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Into Action

Posted on 11 Sep 2017 @ 10:10pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Unclaimed space (Alt Reality)/Xindi space
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 12


- Bridge -

The moment S'arila Stepped out onto the bridge, all eyes turned to her and only the noises of the computers could be heard, she walked out into the middle of the bridge and looked at her Captain "Not a word" she said.

Donovan said it in a tone that had Somers mute, she did the motion of imaginary zipping up her mouth and then throwing away the imaginary key, she looked at Donovan "you ready to brief the crew on where we are and what the hell is going on?" Somers asked.

"Yes *looks over to the Comms Officer* Ensign shipwide and make it two way if you will," Donovan said and the Ensign nodded when it was done.

=/\= Major Donovan to all crew, I know by this time you are wondering where we are, what time frame we are in and what the hell is going on, so I will update you the best I can and leave openings for any questions =/\= *Pauses*

=/\= I know most of you have no idea on where I originally come from, most of you only know me since I have been serving on the Tomcat. In short, all I can say is welcome to my world, the Tomcat got sucked into a spatial anomaly that was laced with tachyons and some other sciency stuff that I do not know about. We are not in the Mirror Universe, and just to clarify how far up the creek we are without a paddle is this; where we make the Mirror Universe we know benign and democratic compared to where we are. Where we are is the reality I originated from years ago, this really is a dark and shattered version of what you know and understand, the same rules that govern us in our reality do not exist here. The Dominion in this reality has conquered most of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and this universe is six months in front of the reality we just left, so if anyone is feeling a slight temporal nausea, you now know why and I urge you to visit medical, now I will take questions if there is any before I continue! =/\= Donovan paused.

=/\= Dodd here, So I am going to go out on a limb and ask this. Do we need to do anything different with our shield harmonics or to alter the matter/anti-matter ratio to help with ship functions in this realm? =/\=

Thinking hard =/\= We are in a Warzone Mr Dodd, so I would advise adjusting all power requirements to make shields, SIF and weapons stronger we will need them as the Dominion in this reality has also increased the power of their Polaron Beam arrays =/\= Donovan answered.

=/\= Thank you, for reminding me about the Polaron Beam. I will get to work and come up with an updated defence to help protect the ship from that sort of attack. =/\= Dodd replied.

Dr Cahill listened carefully and then turned to her desk, =/\=Thanks for the Briefing Major Donovan. I know it is rough on you now. Let me know if I can help. Also, I have teams fanning out to get the proper medications to all my medical teams now. Everyone can go to any of the nearest medical personnel to get what they need to help with temporal nausea. Also, I have sent supplies to the Bridge for any personnel there that may need it. I am doing a lot of research to see what I can do to make it easier for you new and also allow for your future medical needs. If you need anything of me let me know and I will take care of it myself personally. =/\=

"What about the tech level is it equivalent to ours? Or are we more advanced"? Maia asked

Answering Cahill first =/\= Good to know Commander, but the brief is not yet over, I am hoping that questions will allow me to answer things that I may forget to mention in the brief =/\=

Cahill responded=/\= I always look out for my friends Major. You are one of my best here.=/\=

Looking at Sterling bewildered =/\= Thank you, Commander Cahill, now are there any more questions? =/\= Donovan asked.

Then she looked to the First Officer "The enemy tech is on a par with ours Commander, but the Starfleet or the remnants have reverted to using slug thrower type weapons like the ones I arrived in your universe with, as a lot of power is required to recharge power packs and such, the remnants of the Federation and Klingon Empires have most likely fallen back to the Xindi system and as such their tech can only hold the enemy at bay, if any ships survived the initial assault then they will be low on spare parts and torpedoes and probably running low on main power and reserve power. So in space, we are technically all alone, there is no one to help us out, so we have to approach this in a different way" Donovan answered and waited for more questions.

Jekkar made notes on this situation. "Forgive me for this but how can we be sure that this is true and not a fabrication?" The Andorian asked curiously. As Security Chief, he was responsible for everybody on this Ship and he wasn't prepared to be lured into a trap. "If the Dominion are truly the power in this reality then how can we be sure this isn't an elaborate ruse?"

