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Forward Unto Dawn

Posted on 19 Jun 2015 @ 9:32pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 19 Nov 2016 @ 1:40pm

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 2


- Starbase 39 Sierra - USS Tomcat Bridge -

At a later cast off time than expected, the USS Tomcat detaches from its moorings and heads out on thrusters.

"Switch to internal power, detach all external cables, secure airlocks, Mr Barker take us out .5 thruster speed," Somers said. And the light that illuminated the ships name and registry came on as did other external running lights.

From around the bridge, confirmations came back "Aye, aye Capt'n" Barker responded and with a steady hand as he guided the ship out, it took twenty minutes to get clear of the orbital shipyard.

"We are clear Captain" Barker announced.

"Very nice, go to full impulse until we clear all gravity wells then warp six heading Galen system, we will recalibrate from there,." Somers said and Barker nodded.

"All stations report in"

" Internal and external sensors fully operational, Captai," K'Muss replied.

"Primary and secondary Coms are operational," Sheela simply stated as she was busy uploading some necessary improvement programmings.

"Tactical systems ready" Donovan responded.

"Security Teams standing by." Krezak rumbled.

"Sciences show green across the board. Navigational and deflector shield fully operational, Captain". Sterling replied.

"Medical reporting all green Captain, emergency teams reporting ready, all green" Alexanderia replied to the roll call.

With the station, roll calls done Barker took the ship to warp the moment all gravity wells were cleared. As they sped through space the rush on the bridge settled into a steady well-oiled rhythm with the crew doing what they had to do, now Somers turned to Sterling.

"Maia when was your last true exploration mission, one where even less about such a system was known that we encountered in the Hydaransz system?" She asked.

"Actually it was the Hydaransz System. There are always unknowns on every mission we've done, which is why I originally went into the sciences in the first place" Maia replied.

Nodding "interesting" Then Somers swivelled in her chair.

Looking at the Chief Counsellor, she did not have an official station to report ready, still, Somers looked at her "So El-tee how are the crew's emotions, I know you have Empathy?" She asked.

Iria blinked and shook her head slightly, "I am afraid I am not empathic, Captain. I do have limited telepathy, but from the meetings I have had thus far, the crew is in good mental health." Iria said lightly. She was not quite used to being on the bridge, at least not for more than the time it took to get from lift to CO's ready room or the like.

Then responding to the roll call "Excellent, okay Mr Barker when you are ready to take us out" She said and the ship began to move out.

Dr Cahill always felt a rush when we start a new mission, "Sick Bay is ready and all set if needed Captain."

"Excellent Doctor" With that the Tomcat entered warp for the first part of their journey to the Mira Sector.

As the end of shift came about, all bridge crew handed their stations over to Beta Shift and departed the bridge, Jasmine was last to leave having to issue instructions to the duty officer, then she left the bridge.

- 0700 hours Mission Day 3 -

The alpha shift came on duty and took over shortly after the ship dropped from warp in the Mira Sector, all Senior Staff were arriving promptly, which Jasmine was gratified to see, after signing a Padd the Delta shift duty Officer left the bridge.

"Good morning all" Somers said to her senior staff.

Sheela sat her console and access the log of incoming messages and set them off to the proper sections aboard the ship.

"Good Morning Captain, Maia said.

Commander Sterling recalibrated the sensor suite as she did first thing every morning as was her habit. Maia noted their course and speed and adjusted the ETA as required. She then performed a sensor sweep of the current system. The Mira sector was still just over a week away at current speed. There was nothing unusual about this sector of space, no tachyon emission or temporal anomalies, dust particles were 19 particles per kilometre on average and not another ship was within sensor range. Upon entering the next sub-sector, however, would put them within sensor range of the new Starbase 51 which was still under construction.

K'Muss stepped out from the turbo lift and promptly resumed the sensor station. ' Good morning, Captain." he said

Iria grinned at the Captain, "Good morning, Captain." while she still wasn't sure of her being on the bridge like this she was willing to try and get used to it.

"Good morning,Mr." Jasmine said in response.

Sheela simply entered the bridge and settled at her Comms console and inserted her shipboard clearance code. "Coms standing by."

Security and Tactical reporting ready

"Ok MrBarker, set new heading for Starbase 51 nav beacon and go to warp when ready", Somers said.

"Aye, aye Capt'n" Barker replied and carried out his duties.

