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Through a Dark Looking glass

Posted on 08 Aug 2017 @ 1:16pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Major S'arila Donovan
Edited on on 15 Aug 2017 @ 4:32pm

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Main Story)
Location: USS Tomcat/Space
Timeline: Mission 4 Day 8-10


It was the night shift and one that Major S'arila Donovan always took, as she needed very little sleep and could survive on the odd cat nap, it was a habit she had learned while she was fighting in her reality, her species rarely slept, well that is what the records said and it must have been true as she needed very little sleep and it was quiet on the night shift. It was coming to the end of Beta shift and Charlie shift was due to come on duty, the Tomcat has stopped 500 clicks from the Spatial anomaly the science scanners were always recording.

Donovan was reading a Padd when the ship was suddenly dragged towards the anomaly, the Beta shift helm officer had the engines in reverse, but it slowed the ship, but did not stop.

"Dammit Chief engines full reverse!" Donovan ordered.

"They are Major, but the pull is too strong, we are going in," the helmsman said and with that, the Tomcat passed through A Looking glass, a shattered one at that.

In her bones and her instincts told Donovan that they were now in the reality she left from, with this realisation her PTSD began to kick in, it was through sheer will that she kept it together long enough to do her duty. The moment the ship had cleared the anomaly it closed behind them and the ship rocked with weapons fire. So hard was the ship rocked that as Donovan picked herself up off the floor.

"RED ALERT!" She shouted, "Head towards the Taurus Dark cloud, max warp, gather what data you can and target those attackers, who are they anyway?" Donovan asked.

The shifts tactical officer spoke up with some surprise "Three Jem'Hadar Attack ships Sir" she responded.

Turning to face the tactical officer "access the medical files, and use the reading of my quantum signature with that of where we are" Donovan said.

The Tactical Officer did as she was told then looks up in surprise "quantum signature is a match Major, we are in the reality you originated from" the Ensign said.

"It is a reality where the Federation does not exist same for Starfleet, we are in hostile space Ensign, now target those ships deploy stealth mines" Donovan responded. The stealth mines she spoke of was not new tech, they were quantum torpedoes with the highest explosive yield and encased in matte black sensor reflecting alloys, much like what the SR-71 and F-11A stealth fighters were coated in and they had no propulsion systems in them so now twelve mines spread out behind the fleeing ship and as she was at warp they picked up motion speed the moment they left the warp field and the enemy ships ran straight into them all three exploded in a fireball.

Now the ship came to a halt in unclaimed space light years from any listening posts and sensor arrays and went to silent running, as the adrenaline wore off S'arila's PTSD took hold, she looked around the bridge, then run off the bridge into the CRR and curled up in the corner muttering to herself, she only knew one thing, she was back in her own personal hell as all those she lost came flooding back to her, as did her telepathic ability. IF she was not so scared she would wonder why it had come back, among her own emotions she felt panic and bewilderment from the entire ship, but she was in such a state that she did not try to filter them out.

- Somers Quarters - Time of Attack -

Somers Was in her quarters sleeping soundly and was having a nice dream, she was on the beach with her boyfriend and enjoying every minute of it, she was on a sunny beach laying on a towel catching some rays. Suddenly the ground starts to shake so badly, she looks around and at her boyfriend who seems to be unaware of this, she goes to tap him and her hand goes through him "of course I am dreaming *sigh* why is a planet that is tectonically sound suddenly shaking like a bucking bronco at a rodeo?" she asked herself in the dream and as if from a distance she heard a faint alarm. That next instant she was thrown off the towel and onto a carpeted floor.

"Son of a.. $%^&$%&^&%^&" she cursed a blue-streak still a little disorientated she looked around to see Red Alert lights flashing and after another bone jarring hit she felt the ship go to warp, curious she crawled across the floor to get to her commbadge grumbling as she went, then finally grabbing it and activating it. =/\= Somers to the bridge, what the hell is going on up there? =/\= she asked extremely upset.

=/\= Ensign Shane here Captain, the beta shift tactical officer, we went through that spatial anomaly, actually we were dragged through it and for a split moment all was okay, but then we were attacked by Jem'Hadar, Major Donovan reacted quickly and managed to get our shields up and order us out of the area as we did not know the score =/\= the Ensign responded.

Somers had to think as she tried to remember the face of Ensign Shane, then she realised that S'arila was not the one to contact her =/\= Ensign where is Major Donovan? =/\=

There was a pause long enough to worry Jasmine =/\= It seemed like she knew where we were Captain, she kept it together long enough to get us to safety then ran into the CRR, we have not seen her since I have asked all departments for damage reports =/\= Shane answered.

*sighing heavily* =/\= Okay Ensign, good job, keep things ticking over up there, I am on my way, Somers out =/\= as Somers closed the link she had wondered what was wrong with Donovan, picking herself up off the floor she went to get freshened up and dressed.

