Stardate 239410.17 - Book Keeping

Posted on 17 Oct 2021 @ 3:46pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers
Edited on 05 Nov 2021 @ 1:52pm

Prior to New Mission


Still in the Briefing room now alone as everyone else had gone to their duties or headed towards the bridge, Alex decided to take this time to do a Duty Log

"Computer Open new Captain's Log," she said then continued "Acting Captain's Duty Log, Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Lynne Somers"


"A few days ago as I was planning to get drunk beyond belief while we are on shore leave from our last mission Chris sought me out, that is Sergeant Major Kildare, I had never seen a more stoic person seem so... uneasy, it seems that he wanted to get my permission to propose to an officer on the Tomcat, I had known about their relationship for some time, I was surprised I have to admit that an Officer would gravitate towards a Marine, but love is not a logical thing, love is love. I certainly hope they can work it out, I gave Chris my permission, First as his Rifle Commanding Officer and second as the ships Captain, Fleet Captain Somers will have access to this log so she will know what has happened.

Recently I found out why Lieutenant Winchester has a hate-on for Marines and how he treated his Sister when he found out who she was dating at one point, while I applaud his wanting to look out for the family, how he did it and his attitude was kind of foreign to current times, I do believe his attitude was akin to Victorian-era on earth where the women were thought of as less than. Hopefully, this has been sorted and he will work in adjusting his thinking, which I cannot help him with as it is something he will have to do by himself.

"Prior to our new Mission briefing which only just ended moments ago at the start of it Lieutenant Winchester said some good but interesting news and Second Lieutenant Falk shot at him. I also found out that the reason for her hostility was down to find out why he hated Marines and how the guy poured his heart out to a new officer about how he disrespected a Marine Officer who was of higher rank than he was and insulted myself in front of other officers. Even I know that is the one thing you should never admit to a Marine who is freshly posted to a ship that the Marines outnumber the Fleet Officers on" she paused.

"The other thing he opened up about as to how he disobeyed a direct order from Fleet Captain Somers to the same marine no less upon hearing this I understood why she was angry at him. I recommend that Lieutenant Winchester be fully demoted to Lieutenant Jg, for the aforementioned disobeying a superior Officer and conduct unbecoming an Officer during the Phase One briefing, I temporarily demoted him from full Lieutenant to Lieutenant Jg on a provisional stance as I am only the acting Commanding Officer of the USS Tomcat.

Otherwise, all in all, the Tomcat is doing fine Fleet Captain Somers, your veteran crew are a good bunch even Lieutenant Winchester who tends to live with both feet in his mouth *chuckles* the new crew are shaping up nicely like all new officers they have their hiccups, but all are proving an asset” she paused.

“Computer save Log and make it accessible to the Fleet Captain only and End Log” Alex finished, the computer made a sound indicating that the recording had stopped, with that she stood up and stretched and headed up to the bridge.