Then CPO1 Armitage came out onto the bridge and passed some Padds over to Jasmine for her signature, signing it the yeoman left the bridge, as Jasmine turned to her XO.

"So we will be able to see how far the new Starbase 51 Outpost has come, in time it will become our operating base, but for now its Nav beacon serves as a guide. Tell me Commander does the Starbase 51 name ring any bells as to its name?" Jasmine asked.

As the Tomcat changed course Commander Sterling switched to long range sensors and Starbase 51's Navigation beacon as well as commercial traffic, several larger and smaller ships were now on her screen.

Maia looked up from her screen.

"Originally Starbase 51 was a Federation space station located near Trill and the Murasaki system. Since it was the only Starbase we had in the Pegasus sector so it's often called the Pegasus base. It had a long and distinguished history. In the year 2372, the USS Enterprise-E travelled to Starbase 51 for repairs to damage inflicted to the ship by a Changeling infiltrator. In 2376, eight Starfleet starships were operating out of the Starbase, including the USS T'Kumbra, the USS Sagittarius, the USS Polaris and the USS Appalachia. The latter was being refitted in August. It served as a command base during the Dominion war. It was destroyed in 2378 another casualty of war."

"This new base is not only a replacement but a tribute to the gallant crews that were lost during that war. This new base will be the headquarters of Pegasus Fleet when its completed". Maia replied. No it will be our base to work from Commander, there was a reason for establishing Starbase Omega in the Hydaransz System and as our duties will involve us in the unknown regions. Starbase 51 is not only a monument to its previous one but it will be used mainly by us and other units of the 95th Rifles and other SFMC units, but it will also have a large fleet contingent and twenty-four twelve fighters, twelve will be Valkyrie the others Peregrine fighters. It will also be able to supply and repair the Tomcat; so what you think of that for starters Maia?" Somers asked.

Maia looked at her cocked her head and said,

"I think it will be great to have so much support for a change, who is going to command the base and when are they scheduled to come online"?

- Mira Sector -

Sheela fiddled with the communications controls, listening in on the various conversation that was transmitted. She spoke quietly into her microphone. "This is the USS Tomcat, under the Command of Captain Somers. Ourz current vector is 160 mark 110 approach." Then silence as she turned towards the centre chair. "Wait one moment." Then louder. "Starbase 51 is hailing us, Captain."

Looking up "Thank you, Lieutenant, let them know we will be passing by them on our way to UXSys 2355874"

Sheela turned back to her console and relayed the message to the starbase 51.

With that done she turned to Barker "Mr Barker set heading to SB51 Nav beacon and take us there, after that set a heading for the coordinates I am sending you" She said tapping something into her chair's interface.

"Got it, Captain, first heading SB51 Nav beacon second unexplored system aye" With that Barker took the ship to warp, while at warp she turned to her bridge officers.

"Lieutenant Cahill get you to Medical and make sure everything is ready for when we get to our destination. Lieutenant Krezak run some boarding party drills. Mr K'Muss get you below and me sure the Marines are placed on yellow alert and have them train for SAR on the holodeck, I know you are a Non-Com but if you have as much experience as your file suggested then you are more than capable" Somers said.

Yes Captain

"Understood Captain" Cahill responded and left the bridge.

"I won't let you down." K'Muss replied.

"Excellent chief,recieving" He said to K'Mussreceiving

After receiving replies from them she turned to her First Officer "Commander Sterling make sure your Science department is ready, we will be doing a lot of sciency stuff before infiltrating the fourth planet, I do not want to get caught flat footed like we did in Hydaransz system again" Jasmine said.

"The science department is ready for whatever awaits us Captain. Will we be abducting a specimen to study"? Maia replied.

Looking at Sterling "Excellent, good to hear" Somers said with a smile, as Cahill leaves the bridge with some parting words.

Lieutenant Cahill smiles, "I will be sure it is done Captain." She goes to the turbolift and arrives at Medical in a few minutes after exiting the lift and walking a few paces down the corridor, she entered Medical and the ACMO and Head Nurse hand her their reports. They say we are ready for anything thrown at us.

Cahill now in Medical taps her Commbadge =/\= Captain, Sick bay is ready for anything you throw at us now. All is as near perfect as we can get.=/\=

Pressing the Comms button on her chair =/\= Affirmative Lieutenant, Bridge out =/\= With that Jasmine closed off the Comms.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Krezak [NPC: Somers]
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Ensign Barker [NPC: Somers]
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/CSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Ships Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Second Lieutenant K'Muss
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat


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