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Meeting with Commander Sterling

Posted on 12 Jul 2017 @ 2:25am by Commander Maia Sterling
Edited on on 12 Jul 2017 @ 4:26pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Comander Sterlings Cabin
Timeline: Current


Dr Cahill had been busy and was late getting her final report on Sick Bay activities to Commander Sterling for her review. A nurse caught her as she was leaving and showed her a box the was recovered from one of the pirate ships.

Someone had thought the emblem was medical but it was not like any medical emblem she had seen. She decided to take it with her to the meeting. The XO was also the Science Officer as well. She may have some insight on it as well.

Dr Cahill went to the Turbo Lift and proceeded to Deck 2. Once there she turned left and was at the door in a few minutes. She pressed the call button and waited.

Maia heard her doorbell buzz.


It was Dr Cahill Maia had just gotten out of her uniform and had a shower so she was dressed comfortably.

"Alex, what a surprise come in what can I do for you? What's that you have there"? Maia asked inquisitively.

Dr Cahill came in and smile as she was called by her first name. " For starters here is the final report from the Orion battle for Sick Bay. But you will find this box amazing. Someone brought it to Sick Bay along with this ring too." As she held up the small jar. "Both the ring and box have marking I have not seen before. And cannot find any references to the markings on any computer files. They were found on one of the pirate ships we boarded and everyone thought they were medical symbols. I am amazed myself. I have not been able to find a way to open the box to see inside it. Even x-rays and scanners cannot penetrate it.

Maia looked at the PADD, the casualties exceeded her expectations by about 20 percent. She shook her head.

"This is much worse than I thought, cross-referenced," Maia said.

Maia took a look at the box and the ring and started examining it a bit. Both objects did have the exact same symbols on cross-referenced

"Have you checked this with the T'Kon database we have assembled. They were an advanced empire that existed some 600,000 years ago. Planet number 2 had an outpost. it was the one we incapacitated about 3 years ago. The pirates probably looted the place. It wouldn't surprise me if this device were somehow controlled or activated psionically. A shame Major Donovan's powers are down. She would undoubtedly be very helpful with this device".

Maia looked at Alex.

"Have you had dinner yet, Doctor"? Maia asked.

No I haven't had dinner Maia, I did not even think of food till you mentioned it. I continue to look at the object you may be right. I did not know about T'kon's till you mentioned them. I had not been updated about them and it sounds interesting. I know there are medical devices I ordered and arrived on board when we transferred the wounded back to Starbase 339 the have been know to enhance telepathic powers for anyone including humans.

The doctor open her medical kit and pulled them out. "They can be worn temporary on the outside of the skull or can be placed beneath the shin attached to the skull. They can also be turned on and off to allowing someone to not be bothered by the thoughts of other species on board the ship". The doctor said.

Maia examined them closely. "Interesting" Maia said.

"I requested them to use if Maj Donovan decided to try them, so far she is not interested". Dr. Cahil said.

"Major Donovan is feeling very disabled at the moment its taking its toll on her self image. S'arilla is a good officer but this psychic blindness is really affecting her. Don't push her too hard Alex she needs time to recover. I'm sure in time she will come around". Maia said.

Maia handed the device back to Alex.

"Lets head down to the Officers mess, she what's on the menu, Doc". Maia said.

I am giving her all the room she needs. I just got these so when she is ready they are here and we do not have to wait. Officers mess sounds great. For some reason I feel I have to do something . I walk over to her and give her a long kiss. I have wanted to do that sense I first saw you on the Bridge when I first reported to Captain Somer's Ready Room to report for duty.

I find you so sweet and hope we can be close.

"Alex, that was rather impulsive. Looks to me like we have more to talk about than a simple friendship". Maia replied.


Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/ACSO
USS Tomcat


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