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Bouncing Back

Posted on 29 Aug 2017 @ 9:58pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Unclaimed space (Alt Reality)
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 11



Dr Cahill was able to access the long-range scanners. She found it odd that there were no Starfleet warp signatures in this sector and continued to check. She did find a huge amount of Xindi warp signatures though. She was able to get a better reading on the planet. She was surprised at what she found.

"Commander, there is a huge amount of Xindi warp signatures in this sector and few Federation signatures other than ours. Also, there are a large number of Xindi in their space along with a small pocket of humans on the surface at these coordinates. This does seem odd though."

"Xindi?” Maia asked, "Can we confirm that Mr Jekkar?” Maia asked.

Jekkar nodded. "I can confirm that Commander Xindi readings on the Northern and Southern Hemispheres but human life signs are isolated to a single pocket of the surface." The Andorian probed his console for information.

"What about those starship warp signatures? Are there any ships within sensor range?” Maia asked.

"Unconfirmed Commander," Jekkar said as he tried to make adjustments on his instruments. "They're not easily identifiable."

- Bridge - 0700 -

After her time in the CRR Somers returned to the bridge to see that all of the Alpha shift was back on duty and it was early morning on the 11th Day of the mission, her first Officer was doing an Admirable job of Command, after Major Markov, she thought she would never find another good First Officer, but she was glad she had elevated her Chief Science Officer up to the First Officer position.

"Captain on the bridge,” Maia announced, getting up from the centre seat.

"Okay people SITREP?" Somers demanded

"Captain, we seem to have been dragged through the anomaly. Primary sensors are down, secondary sensors are functioning, repairs are underway, we have main power and there has been no damage to the propulsion systems. Defensive and offensive systems are functioning. There was no buckling of the engines nor any superstructure damage," Maia reported. There are Xindi and human life forms on the fourth planet of this star system and we have detected Xindi warp signatures." The First officer reported.

"Captain there is a large Xindi presence on the planet and a small group of Humans on the planet. Not sure what is up. There should be more human presence than there is. All Humans are located in a small area at these coordinates on the 4th planet from the sun and that is it. The planet is Class M as far as atmosphere goes. I find it odd there is not that many humans Captain,” Dr Cahill said.

I look at her and smile waiting to see if there is any update as to what happened. "Also there were a few minor injuries reported but all have been cleared for return to duty but 3 and they need a few days of recovery before they can go back to work due to possible concussions. Just a precaution is all,” Dr Cahill continued.

Nodding as she took back her seat, "So are we in another reality or what?" Somers asked then continued "Check the quantum signature then match it with the one we have on record for Major Donovan, I think you will find that it matches" Somers added.

"Aye Captain," Maia said checking the quantum vibration to get the correct signature. Then crossed referenced it with the data they had about Major Donovan.

"Captain we have a match," Maia announced. "How did you know?" Maia asked.

Looking a little sheepish "It is where Major Donovan comes from Maia, so logically it had to be that reality, especially as Major Donovan is in the CRR gathering her wits after a mental crash, but keep the sensors on full and make sure we gather data, as much as possible" Somers responded.

"Aye Captain,” Maia said then checked the sensors again. After that, she got an estimated time of when the primary sensors would be repaired.

"Captain, how much do you know about this universe?” Do you have any useful INTEL?” Maia asked.

Looking concerned "from the classified reports I have read Maia, it is a shattered realm and full of nightmares, it is worse than the Mirror Universe and our crew will never be the same again, but I am hoping Major Donovan will be properly brief the crew on the current state of affairs. *pauses* The reports said that the Dominion of this reality used matter/antimatter enhanced atomic weapons on earth, but a more grim telling will come from Donovan, of that I do not doubt" Somers said.

"Do you have any tactical data we can use?” Maia asked

"Only that we are one ship in a rough sea Commander" Somers simply said and then looked up as Dodd came out of the CRR "Is she able to speak Lieutenant, as in is she with us?" Somers asked Dodd.

"Ma'am, I believe we have reached a state of mind that will allow Major Donovan to brief the crew," Dodd replied. "I will say that she needs at least five minutes before she will be fully able to do so."

*Nodding* "Excellent, get down to engineering Lieutenant, make my ship ready to stand up to another encounter with the enemy," Somers added.

