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Settling In

Posted on 23 Jan 2017 @ 11:07pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

"Personal Log, stardate, I can't see the clock," she started as she put her stuff down on the couch in her quarters.

"Computer, put the stardate in this log," she said, as the computer beeped in compliance.

"I just got assigned to the USS Tomcat, an Akira class ship," she began, as she put her duffle bag onto the bed, and pulled out a few personal items.

A family picture, taken only a few months ago, back on Earth, with her brothers, sisters, mom, dad, cat, and a few aunts and uncles, was put on the nightstand. She couldn't put an older picture up...because then her face wouldn't be in it. Her old face would. She pushed the thought out, focused on the happy thoughts. Her family was there for her, they loved her, regardless of how she looked.

"My stuff from storage is being put aboard as we speak, and the transport officer gave me permission to board," she continued, wiping the forming tears from her eyes. "The captain is busy on the bridge, and the Chief is already occupied there also, so I think the best thing to do now would be to head down to engineering and get the lay of the land, find out what's what."

She took off her uniform jacket, and the tunic and undershirt. Removing the pants, she stood in her underwear, and placed the items in the replicator, ordering a fresh uniform.

She wasn't dirty, or sweaty, but she wanted to make sure to make a good impression. The computer had her measurements, and made a fresh uniform for her with a new commbadge.

Putting on the pants, boots, then undershirt, she flexed a little, admiring the bit of bicep she had. At least there's that, she thought. She put on the tunic, zipped it, then tucked it in. Then, the jacket, commbadge, and pip.

"From what I can see on the tech specs, the engineering deck is two levels tall like on Sovereign class ships, which is unique, and I understand it, but I can't help but think they should've kept towards the dilithium chamber being more accessible on an actual deck, rather than requiring a catwalk to get to. When I finish my own ship design, I'll make sure to include that," she said, adding to her own mental list of to-do items on her own desired ship class she wanted to make.

"I found a list of crew, from the new chief engineer down to the rest of the engineering department officers and crew. It's a mixed bunch, for sure, so I'm sure I'll have fun getting to know these people."

"End log," she said as she checked and reapplied her make-up, then tugged her jacket, and exited her quarters, and headed out to main engineering.


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