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Go Go Power Rangers

Posted on 28 Dec 2020 @ 8:04pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

"Personal Log,, enter the date for me. I don't have a timepiece on me," Nicci said as she was in her holodeck fantasy. She chose an old-time kid's TV show where the good guys were easy to identify and the bad guys were just bad guys. No gray. Just black and white.

Beep-beep beep-beep BEEP-beep, came the familiar watch tone.

"Jessie," said the voice of their mentor, Zordon. "The other rangers need you. Lord Zedd is attacking in the park!"

"You got it Zordon," Nicci said, as she was filling the role of the red ranger, Jessie, a female form of Jason. Red was her favorite color. She looked around, and everyone at Ernie's Gym and Juice Bar were oblivious to the conversation she had with her watch, despite this being a time before smart watches and Bluetooth.

She got up and left the public area, and found the corridor leading to the entrance, clad in tight jean shorts, a low-cut red tanktop, and sneakers with shin-high socks, the perfect early 90's outfit, other than the low-cut of her shorts showing off her hip bones and toned abs. She teleported to the park, and sure enough the Tux-Toros were there, terrorizing people.

"Jessie!" Billy called out. "We've got to stop them!"

"All right, it's morphin' time!" Nicci called out, as she pulled the handle on her belt buckle that appeared as she said it. She tucked it to the right, extended her hand, turned it over, and called out "Tyrannosaurus!"

The others called out their zords and morphed, all gaining the Zyuranger uniforms that Nicci had been cosplaying in on the holodeck for the better part of a year, fighting through all the Rita episodes, and she had just now reached the start of the Zedd episodes, a late 21st century re-imagining of the second season adapting the Dairanger series into Power Rangers more thoroughly than before.

All five leapt into action and fought the Tux-Toros, but they saw they were losing ground. They were tougher than putties.

"Oh no!" Trini called out.
"We need help!" Zack said, nodding his head like everyone did in the series.

"Dragonzord!" called Tommy, appearing to save the day. His green dragon coin had been drained by the green candle, but in the reimagined series, it was recharged on Eltar so he could continue on with more of the episodes on the holodeck.

The six got a renewed vigor to fight and were beating back the grunts till Pipebrain showed up. The fight continued against him till he had them all in his extended pipes, and destroyed their morphs, the energy fading the uniforms off all six of them, as he let them go and teleported off.

All six lay on the grass, a breeze blowing as they lay there exhausted, the first act of the episode done.

The program paused as the comm system called her. "Lt. Taggert, we need you to help sign off on the systems check on the warp coils."

"Damn," Nicci said as she stood up, the damage not so series when she wasn't pretending. She acknowledged by tapping her commbadge, saying, "On my way."

As the arch appeared and opened, she looked at the rangers paused there on the grass, and at her own 90's attire. "We'll get Zedd next time guys."

Nicci left and the program saved her progress as she went back to work.


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