"Roger, Ma'am. I will be available if you or Major Donovan need me again," Dodd stated as he then turned and headed for the turbo lift.

After Dodd had left the bridge she looked to Jekkar. "Lieutenant, make sure all offensive and defensive systems are in tip top order and have Ensign K'Muss assemble RRT (Rapid Response Teams), I want you to use the Marines, I want to make sure we can put up a defence should we get boarded," Somers added.

"Aye, I'll assign teams to all sensitive areas of the Ship and issue rifles to all teams." Jennarri said as he made preparations." I'll have all Phasers and Torpedo launchers ready and I'll have power shunted through secondary relays for a bit more juice in the shields."

- Engineering -

As Dodd arrives in Main Engineering, which was filled with activity and sees Taggert who is still working at the pool table which is where he left her to attend to Major Donovan upon request of the captain.

"Sorry, I have been tied up elsewhere, can I get a status report, please?" Dodd asked of Taggert.

"Aye sir," she replied with a nod.

"Thank you, I am so fortunate to have you at my side when I am needed for other matters." You are a valuable member not only of my staff but of the crew as a whole." Dodd replied. "I wanted you to know that because I truly feel I don't give out enough compliments when they are due."

She blushed before responding, "I appreciate that sir. I'm just trying to keep the ship up and running."

"Great, Damage Control Teams seem to be moving right along in getting repairs done. Propulsion seems to be restored to full now as well. Hull integrity seems to be back to 100% and all inertial dampeners are restored." Dodd replied. "You were right on top of the key systems and I do appreciate you wanting to get the ship in order. I am thinking maybe we need to work on the deflector dish and the sensor array to make them more durable if we should get attacked again. Also, the EPS relays in the mess hall seem to be reporting a malfunction, but that is the least of my concerns now."

"Understood," she said, looking at the pool table's master situation diagram, showing the flashpoints and areas reporting troubles. There was a dorsal view, side view, and front view of the ship, which merged and showed cutaways with internal coordinates of where the systems were having troubles and showed where Dodd wanted to shore things up. "We can get Southern, Pril, and another five down to deflectors, and Teela with Johnson, Machado and Heather Wilson on over to the forward sensors and re-enforce the EPS and data conduits. Those two groups seem to work well together. Since we're in uncharted territory it may be good to try increasing range or if we have some hull fragments from whoever attacked us, we can try setting sensors to alert us to that kind of hull signature."

"Glad you agree with that and I like your ideas. Let's get some of your ideas into action and the rest will all fall into place as things move forward. I don't want the Dominion to catch us by surprise again." Dodd stated as he and Taggert got to work and got engineering and the rest of the ship back to order.

- Sick Bay - Chief Medical Officer's Office -

Dr Cahill was researching the information she was finding and was glad to hear Major Donovan was better so she could brief everyone. She was getting a lot of information about what was happening in the new timeline and was amazed at what she was finding. She continued to do her research as the briefing was waiting to start.

"Dr Cahill, I am Petty Officer Nelson," Nelson stated as he arrived in Sick Bay and found Dr Cahill. "I was sent to go over all your systems after what has happened and make sure all are working properly. Is there any place you want me to start?

"Thank You, Mr Nelson, Nurse Grey will escort you to the area in need" Cahill responded and Nelson simply nodded as nurse Grey arrived at his side.

- Security -

K'muss walked through security and took a picture mentally. He expected DC anytime so he decided to cross that bridge when he needed to. As such, he figured that the best thing he could do was take a headcount. "Computer, is the console in the security office operational? he asked. The computer replied in the affirmative

He turned to a SO. "I just got here so you know more about the state than I do. I'm gonna sort out manpower. Direct the engineers to systems we absolutely need."

"Yes sir," she replied. K'Muss nodded and headed towards the office.

- Counselor's offices -

Iria had left the Captain's ready room only a few moments ago and after getting off the lift she gave a wry grin to Tamara and Jorie, as she told them to be ready for lots of extra work. She promised to give them better details later, for right then she wanted a few minutes to make sure her office was ready for S'arila to come and talk. It meant very little work lowering the lights and such, but still gave her something to do to pass the time until the Major showed up for her appointment...


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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