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It is not the beginning of the End, only the End of the Beginning

Posted on 06 Jul 2017 @ 3:45pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan
Edited on on 04 Feb 2018 @ 3:36pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starfleet Embassy - Betazed
Timeline: Circa Stardate: 2385 - 238804.01 (12)

Note: All events in the 12 Posts took place while the Tomcat was solo and before the Tomcat joined Pegasus Fleet, also figured as Donovan will be more in the spotlight next mission I think it only right that there is some context to how she reacts in “When Realities Collide” Mission.


- Stardate: 239004.01 - Betazed/Starfleet Embassy our reality -

For someone in a combat EVA suit she was agile with her backwards rolls as she stood up and aimed her weapon, as she dropped what she was carrying, those pointing Starfleet Phasers at her hesitated a little. A lightly armed security patrol pointing their hand Phasers at what looked like a heavily armed combat alert soldier in a strange combat Eva suit with a tinted visor. Still, there were spectators as gasps could be heard followed by puzzlement as her suit began playing “Why can’t we be friends”.

“Damn suit, got a mind of its own, prototype suits, major bugs” Donovan moaned hitting her suit to shut it up.

Sounding mechanical as she was speaking through her suits communications system “who are you and where the hell am I?” Donovan asked in a heavy accent.

The security officers looked at each other puzzled and froze when they heard a strange noise, they had never heard a noise like it before so they did not know she had cocked her weapon ready to fire, but there was no actual ammunition in it, but the security officers knew this. As luck would have it a young Redheaded Chief Warrant Officer was walking past and stopped and approached the security officers, she looked at them.

“What is it lads?” the young woman asked.

Both Security Officers were lower in rank “this one appeared out of nowhere Chief and pointed her weapon at us” one of the officers responded.

“You aimed your hand Phasers first, yes?” she asked and both men nodded, everyone lower your weapons NOW,” she said.

All armed personnel slowly lowered their weapons, it was here the young woman noted the suited figure looking directly at her head tilted slightly to the left.

“Okay officers I will take it from here,” she said looking the officers down, they reluctantly nodded and left, now the young woman faced the tall stranger in a black combat suit.

From inside her helmet, Donovan studied this new arrival subconsciously slightly tilting her head to the left as she tried to read the newcomers mind, a mind that remarkably calm and confident, this was a mind and person she did not know, so she refrained from a full telepathic scan, but this one seemed familiar. Unlike the other pair this one was Marine green undershirt with a grey shouldered and black bodied tunic and around the base of her shoulders, she had a white band showing, this was curious to Donovan.

Looking up at the much taller woman “Name, Rank and Unit soldier?” the woman asked not recognising the woman’s suits regimental badge.

While she was her subordinate, the shorter woman emitted an air of confident superiority, but even in her own reality, Chief Warrant Officers were the Marine drillmasters.

“Marine Captain S’arila D’Tana Donovan, Executive Officer Company Gee, Second SAS MACO Warrant” Donovan dutifully answered.

oO Okay, an officer, yet well trained, why is she wearing her suit!? Oo the shorter woman asked herself. “Let me respond in kind I am Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Lynne Somers Drillmaster here at the Starfleet Embassy here on Betazed”.

Donovan looked at the shorter woman directly, oO did she say, Somers, I wonder! Oo Donovan thought.

“There is plenty of oxygen here Marine Captain, I think it is safe to remove your helmet” Karyn Somers said.

Shrugging she shouldered her rifle then placed her hands either side of her helmet, twisted it to the left and with a hiss she lifted her helmet off, before she closed her eyes Karyn saw solid red orbs surrounded by white corneas, then she pulled out a rose colour tinted visor out and put it on.

“That’s better, so where to now Chief?” Donovan responded and noted the slight double-take the CWO gave upon glimpsing her red eyes.

“We need to go see the head of Security and finally the head of the Starfleet contingent here on Betazed, after that there is one more person that will want to speak to you, ” Karyn said.

“So we are on Betazed, obviously I am no longer in my reality because if I was this planet would be a slagged and occupied planet. What puzzles me more is that I was on earth fighting the Dominion troops in the shadow of a 90 foot Matter/Antimatter mushroom cloud, then a spatial anomaly drops me here so many light-years away” Donovan responded.

Karyn did a double-take “your reality sounds so depressing, what caused such an explosion on earth?” Karyn Somers asked.

“My reality went through a second Dominion War and they used weapons of mass destruction this time, so where I come from the Federation and Klingon Empire is no more, last I heard the Romulan’s signed a rather one-sided non-aggression treaty as did the Ferengi, the Breen were allied with them and the Cardassians remained neutral” Donovan said.

Karyn was deathly silent; Donovan knew the woman could only scarcely comprehend what her reality was like by the description. She had to hand her weapons to the security station at the Embassy before going into seeing the Head of Security who was joined by the Officer in command of the Embassy on Betazed.

- One Month Later -239005.15 -

After one month of debriefing, Donovan knew her report of a possible future for this reality scared these people silly, here people were not so restrained with their errant thoughts so she had to apply blocking practices. After so long she now was wearing Marine green Starfleet uniform but she was confined to a small area of the Embassy.

This very morning her quarter's buzzer sounded, "enter" she said and immediately thought it strange her other visitors simply walked in without preamble. In walked a taller redheaded female, this one had green eyes not blue, she also wore Marine Green with the rank of Lt. Colonel and the base of her shoulders had a white band, this was different, what was most disconcerting for S'arila, was this one had a disciplined mind, her thoughts were tightly controlled.

"Marine Captain S'arila Donovan, I am Lieutenant Colonel Jasmine Somers Commanding Officer USS Tomcat, currently due to our mission profile the ship has not been assigned to any fleet, so we are essentially semi-independent. You are assigned to my command, your clearances have been authorised, I have seen your Service Jacket and it appeals to me, report to Betazed Orbital Starbase at 0900 hours in the morning, welcome to the Tomcat Captain" Jasmine said and was about to turn to leave.

"Somers! I met a Warrant Officer Karyn Somers, is she any relation to you?" Donovan asked.

Looking back over her shoulder at Donovan "yes, she is my cousin, her sister is Major Alexandria Somers" Jasmine answered as she noticed the tall woman pale slightly "is something wrong Captain?" Somers asked.

"I served on the Tomcat in my reality and under the command of Alex Somers in 2nd SAS MACO, both were lost in the final battle against the Dominion, I expected that this reality would have versions of those, but hearing they actually exist is a little surprising. I will be there at 0900 hours on the morrow Colonel," Donovan said using an old-style word, which made Somers squint a little as she tried to put the strange word into context.

"Good, will see you tomorrow Captain," Somers said with a smile and departed the room.

When she was alone she lost feeling in her legs as she sat heavily on the sofa as the news of her old friend and old ship were alive and well. It was more of a shock than what she let on, but then logic kicked in, this Alex Somers would not know her or feel the same and she had no doubt that the Tomcat would look slightly different. Gathering herself she studied up on her new assignment and at 0900 hours the next day she was reporting to her duty post.


Marine Captain S’arila D’Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment

Lieutenant Colonel Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat


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