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Log 1

Posted on 18 Jan 2017 @ 5:03pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Edited on 19 Jan 2017 @ 10:17pm

-Engineering: Chief Engineer's Office-

"Start Log.

I have finally been assigned to a full fledged starship. I am excited but extremely nervous. At least I can sense the nervousness of the others who were recently assigned to the USS Tomcat and that helps calm me some.

I had been on the station for a week gathering and approving the supplies I will need for an extended voyage. An Akira class ship may not be the largest ship but for my first major assignment, I am glad it is not a Galaxy Class ship.

I reported for duty on the Tomcat about one week ago to start the prep sequences for the engines and to get my gear settled in my quarters as well as my office. I am glad that Rocky is settled in and that I got the replicator in my quarters programmed to make an acceptable food source for him so I don't have to always keep insects or rodents on hand. I am telling you that Rocky has really grown since I rescued him from the burning arboretum on Rigel VII. He was only nine inches tall then. Now ten years later he is as tall as I am. It is nice that he only has to eat once a month.

Well, I have not officially been tasked with much at this point, but I have got my engineering crew working on prepping the engines for the mission as well as having the most eager ones working to reinforce the antimatter storage units. I am still trying to figure out most of my staff, I feel the whole range of emotions from them but as the new boss they all are seemingly very eager to make a good impression.

I have not yet personally met the captain or other command staff, but I am looking forward to the mission and doing what I can to make it work for the better. I have the schematics of this class of ship memorized as well as the known upgrades and as I can, I will implement those upgrade to make this ship operate better.

I noticed the vibration of the core was off by 6 degrees but I have had the crew fix it and now it is right on. There seems to be a slight power drain when the cargo transporters are active so we will work on that in transit to our destination.

Well, I better get to the debriefing and getting to meet the rest of the staff and the captain. I can already feel the anticipation of everyone on board. I just have to remember to meditate every day to help control my abilities and not let them get the best of me or go wild.

Dodd out."


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