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I lost control today - R Rated

Posted on 03 Sep 2021 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert
Edited on 04 Sep 2021 @ 3:10am

Archive: Personal Logs of Nicole Taggert
Timeframe: two weeks before joining the USS Tomcat
Stardate 239402.04
WARNING: Mature Adult Content, Read at own Risk

Begin Log:

I lost control today. I hadn't gotten to the medical office today to take my inhibitor. I didn't even think about it between packing for deployment to the USS Tomcat, getting cleared for active duty with about 15 departments, including Security, who double-checked with 3 telepaths I was okay for engineering duty and had no hidden psychic triggers or programs in my head that could jeopardize a ship.

I began to feel weird, just like when I had when Starfleet rescued us off Bellringer Station. A heat was building inside me and finally it exploded. I started talking to a guy, pretty average-looking. Brown hair, hazel eyes, but in that moment I couldn't help myself. Before I knew it, we were back in one of the empty quarters kissing like long-lost lovers.

I pulled the door panel off, and jammed it from opening to give us some privacy with a jury-rig I figured out back at the academy.

Within a minute we had disrobed, our hands all over each other. I practically ripped his clothes off, as if he were a candy bar and it was the last thing to eat in the world. Then we got on the bed and I let loose. From what he remembers, my blue eyes turned green and he heard what he described as a breathy alto come from my mouth, urging him on. He had no choice but to comply. Almost no one can resist that voice. The subvocal harmonics reach into your subconscious and force you to do what I want...that's why I never use it or really talk about it. No one would ever trust me again. They'd all think anything I said or did had a hidden compulsion behind it.

As we joined together we tried a number of positions, each of us pushing the other to new heights of pleasure. It felt so good...but it couldn't help but feel good. I was built to make it that way. He stayed up for two hours because of me and performed many times in those two hours...and I saw stars so many times I lost count. When he finally couldn't carry on for lack of stamina and water, we finally collapsed onto the bed, panting like pups after a run on a hot day. He passed out, and the fever broke. I realized what I had done, and who I had been with. I knew him. He had a girlfriend, and I couldn't stop myself.

::Log recording paused as Taggert began to cry

::Log continued

I've got to be better about my medication, and set reminders to myself. Shortly after our rendezvous I found out he had to go to the doctor, who thought he might've had a heart attack or something...but it turned out to be just extreme exhaustion.

::Voice quivering:: I've got to keep better control over these urges or they're going to control me. I talked to the base counselor and she suggested more regular holo time so as to avoid having an incident like this again. My inhibitors were also adjusted so they would last a full two weeks at a time. That way I might be able to avoid the danger of going into a frenzy again.

:Sigh: I'm an engineer. I'm damn good at it. And I'm not going to let this stupid body they cursed me with control me. No one's going to stop me from making it to Chief of Engineering, either. Maybe one day, I'll get a Galaxy or Sovereign Class ship too.


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