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Commander Sterling and Dr Cahill dine in the Officers Mess

Posted on 20 Jul 2017 @ 6:57am by Commander Maia Sterling

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Officers Mess

As they started to the door, Dr Cahill turned. 'Before we leave if I was out of line or too forward when I kissed you I apologize. I find you so attractive and may have made a mistake in being so forward Commander.' Dr. Cahill said.

"Out of line? No not really. I was just surprised that's all. I am not usually one for casual relationships. Don't get me wrong I have a number of friends, just no one who is a mate if you get my meaning". Maia replied.

As we exit Maia's quarters and head to the officers mess I smile. "I don't eat there often. Seems like I either eat alone in my office or in my cabin mostly. Between work and research I don't get out much. I don't have a lot of friends here on the Tomcat. Just people I serve with as crew members and research assistants". Alex said.

"Well you really should get out more Alex. The is a wonderful ship with the best crew in Starfleet. It would be well worth your time to get to know them. They really are worth your time and effort. Besides as the chief medical officer how are you going to develop your bedside manner".
Maia asked.

Both walked to the officers mess and went through the line. Chef's meatloaf was pretty good and so were his mashed potatoes and corn bread. Truthfully they could have had whatever they wanted but it would have been replicated. Maia could always tell the difference between real food and replicated.

Both got their food and took a seat. Business first Maia thought.

"Tell me Alex, do you have any idea how we can get in that box"? Maia asked.

Alex looked up from the bite she just took of the meatloaf, swallowed then said, "I was thinking perhaps we can see what is going on inside the box with either Photon Scan or a neutron Scan in the science section later. One of those may give us a look inside". Alex said.

"Interesting do you think light has something to do with its operation or control elements"? Maia asked.

'Maia thought about it for a minute, well we could try a molecular scan that might tell us what it is made out of or at least what its not made out of. Maia said. "Who knows there might be a biological component to it". Maia always liked a good puzzle.

Maia ate some of her food she didn't realize how famished she had been.

"So tell me when did you realize or start having feelings for me"? Maia asked.

Alex got her food and sat down at the table, and started eating mmmm this good especially the corn bread make me think of the orphanage I grew up in. The staff was not very friendly but the food was great.

"In some cultures light is a very important element and is almost considered a God. It is necessary for the growth of food and for healthy benefits as well. Some still consider an eclipse an act of God showing he/she is mad at them and giving them a warning". Dr. Cahill said.

Maia pondered that for a moment. The T'kon were much more advanced than the Federation technologically, but no worship of light had ever been noted in the historical or legendary appendices.

"As to when I fist realized I had feelings for you was when you was in the Command Chair as I reported in to Captain Somers. I guess some would call it love at first sight. There was something special in the way the light on the Bridge was creating highlights around you". Dr. Cahill replied.

Alex added some hot sauce to her meat loaf and took another bite. mmmmmm much better.

Maia nodded.

"I have to be honest with you Alex, I've never even considered the possibility of having a relationship with you or anyone else on this ship. I've always thought it best to remain friendly even jovial at times but emotionally aloof with members of my crew, that way if a situation ever came up I could never be accused of playing favorites. You put me in a very strange position. I am not adverse to a relationship. I respect you and have always considered you a friend, even a good friend. I find myself in a position of wanting to return your affection. All I ask is that we take it slow to make sure are feelings are genuine". Maia said.

Maia smiled.

Alex smiled, "I have no problem with slow. Just being near you is a big accomplishment to me. I have never felt like I do about you with anyone else. I also do not believe in playing favorites. I believe no one can be expected to single one out due to how they feel about each other.

I do so much respect you more than you or anyone else will ever be able to describe with words. And I totally respect you and any decisions you make re-guarding this.

"Thanks Alex, after dinner we should take this contraption down to science lab one and take a look at it. Maybe we can figure out what it isn't". Maia said.

Maia continued eating.

I agree, I was thinking the ring make have a key to opening it also. Perhaps the symbols need to be pressed in a certain order and it opens as well. Who knows, It could be the key to finding out a lot about this lost race. Much like the Rosetta stone was for the ancient Egyptian writings

"Who knows perhaps they are musical notation like the Fabrini". Maia said

Maia took another bite, the meatloaf was pretty good.

Once dinner was done Maia and Alex took the device to Science lab two.



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