The New CoS/Tactical

Posted on 27 Apr 2015 @ 12:09pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage
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Mission: S02 Ep02: Incidental Mission
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 0


Jasmine was on her Ready room going through some paperwork when her Yeoman entered her office, she looked up. "Yes, Lucy?"

"There is a Lieutenant Krezak here to see you, he says he has been posted to the Tomcat." She said looking pale.

Sensing something was wrong and seeing her Yeoman's pallid colour, Jasmine asked. "What does he look like?"

Looking back briefly before looking back at her CO "Big, and looks like something out of your worst nightmare, all I can say is I would not like to meet him in a dark alley." Lucy responded.

"Send him to me in about five minutes," Somers said, Lucy nodded and left.

Now she was alone she tidied up a bit and made sure the 95th Rifle Regiment Standard was in its proper place on the wall behind her chair along with the flag of the UFP and in the middle was a green Starfleet Delta surrounded by Lauren leaves and with the Rifle Regiment logo in the middle. Checking all this was correct, she returned to her desk and pulled up this Lieutenant Krezak's file and she understood why Lucy was pale. Jasmine was sitting back down when she heard the inner door open, she looked up and mentally took a step back. The Lieutenant before her was indeed tall and like something out of her worst nightmare.

While she kept control she could swear the Lieutenant could sense her reaction however well hidden.

"Lieutenant Krezak I presume?"

<< Aye sir. Reporting in from the Vorakov. >> A deep voice rumbled telepathically in her mind. << Pardon the lack of my uniform, it seems my belongings were delayed. >>

"I am Captain Jasmine Somers, commander of the USS Tomcat, welcome aboard, now do you have any questions etc before we go over the ships basic rules etc?"

<< No sir. >>

"Okay, El-tee please be seated and let us begin."

<< Very well. >> Krezak rumbled as he lowered his massive body into the relatively small chair in front of the desk.

She was surprised that she could hear his thoughts, obviously, he was a telepath and a strong one. "Lieutenant, are you able to speak basic? Also are you aware of Starfleet rules on the use of telepathy?" She asked.

<< Not verbally, no. I lack the necessary lips. >> He replied with a hint of amusement. << And yes, I am aware of the rules. I am only projecting my thoughts, not reading your mind. >> He sat back a bit in the chair. << However, I am capable of it, should you have an uncooperative prisoner to interrogate...but only under your direct orders of course. >>

Even though she was sitting down she still had to look up at the Alien, there was not another word for it. "Oookay, I have some questions... *pause* how are you going to manage Commbadge communication if you lead an away team?"

<< With the Vorakov, I had a communications officer who would relay everything I wasn't the most efficient, but it worked. >>

"Indeed, if one became available, would you be willing to have a specially adapted voice synthesiser fitted? Basically its a much more modern and compact version of the one the noted Stephen Hawking used. One end will be planted near your lobe you use to project speech and will convert those thought words into a mechanical voice. Best thing is it will have an on and off command, which you would only need to think it. *pause* I only suggest this as if you are on an away mission and need to contact the ship you can activate it and speak to us. Obviously, when you do not need to speak to the ship or over a Commbadge you can deactivate it as you will project your words into your team's brains."

<< If such a technology exists, then by all means... Though this implant will not be remotely accessible yes? >>

"Indeed, if fitted only you will have the on/off command ability when it is on you will not be able to project your words or thoughts, so would you be game for it? It will help with communications via Commbadge immensely?" She asked.

<< ...I am a bit wary of something that can supposedly block my thoughts...but I am willing to test it out. >>

"Okay, now then I see from your file you were initially assigned to the Tomcat as our ACoS/CTO, well with the departure of Lieutenant Commander Oda I am appointing you the new CoS/Tactical Officer. When you are not busy with Security duties you will man the Tactical station on the bridge. Okay with all this so far?"

<< Very well. >> Krezak replied with a nod.

"Excellent, with the new Departmental appointment questions, also we have another telepath serving on the ship a Major S'arila Donovan Commander of my personal guard Bravo Unit, they do normal duties, but should I go anywhere where an escort is needed I take a couple with me. I think having you as CoS will be excellent, no crew dare cross you." She said with a smile. "Also there is a specially adapted Starfleet uniform waiting for you in your quarters, I have also had the Starbase techs install a sleeping pallet with a mattress, but that can be removed. I did the pallet as there is not a bed big or strong enough to hold you, hope you do not mind?" She asked.

<< The pallet will suffice. >>

Looking up at him she hands him a small Padd. "This contains your security clearances for your station, as for that device, report to the Tech bay on SB39 Sierra. I will have my techs install the device, it will only be used by you when you need to use the Commbadge or communications system, this will negate a translator." She said.

<< Yes sir. >> Krezak nodded as he accepted the PADD.

Looking up at him "Excellent, get you settled in then be ready to head to the tech bay on 39 Sierra when my tech calls you, so before I dismiss you, Lieutenant, do you have any questions for me or about this ship?" Somers asked.

<< No sir. >> The Krakal replied.

"Very well then Lieutenant Dismissed," Jasmine said and watched the Krakozian Officer leave her ready room.

Not long after Krezak had left there was a chime on her door, but it came from the bridge side, not the back door.


Captain J. Somers
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