=/\= K'Muss here What about the Xindi? Are they able to help any?=/\=

Donovan looked at the Andorian, despite his rank, she knew Jekkar to be a capable and skilled Security Chief, so she answered him first "Because Lieutenant Jekkar, when I got sucked into an anomaly on the Earth in this reality slug throwers were in full use then, hell, all species used their own versions of slug throwers. And going by how we were attacked the moment we arrived, is all the indication I need to tell me things have gotten decidedly worse.

Donovan then pause =/\= Ensign K'Muss, as far as I know the Xindi are barely holding on, even with survivors shoring up their defenses, when I left this reality some years back the Dominion had just started to attack the Xindi system, with this reality even the criminal elements we all know have sided with what is left of the Alliance, well that is what I heard before the attempt to retake Starfleet Academy. =/\= Donovan said.

=/\= Ah. I see.=/\= K'Muss replied.

"Interesting Major. We need to know why we are here and we need to make some decisions. If the Dominion is as powerful as She says then what can one ship possibly accomplish to make a difference? If we are discovered the dominion will blow us out of space especially since they have taken out the Federation and Klingon empires. Our best bet is to get the hell out of this dimension to someplace a little more hospitable". Maia said.

Walking over to the main sensor station and checking the latest then looking at Sterling "I agree on that Commander, but that Spatial Anomaly has dissipated if what theses reading are saying" Donovan said indicating the sensor display. "If that is the case then we are going to need to seek out help from the Xindi, despite everything they are the only others who may be able to help with Spatial anomalies, " Donovan said.

=/\= Taggert here, Major =/\= came the reply from the Assistant Chief Engineer,=/\= What kind of tech level are we dealing with in this reality? In comparison to the Federation of our reality, that is. And do they have any technology that can interfere with our systems, sensors, power and such? I just want to know which kinds of countermeasures we may need to work on while we're here. =/\=

S'arila paused as the ACEO spoke =/\= Well El tee Dominion tech is on par with what the Tomcat currently has, if we faced off six Jem'Hadar or Breen light escorts or fighters, we could hold our own and even win, but what remains of the Federation here due to constant warfare their tech is 2365 era tech, not 2392, so the fact that they have held on this long, says something =/\= Donovan answered.

=/\= Thank you for addressing the issues Lieutenant Taggert asked about. That will help us down here in engineering to better prepare for other possible issues. Thank you for the briefing to help us about your former reality. =/\= Dodd added in closing.

=/\= Walon here, I have the department ready for anyone who needs to talk. Thank you for the briefing, Major Donovan. =/\= there was not much Iria could add at this point in time. She had notes, it was mostly a matter of watch, wait and listen for her and the rest of the counselling department. The private worry of what ifs like if there was an alternate version of members of the crew but she personally felt it was unlikely she would run into a version of herself from this reality.

Donovan looked at Somers having read her mind "Damn I miss my telepathy, but that could work Captain, the Klingon cloaking device we have is rated for a Vor'Cha class Cruiser and the Akira is a lot smaller than that ship" Donovan said.

Looking a little surprised "Okay Major, I know you need to see the Counsellor, so go see her, I will go down to speak to Engineering about getting the cloak fitted onto the Tomcat" Somers said, Donovan nodded and left the bridge =/\= All hands this is the Captain, we know as much as we can, for now, so adjust things accordingly and get to it, Bridge out =/\= When the line was closed Jasmine looked at Sterling.

"Commander set a course for Trelor Prime, it is in the ship's databanks as Sys165798-Omega, when the heading is set to go to maximum warp and you have the bridge," Somers said.

Sterling simply nodded and took over Jasmine's place as the Captain left the bridge/

- Engineering -

Dodd stepped into his office to take a short break from the hustle and bustle of Main Engineering. He picked up a PADD and it triggered a memory of him getting prepared for the away mission he was on. He installed a cloaking device on the shuttle. The device was powerful enough for a ship larger than the Tomcat so why couldn't he install it and use it at least while we were in this realm.

Dodd then started to work up the details so that he could have Nelson and Machado work on installing the device. He suddenly had the feeling that someone else was thinking of the device as well. While he was seemingly more aware of his abilities now after entering this realm, he was still trying to focus on his duties and moving forward with serving his captain.

"Taggert, I have a feeling the captain will be visiting us very soon. So here is what I think is coming our way and I all prepared." Dodd stated as he handed a PADD to Taggert for her to review and see his ideas.

Taggert took the Padd and gave it the once over and looked up at her Boss "Got it Chief, some good ideas" Taggert simply commented.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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