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Commander Sterling and Dr Cahill in the Science Lab

Posted on 29 Aug 2017 @ 5:30am by Commander Maia Sterling
Edited on on 29 Aug 2017 @ 10:10pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Science Lab
Timeline: Current


As they left the Officers Mess Maia and Alex headed toward the Science Lab. She looked at Maia and smiled. "I am very excited to what may be inside the box. Perhaps a key to the lost civilization that created this mysterious box. I hope it is something that can shed light on their way of life and advanced knowledge". Dr Cahill said.

I also love to see a good story develop and present itself to the people involved.

"Hopefully we will be able to find a way to scan it properly. It doesn't appear that the Orion's had the time or the know how to do it". Maia said.

Soon the duo entered science lab two. Maia took an engineering trident and tried to scan the box but there was a lot of interference. Not radiation per say, but a different form of energy. the interference was of an extremely high frequency, higher than that of a transporter beam almost or possibly into the realm of thought.

"It's almost impossible to get a reading it's almost as if something is blocking the scanner from peering in. The inference seems to be on a psionic frequency. Do you have any devices in sick bay that can dampen psionic resonance"? Maia asked.

"We do as a matter of fact". She leaves and returns with a sonic oscillator. "This may be just what we are looking for Maia. This is used for a lot of reasons in Sick Bay. Including checking hearing of some species on the ship. It is amazing what low sounds some can hear".

Perhaps it may be opened by a musical tone or a musical note that is sung.

"You mean something tonal, perhaps. Though I don't see anything resembling notes on the outside of the box". Maia stated.

Maia looked at the box.

"See these symbols here they are classic T'kon, over 600,000 years old. We do have a database that we are building of the various symbols that we have found through both missions to the Hydaranz system. This symbol means reality and this symbol means collide or collisions. at least according to my tricorder. I don't see any musical symbols though. Usually, on a device such as this, there would be a key. It's a good idea as good as any, but we would need to find a key. Some of my team is still going through the wreckage of the Orion ship they may find something like that".

Maia picked up the psionic resonator and activated it.

"According to this, the artefact does have a psionic trace. I am not a telepath or Psionic in any way, I don't think I can activate it". Maia said.

"I have these I ordered to help Major Donavan to maybe get her telepathic skills back. They can be placed externally or internally. They can be turned on and off. I have researched them and they are safe for human use. They can be used by any species that is non-telepathic and they sometimes are able to be telepathic for temporary or permanent use. I had planned to use them on Donovan to help her.

I wonder if it would allow me to open the box with limited telepathic skills or experience if I put one on?
If anything goes wrong you will be here to deactivate it for me so I could then remove it."

"We could try it, hopefully, there won't be any feedback". Maia said.

"Keep in mind all we have now is a theory. I don't want this thing to hurt you. As a doctor what is the recommended procedure"? Maia continued.

"It is placed at this point on the outside of the skin." "I point to the spot, Once there it is turned on and then I would have some telepathic ability. I have held off testing it due to the fact I wanted someone close to the control to turn it off if there was a problem. It can also be used on low power and turned up a little at a time to allow the user to be able to adjust to the new feelings it allows. From my research it is safe and I do have to admit the ability could aid with patient treatment if I am able to use it to get information about a patient to better treat them for example."

I show her the control unit and how each of them works.

"Well before we do something that radical we better talk to the Captain about this experiment". Maia said.

Sounds like a good plan to me. I do understand it could be dangerous to try it and at the same time, I feel it is safe.

"Very well we will wait till Alpha shift starts and inform the Captain of our intent". Maia said.


Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat


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