- Cahill's Quarters - Medical - Bridge -

What she needed to do and then went to her Quarters. Once in the room she removed her uniform and took a shower. She came out in her underwear and proceeded to lay out a fresh uniform. Once done she decided to read a little and relax. She had been up for 28 hours and was starting to feel the effects of it. After a while, she drifted off and was sleeping comfortably. The sleep felt so good.

Dr Cahill was sleeping sound and dreaming of riding a horse a friend had. She was galloping across a field and suddenly the horse started bucking. Diablo what is the matter with you. You have never bucked with me on you back.

Suddenly she is flying through the air. As she wakes up she begins to yell. @^&^%^$#$@@&%(((( She is awake and in her underwear on the floor against the wall. She hears the Red Alert Claxon and the red flashing lights.

She gets dressed quickly and then goes to Sick Bay.

She gets there and then takes the report, only minor injuries reported. "I am going to the Bridge to see what is going on. Contact me there if I am needed." Once on the Bridge, she hears the report of what has happened and listens intently. She stands there for a minute, then goes to the medical section on the Bridge and pulls up the information about what is going on. She is doing some scans to try and figure out what is going on.

- Sterling's Quarters -

Maia for a moment woke up disoriented she was on the ceiling looking down at her bed, suddenly she dropped two and a half meters to her bed and bounced to the ground her right wrist burst into pain and she hit her head on the wall. "What the hell is going on"? She yelled into the dark. Maia was almost startled as the lights came back on about a minute later. Maia reached up to her head and wiped the blood off her head and cradled her right wrist, it felt broken. She got up and made her way to the intercom system.

=/\= Sterling to bridge status report=/\= Maia inquired.

=/\= Ensign Shane here Commander, the ship has been dragged through the anomaly we were scanning, Major Donovan manage to get our shields up, the Captain has been in contact and is also on her way up, Shane out =/\= the line closed.

Maia then heard the klaxon go off, The ship was on red alert.

She got dressed as quickly as possible and made her way to the bridge.

- Dodd's Quarters, at the time of the attack -

Dodd had finally fallen into a deep sleep and was actually dreaming of a blind date he never went on because the girl took ill and cancelled. The date was with an Orion/Betazoid hybrid who had the green skin but was also an empath. As the dream progressed, the date was going great and it was approaching the end of the date in the dream. About the time Dodd went in for the good night kiss, his date slapped him so hard that he went flying. It was at that moment that Dodd woke up to find himself literally flying off his bed and thrown hard against the wall. He then heard the Claxton for red alert. Since normally slept in the buff, he grabbed a pair of sweat pants and pulled them on and grabbed his commbadge and ran for engineering.

- Corridors of the Tomcat - Engineering -

As Dodd entered the corridor, he felt a flood of confusion and lots of emotions as well as thoughts of panic and bewilderment. He did his best running the corridors. However, he felt thoughts of a powerful telepath that he had never felt before. He was curious because all the telepaths on the ship had a familiarity to them no matter the emotion (or emotionless with the Vulcans). This one was strong and had a sense of fear with it.

Dodd arrives to find Engineering scrambling to get all the systems checked and all damage under control. The staff was working well under the stress of the situations. He did catch some of the staff off-guard by showing up in just a pair of sweatpants with his commbadge in hand. He first stopped to see Taggert at the pool table so he headed there for an update.
After getting the assessment form Taggert, he headed to his office, as he did have a couple of uniforms in there. As he got dressed he read a report that was on his monitor that stated the ship was no longer in the proper universe but had entered the anomaly. Dodd realized that was the reason he was sensing lots of confusion and other highly emotional thoughts. He then realized that maybe that unknown telepathic presence was linked to this universe. Dodd finished reviewing the report and made his way out to the pool table and started to coordinate with the Taggert and Beta shift to get things back in order from the commotion.

Taggert had already distributed the damage control teams and they working on repairs, which was great as most of the damage control team were new to the Tomcat. All containment teams were tending to reinforce the antimatter containment pods. Warp engines were now fully operational and all impulse systems were maintaining normal as well. Dodd made it his priority to keep some one on the shields to make sure we did not let them fail as well as keeping any available power to the sensor array so we can be on top of anything that could arise in this unknown area.

-K'Muss Quarters, at the time of the attack -

"What the @3#4 was that?" he said, picking himself off of his floor. " Was just about to make Admiral too!" he said, trying to keep from choking himself with his own covers. Just then he heard a loud pop in his back. " Wonderful!: he said as he shuffled to his closet. He grabbed a field uniform as it was handy and proceeded to dress.

