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Becoming friends

Posted on 12 Feb 2018 @ 4:38pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd

Mission: S02 Ep04: When Realities Collide (Incidentals)
Location: Main Engineering


Jekkar walked into the Hub of Main Engineering on the Tomcat, a place that as Security Chief he had no need to visit in an official capacity. But this was a social call.

The Andorian made an approach to the small Office at the Aft of Engineering looking for Dodd.

The chime sounded and Dodd looked up from his monitor and towards the door.

"Come." Dodd stated to the computer and the door slid open to reveal LT Jekker.

"Well hello, lieutenant. Is there a security issue that I am unaware off?" Dodd then stood up form his chair.

Jekkar shook his head. "Not at all Mister Dodd, I felt that since you and I have become equals we haven't truly acknowledged each other in a social capacity."

"Well, I appreciate that. I tend to shy away from approaching others, since I generally sense things from others that make it hard for me to know just how to start a dialogue. However, in a work situation, I seem to be fine and my telepathy seems to help in those situations as well." Dodd Replied. "Have a seat. Can I get you a beverage?"

Dodd motioned to a chair and then headed for the replicator.

Jekkar took the seat and nodded. "I'll have tea please." The Andorian commented with a glance towards the Replocator.

"Computer, Jekkar would like a glass of tea. I would like a mug of triple chocolate hot cocoa." Dodd stated to the replicator and then once the beverages were ready, he grabbed then and moved toward Jekkar.

"Here you go." Dodd stated as he offered the tea to Jekkar and then moved to sit at his desk. "So how are things in security?"

Jekkar nodded in acknowledgement of his tea. "Thank you, and Security is shaping up nicely, a couple of new faces but mostly the same as before."

"That is good to hear. The new staff here in engineering all seem to really fit in and are doing great." Dodd added to hte conversation. "In fact the damage control specialists all got a good work out right of the bat."

Dodd took a swig of his hot chocolate. "I feel that the new crew members are all eager to prove themselves and that our ship is a great place to do that. However, I know at least fifteen of my new staff are all using the Tomcat as a means to promote through the system. Just something I can pick up on from all of them."

Jekkar nodded. "That's nothing new sadly, Naval Traditions are hard to change."

"I have to ask have you served with Walon long on this ship?" Dodd asked of the lieutenant. "I am thinking there is something about her that seems a little off to me."

He shook his head. "Sadly not, I'm not familiar with a vast majority of the Tomcat Crew on a social basis."

"Okay, thanks." Dodd replied. "I try not to read people without permission but some thoughs and emotions just reach out to me and I have to act upon them in some fashion, but I try not to take advantage of anyone in the process. Don't worry, I am not reading you now, other than I do sense you are comfortable with how things are going so far."

"I would appreciate that." Jekkar said before sipping his tea. "As a Criminologist and Psychologist I have some experience in the understanding of emotional states."

“I am glad we had this chance to get to know a little more about each other. Thank you for this opportunity. I had better get back to work as we do have a lot going on.” Dodd stated.

Dodd then stood up as did Jekkar. He bid Jekkar ado and they both exited the his officel. He felt as if Jekkar was hiding something but without reading his mind, he could not be certain. But with Jekkar being the head of security, he very likely was hiding something. Jekkar had officially exited main engineering and then Dodd got back to working on an updated crew roster.


Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief of Engineering
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat


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