we can get back. If I can correct all the variables I may be able to program the ship's computer to get us home". Maia said.

Dr Cahill smiled,"I would love to find a way to leave a little something to aid in the defence of the Dominion for this reality. Something that would slow the Dominion and the Jem-Hadar down but not be fatal to them. It could even level the playing fields a little for the remnants of the Federation and Xindi in their fight here. But it would also violate the Prime Directive too. But I do have to admit it is tempting.

Who knows, we may have been brought here to help the Federation in this time period to defeat the Dominion."

"There is nothing in this reality for us. The Federation is all but gone, there may be pockets of humanity in sparsely populated areas but there is nothing we can do to help them that will have any impact". Maia said.

- Security -

After walking a few corridors and a turbo lift ride later she arrived on the Security level and heads straight into the Security office and spots K'Muss, she enters the inner office and clears her throat. "Ensign K'Muss, as Lieutenant Jekkar is on the bridge busy, I need an update on where things are with the RRT teams and security on my ship is?" Somers said.

"Yes, Captain." The fuzzy ensign said. "I have guards posted at every sensitive area of the ship, fully armed." he began. He turned to the desk to grab the padd he'd been working on. He sighed a little. He had intended to brief the CO well before now.

"As for the teams, I have two so far. RRT Alpha and RRT Beta. Each team is well balanced with officers whose skills overlap. Comprised of SOs, Marine rifleman, and two medics with weapon skills. As well as an engineer." He said as he showed the padd to the CO.

Taking the Padd Somers took a look at it and read what was on it and smiled as she looked back up at K'Muss "Excellent work Ensign, I approve of them, but just for territory sake, you might want to run them by your Department Head first, if needed tell him I came to you not the other way around with this ok?" Somers asked.

"Right, Captain," K'Muss responded.

She nodded "good, now I will leave you to get on with things, besides we should be nearly to Trelor Prime so I will be up on the bridge if needed," Somers said and left Security and made her way to the bridge Dr Cahill left the Bridge and returned to Sick Bay.

- Engineering -

Dodd quickly got Nelson and Machado in his office and prepped them for installing the cloaking device. He instructed them to only contact either Taggert or himself if they had questions. The location was prepared and secured as this was a device we should not have on the ship, to begin with. However, the captain ordered it to be installed and Dodd was on-board with it.

As Nelson and Machado got to work, Dodd made sure the rest of engineering was hard a work to get the ship prepared for operating while cloaked. He was having crews do little adjustments to systems to make the harmonics quieter and also to keep the crew working seamlessly while doing all he could to oversee the installation of the device.

"Sir, this device has some connections, we are not familiar with," Machado stated to the Chief. "What are they for?" He asked as he pointed to three cables coming from the cloaking device.

"Those are secondary control cables and secondary power supply." They look different because of the nature of the manufacturing of the device. So please make sure you get them hooked into the secondary power supply and bridge controls." Dodd replied.

"Sir, may I ask why we even have a cloaking device onboard the ship?" Nelson asked.

"I cannot go into details, and using this cloaking device might be the one way to help us get out of this realm safely and in one piece. So you can ask but I cannot answer you." Dodd replied.

"Well, this is a Klingon device so it makes one wonder," Machado added.

"I suggest that the two of you focus more on getting it installed than where it came from or how we have it and that is an order." Dodd firmly replied as the two men got back to work on the device.

Dodd was observing his staff all working like busy bees keeping the hive in order. The crew seemed to be in a good mood even though they were far from home and safety was a concern. But Dodd knew that keeping them busy would help them keep their minds off of the situation outside the ship.

Taggert, simply listened while she was busy doing her tasks in engineering and so did not have much to say.

- Sickbay -

She went to her office and was catching up on some paperwork. She still found herself looking at her private safe. Thinking the two viruses she had made could help out the Federation and Xindi here in this time period. She had made two different viruses. One for the Dominion and one for the Jem'Hadar warriors.

Neither was deadly but it would slow them down to where they had a chance. They were designed to mutate to keep them from finding a cure for them but would never be to the point they were deadly.

She was sitting in her chair and drifted off to sleep thinking of what may come next.

- Somers Quarters -

On her way back to the bridge Jasmine took a detour to her quarters to prepare some reports that she would have to do after her shift was finished, but she had a feeling things would be interesting if nothing more or less.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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