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The Joining of Life... The One Now is Two Pt 2 of 2

Posted on 01 Sep 2021 @ 7:09pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Sem
Edited on 01 Sep 2021 @ 7:11pm

The assistants came to get Kara and Clay. They adorned Kara in the traditional ceremonial robes for her to wear until a moment before she steps into the water. Clay was handed al towel to cover himself until he was to step into the water. The couple were then escorted to very end of the corridor and the very last room which was used for special guests that required a watery need to their stay on the starbase.

As they entered the quarters for the ceremony, the first attendant that would be in the water took Clay to one side as the other three guided Kara to a small platform and helped her step up on it. Clay was guided to the edge of the pool and told to stand there as the attendant removed his towel. Then the two attendants that were going to be in the pool got into their special suits and stepped into the water. Then one attendant advised Clay to step down into the water and then turn to face the steps to assist Kara at her time to enter the water.

The two attendants then helped Kara approach the top step and they gathered her robe and held it from touching the water as Clay helped her step down into the pool. Once the robes were dryly removed and Kara was in the water, the two attendants stepped out of the view and the minister came in.

The ceremony started and the minister did his chants and blessings and the two attendants in the water moved to open the cave tunnel that would allow the symbiote to enter the joining pool. Once the Symbiote entered the joining pool, the two attendants removed themselves from the water and the joining was officially begun. The minister sprinkled something in the water and Kara and Clay were in a pool that had an effervescent bubbling occurring. The symbiote then moved around and rubbed against Clay and nudged at his gut. Then in passing the symbiote rubbed against Clay's manhood and got him to giggle slightly as it tickled. The symbiote then nudged at Kara's gut and thus found the pouch opening and started to penetrate to complete the joining.

Once the symbiote was inside of Kara and the pouch was starting to seal itself, Kara was instinctually drawn underwater and the ritual continued as the first connections of memories started to bond to Kara. Clay was worried for what seemed like an hour was only two or three minutes and then Kara's head appeared back above the surface of the water.

The Minister then chanted a few Trill blessings and the ceremony was over. Kara stood up and looked at Clay. "You are the one this host loves." Sem spoke to Clay. "Stand and let me gaze upon you."

Clay stood up and was puzzled a little as he was not told about this part of the process. "I am Timothy and I do love Kara with my whole heart." Clay stated.

"I am Sem and now joined with Kara and we will be Kara Sem." Sem stated and as soon as he was done with the sentence, Kara seemed to wake up from a trance.

"Are you okay?" Clay asked of Kara Sem.

"I am not sure, but I feel like I have been alseep for years." Kara replied.

Clay reached his hand out to Kara and helped her to the steps. He helped her up and as she rose out of the water, the two assistants reapplied her robes and the then once Clay was out of the water, the one attendant gave him a towel.

"I am experiencing memories of this host from a previous host." Kara stated. "I know this past host better than I should know any of the past hosts."

The Minister, the asked Kara some questions. Turns out that Sem was once joined to Kara's father and was saved from him when her father died many years ago. Kara's father was a diplomat and he recognized some of the memories inside her mind as Sem's memories of the past hosts were making their place inside Kara's mind.

Kara Sem's personal log following her joining.


I am now joined with Sem. I am no longer Kara Pril but now I am Kara Sem. Apparently, my father was once joined with Sem and had two hosts since then. This will be an interesting turn of events. I have been an engineer for a few years and now with the knowledge of the past hosts in Sem, I feel like I need to leave engineering and move to diplomacy.

I will talk with Clay and see how he is adjusting to his girlfriend now not just being his girlfriend but the host of memories of others, a host of knowledge that came from lives lived by others. I feel like maybe I will want to switch to be at the least a diplomatic liaison with all the diplomats that will at some point be on the Tomcat.

I only have a few memories of my father as he was often gone while I was growing up as he was a diplomat. He never shared his joined name with me. But he died when an embassy on Androgynist Prime was attacked by a rogue Orion pirate group.

When my father left for his diplomatic work when I was four years old and I never saw him again. Now I am hosting his memories and knowledge inside of my new symbiote. Things would likely change beyond me just getting joined. I will hope Clay will be at my side but I have a feeling he will need time to adjust to me now having a logical case of multiple personalities inside me.



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