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We Fight in the dim light

Posted on 02 Jul 2017 @ 9:56pm by Major S'arila Donovan
Edited on on 06 Jul 2017 @ 7:06pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Deep Space/Sol System
Timeline: Alternate reality timeline 10


- Deep Space - Stardate: 239101.15 -

The fateful day had come, the last bastion of free thinking was under full siege and the Fifth Fleet was joined by stragglers from other theatres of war, their number, however, was small in number. From her command position, Jasmine Somers prepared to jump to earth.

“Captain, the latest news in, the Dominion has just bombed key locations on Earth, they used a matter/antimatter version of the atomic bomb as of now Starfleet HQ Paris and San Francisco have blue 90-metre high mushroom clouds and the devastation. Also, all the old capitals have also been bombed, the Starfleet Academy is under heavy assault, all remaining ground forces are defending the facility, but they are not expected to last long.” Sharpe announced.

“What of the enemy, what weapons are they using?” Jasmine asked.

Looking a little puzzled “standard infantry type troops and plasma and disruptor artillery pieces, which are making defending more difficult, we would need to take out those artillery pieces if the defenders are to gain a respite” Sharpe said.

Jasmine had a look of concern on her face then with a big sigh “Okay notify all ships to form up” she said then looked at the Chancellor “last chance to go to New Xindus” she said.

The Klingon Chancellor looked at her, “Today will be a good day to die” he said giving her a toothy smile.

“Good, when we arrive at the outskirts of Sol I want you and your guard to board a troop shuttle and take a flight of Klingon BOPs and head to Utopia Planitia, a transport ship will accompany you. The job of your combat ships is to take down enemy operated defences, while you and your ground troops land at the facility and take out any and all Jem Hadar troops you come across. It is a take no prisoners situation, last reports say that the enemy has a large number of troops there so there will be plenty of glory for all and why it is a possible one-way trip.” Jasmine paused.

“If you do not mind taking one final order from a human of Starfleet Chancellor and I am quite sure you are not going to be happy with it. *pause* should you and any of your ground force and attacking ships survive you are to escort that transport which will be filled with Starfleet officers and civilians are to head straight to New Xindus. Above all the transports must escape I will also send four Starfleet ships to assist in the escort. The task is simply to get in do as much damage as you can rescue the prisoners and get out.” Jasmine added.

He nodded “I will make sure my ships join you in Sol, one way,” he said and mentally took a step back from the look on Jasmine’s look.

“Your ships should they survive Chancellor will be of no use to my Fleet, I would rather any survivors joined the transports and Starfleet ships and head straight to New Xindus to assist in its defence. For my fleet one-way journey, I expect not to survive, so you see my friend I need someone who will be able to lead the remaining allied forces until freedom can be won again from the Dominion” Somers finished.

The Chancellor looked at the General again and saw past the stony look to an acceptance of the inevitable, he knew from looking in her eyes that she knew what awaited her and she had accepted her fate.

“Understood General, I will gather my troops and be prepared to leave,” the Klingon said.

Jasmine nodded “to battle Chancellor, me to mine, you to your House Qua’Pla,” Somers said.

The Chancellor stood on the threshold of the turbo lift and looked back “Qua’Pla General” he said with a smile and left the bridge.

She turned to the rest of the bridge “notify all ships Red Alert, set course for the outer Sol system, engage” Somers said and one by one the ships entered warp.

- Sol system - Outer/Inner -


The first stage of the assault worked and the moment the fleet dropped from warp a wing of Klingon BOP’s and four Starfleet ships along with a transport ship broke away from them and headed straight to Utopia Planitia. While the rest of the fleet formed up to close the gaps the ships had left before they too jumped to warp. The orbit of Earth was already a battleground, Starfleet had refurbished all the old ships with the latest weapons and systems, from her position on the observation deck Donovan saw an amazing sight, four NX class ships firing as one at one Dominion ship. Following behind was a dozen Daedalus class ships, seeing two types of ships that shared the same era and service time fly as a team was a nostalgic sight to behold.

As the fleet dropped from warp right on top of the enemy ships and opened fire, some of those old ships that had survived the Earth-Romulan war of the 2150s exploded. S’arila saw could circles visible from where she was, she focused the sensors from the console in the lounge and saw a blue tinted mushroom cloud, for them to be this visible they must have stretched high into the air. The arrival of these new ships had the element of surprise and over half of the Dominion ships exploded, the larger ones sustained serious damage. Now the element of surprise had gone and the fight had just become tougher.

The Tomcat and its Achilles class companions broke through, it was their job to deliver their marines to Starfleet Academy to help in its defence. Below decks of the Tomcat the 2nd SAS M.A.C.Os were kitted out in combat suits, prototype ones, they had served them well thus far. The moment the Tomcat and two Sovereign-class ships took up stationary orbit the Cruisers fired a barrage down at the Dominion positions. Down on the planet, those defending the Academy cheered as energy beams rained down on the charging Jem Hadar, such was a surprise that those who survived were easily cut down and so a pause came about.