-Walon's quarters -

Iria was laughing as she drifted on the winds the sky was peppered with thick fluffy cloud white as fresh snow. She was hang gliding and enjoying every minute of it. Dreams like this one Iria adored because it reminded her to enjoy living. The thunder that rumbled as the clouds suddenly darkened to angry clouds of blue grey and filling the air with energy and water. The hang glider bounced and then the wings shredded the free falling yanked her out of her dreams as she was literally falling through the air, she saw the wall coming closer, she turned to her side closing her eyes her form shimmered for less than the time it takes to blink she caught herself on her feline paws against the wall and dropping to the floor confused and wide awake. She was not a strong telepath but the thoughts she could hear were pretty loud.

Mostly she heard cursing, words of confusion and denial... One mental voice she had not heard in a while but hearing it now she rushed out of her quarters, she slipped past several other crews before she noted she was running on her feline paws. She gave a mental shrug this ship was her home and there was some one who needed help she was going to be there and offer what comfort she could.....

- Jekkars Quarters-

"What the bloody hell?" Jekkar said as he woke up from his desk with a start. His collection of PADDs containing performance reports and appraisals were littered across the floor. He checked the monitor for a report then got up. As Tactical Officer his place was on the Bridge.

- Bridge - CRR -

Jasmine enters the bridge to find Cahill standing on the bridge a short moment before walking over to the medical console, Jasmine looks at Ensign Shane "she still in the there?" Somers asked indicating the CRR.

"Yes Captain, the Major is" Shane dutifully answered.

Somers nodded and walked into the ready room "S'arila!" she called out and she was greeted with babbling and crying, she looked in the direction of the noise and saw two bright red eyes look up at her, knowing what to expect and actually seeing it were two different things and it gave her the chills, but swallowing she made her way over to the Major.

Dr Cahill continued to do her scans and to try and figure out what was happening. Her first scans were for Star Fleet signatures then she started looking for other life forms and especially human signatures. She was looking at nearby planets for life forms and found the largest proportions were Xindi.

She did find a small pocket of human life forms on a nearby planet. They were in a sparsely populated Area and seemed to be isolated from the others. She continued to look for other things as well. Her oddest find was there were no Federation warp signatures.

Maia entered the bridge a few moments later blood dripping off her scalp and cradling a broken wrist. She went to science two and ran scans.

"Status report, Lieutenant"? Maia said.

Being the next highest ranking officer on Beta shift "The Tomcat has managed to shake off enemy ships and is now in unclaimed space, the sensors have been gathering data and we have suffered minor repairs. The Captain is in her Ready Room checking on Major Donovan, we have also just stepped down to yellow alert while the situation is assessed Commander" Ensign Shane reported.

Maia looked in her sensor display, but it was not operating.

"Primary sensors are down, switching to auxiliary. Auxiliary functioning. I'm not detecting any ships within sensor range,". Maia said "I am detecting an anomaly 30,000 kilometres aft. Gravimetric sheer is low but not registering normal for us quantum signatures". Maia added.

Commander Sterling got up and took the centre seat.

Dr Cahill noticed Commander Sterling holding her wrist. She pulled out her tricorder and did a quick scan and found it to be broke. She took care of her while she was working, nothing unusual since her and the Captain made her learn to do it. She pulled out the Bone Fusion Unit and used it to do the repairs to her wrist. In a few minutes, she was done. "It will be a little sore for a few days but you will be able to use it now Commander" and she then turned to the Commander, "I am detecting life forms on a planet 4 from the star that serves as the sun for the planets in this region. Unable to determine their origin or species from this range Captain."

"Thank you, that feels much better Doc". Maia said twisting and flexing. Planet 4 you say. "Tactical scan the planet. Is their technology a threat to us and have we been detected"? Maia asked.

"I'm unable to fully complete that analysis, Ma'am." The Ensign commented as he checked. "Without an intimate knowledge of their technology I'd only be guessing."

Jekkar arrived momentarily and nodded to the Officer of the Deck and proceeded to Tactical. The Ensign at the Station handed him the current status of tactical and then moved to a secondary terminal. "Oh my goodness." He commented in response to the Major.

Dr Cahill smiled, "Not a problem, you know I could do surgery on a bronco bull with a cowboy riding him for 8 seconds at the same time. Planet four shows life signs and I cannot identify the origins or race from this distance on the medical scanners. We may find out if we tied them into the ships long range scanners for a few minutes then we can switch it off and let all scanners continue watching for more of the abnormalities."

Jekkar nodded. "Already on it." The Andorian said as he began inputting commands. "We've got them patched in but it's basic at best, even if we get them to work at this range the species may not be familiar to our scanners or technology."

"Comm clear up the interference and get me Engineering, also run a full damage control check. We need to find out if we are hurt.
Helm move us away from the anomaly 250 KPH, 1/4 impulse power is we've go it". Maia ordered.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
Chief Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Ensign K'Muss
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila D'Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander/Acting MCO
USS Tomcat


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