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Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Security
Timeline: Current


K'Muss first act was to make sure that the library retrieval system was in working order. To his delight it was. "Computer, play thinking playlist. K'Muss alpha 1," he ordered. "Volume so only I can hear." the computer chirped in reply and he settled into his chair in the Assistant Security officers office to begin the task of creating RRT teams for the ship.

Then he logged into his console when his music began to play, and then brought up the personnel rosters. He started to scratch his chin. "Armed with Phaser Rifles or carbines with some hand Phasers for sure," he said to himself. "Right combination of weight and firepower," he said to himself. "Or would projectile weapons be better against Jem Hadar?" he asked himself. He decided to put both in and bring it to the Captain if he was honest with himself, he did not know what the Captain would say to this idea.

He settled on a well-rounded team of some Marines, Medical, and finally Security Officers. "Computer, Bring up the Marine duty roster. Specifically those with shipboard combat experience. His display filled with the required information. With this information, he read it and began to formulate the RRT teams.

"Add in all security and engineering personnel with qualifications for such team assignments and show me the results," he ordered further. The display adjusted accordingly.

"Uh huh," he said as he studied the results of his request on his computer! "Cross-reference with the completion of basic medical training." He was going to talk to the doc about medics but decided to be safe than sorry.

When all was said and done he had enough personnel for at least three Rapid Response teams while allowing personnel to guard vital areas of the ship. "Computer, download into a padd," he ordered as soon as that had been done he gave it another going over to make sure he had not missed anything. After not, all Security was the Marines and as the Assistant Security Chief, he had a duty to make sure things were right before he brought them to his Department head and the Captain.


Ensign K'Muss
USS Tomcat


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