During this lull the defenders looked up as they heard sonic booms and saw fire trails, there was something coming down and it would land on them. The ground lightly shook as multiple thuds and the defenders saw drop pods and the hatches shot off and out came black-suited figures, brandishing chemically fired weapons like the defenders used.

“Okay show the enemy who is here, raise the regimental colours, Regiments,” Alex Somers said and the Regiment's colours were opened out and planted in the ground.

Looking at the colours “you are so dramatic Alex you know that?” Donovan responded. and just at that moment, her suit began playing Queen's Hammer to Fall Song, she violently hit her suit "$%^$%^ suit, who's bright idea was it to equip the prototype Combat EVA armour with a selection of old time music?" Donovan asked in frustration.

Alexandria Somers shrugged, she was glad Donovan could not see her smile through the tinted faceplate.

“We are leaving here alive or not at all, may as well remind people what we are fighting for,” Somers said with a quick repartee.

Donovan simply shrugged and took up defensive positions as more drop pods landed to shore up those already there. Then word came down that there would be no more backup as the ships had to defend themselves due to enemy reinforcements arriving.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Dominion forces were regrouping after the unexpected orbital bombardment. One of the Jem Hadar alerted his Vorta supervisor of a strange item being raised at the enemy defence lines. The Vort used a portable sensor to see the distance.

“Ah, that is a flag, I believe they call them Regimental Colours, Jem Hadar,” the vorta said, then took a closer look and smiled and lookeJem Hadar First. “Mikle’tan prepare your troops the Federation has deployed its elite troops, you will be going up against their best,” he said.

The Jem Hadar First smiled and left, then from the shadows, a Founder came out, the Vorta bowed and showed deference.

“Founder, I am honoured, I am concerned that is it not safe here for you,” the Vorta said.

“It will be okay, the fight is almost over, if Starfleet has deployed its elite forces then it is a do or die tactic, we win this day and the cradle of the Federation will finally be ours,” the Founder said and the Vorta smiled.

Later that same day the defenders fought off another wave as a team dispatched by Somers took out an artillery position on their left flank. By her side was Donovan firing away when in a lull their Commbadges came to life startling them.

Tapping her Commbadge as Alex was busy shooting. =/\= Donovan here =/\=

=/\= Donovan this is General Somers =/\= explosions in the background could be heard over the Comms.

=/\= How are things up there General? =/\= Donovan asked.

=/\= Not good, the fleet has taken heavy losses and the Dominion has just sent in more, there is only a handful of us left. The Tomcat has taken significant damage, Colonel Griffiths and Major Sharpe are dead, I am out of torpedoes and have expanded our fighter squadrons it is not looking good =/\= as Jasmine was saying this she could hear enemy artillery on the ground.

=/\= Dammit! =/\= Donovan exclaimed as she ducked from a near miss =/\= is there any support you can give General on taking out that artillery position to my right? =/\= Donovan asked and heard another explosion and crackle of the Comms before it cleared up again.

=/\= Negative =/\= there was a long pause =/\= it seems we are the only ship left, it is strange they have stopped firing and are requesting our surrender as saying that it is pointless dying for a cause now lost =/\= General Somers said.

=/\= They do not know the Somers clan then do they? =/\= Donovan said.

=/\= No they do not, there is one last thing I can do for you, but it will be the last thing I ever do =/\= General Somers said.

There was a deathly silence Donovan knew what the General was planning, she glanced over at Alex and saw her looking up at the sky, due to her telepathic ability Donovan read the certainty that Alex knew that her husband was dead and there was that Somers icy resolve.

=/\= It was an honour serving with you General, may the gods guide your way in the afterlife =/\= Donovan said paraphrasing a blessing from her own people.

=/\= No Major I am honoured and thank you, today will be a good day to die, Computer put all available power to shields and SIF and transfer all life support power to engines =/\= General Somers said.

Donovan heard this and could only guess the General was at the helm station, up in space the Dominion ships were slow to react as the Tomcat picked up speed and headed planetward at full impulse, quickly they saw atmospheric friction as the ship’s shields took the brunt of the dive. Part way down the ship’s warp nacelles break off as it headed for the artillery position which was getting ready to fire at the remaining defenders. She looked up and saw a fireball and over the Comms, her suit told her it was a widespread general communications transmission, Donovan recognised it as a military quote from George S. Patton Jr.

=/\=The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country. =/\=

Then the signal cut out as they saw a large explosion on their right, it was a big one too “they must have had one in the chamber to cause an explosion like that?” Somers commented.

“I have no doubt, well Alex we are not leaving this planet alive,” Donovan said.

“I will not be a prisoner, it is time to face my fate,” Alex said as she removed her combat armour.

For some reason, Donovan kept hers on, but she knew her bosses warrior mentality, she was not expecting to survive, then again Donovan was expecting the same.


Brigadier General Jasmine Somers [PNPC: J Somers]
Flag Officer/Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [NPC: J Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment

Marine Captain S’arila D’Tana Donovan[PNPC: Somers]
2nd SAS MACO Regiment

Chancellor K’Teng [NPC: Somers]
Klingon High Chancellor
Klingon Empire


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