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Long and Frustrating Day

Posted on 06 Nov 2020 @ 8:18pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

Time: After meeting Winchester in the holodeck.

Nicci got back to her quarters, and was greeted by her two cats, two little Maine Coons / Ragdolls she picked up back on Earth. They grunted a little as they landed, a cute little cat noise of exertion, before mewing a little, a sign they wanted attention and food.

"Hey little kitties," Nicci said as she bent down and petted Rory, and Amelia stretched up, her way of saying 'pick me up!' to Nicci.

"All right needy girl," she said in a tone owners often used for their pets.

"Computer, record personal log," Nicci said, as the computer chimed that it was recording.

"It's been a long day, and a frustrating one at that. I have to say, keeping using the inhibitor is frustrating to say the least. I do need to find a way to control the pheromones I keep making. Inhibiting their production isn't really a long-term solution, even if it's a workable one to keep the crew from going crazy when I'm around. I have to say, though, I need some release and a little holodeck time. Pause the log."

She paused the log and went over to her majestic cat tree that she got her two cats, a huge castle of a cat-tree with hammocks, tunnels, scratching posts, cubbies, holes to pop-up or pop-down, and she had even added in patches of grass with some custom sun-lamp and curved holoscreens that projected daytime so her cats could pretend to sun themselves.

"Okay you two, here you go," she said as she put out the wet cat food they liked. They got one in the morning, and one at night. It was all-natural, non-replicated, and no filler. She wanted to make sure her cats stayed on a 'BARF' diet, or 'bone and raw food' diet, since they were predators. She kept a little refrigeration unit in her quarters, and a stash in the cargo bay for her cats, that they would be refilling at the Starbase. She also had a stash of fruits and vegetables she grew in the botanical garden for cooking her own food. She shied away from replicated food, even moreso now that she'd changed bodies, because she could, quite honestly, taste the difference. A pepper she grew herself always tasted so much better than a replicated pepper. Some called her picky, but she thought of it as maintaining her health.

She smiled as she watched her cats go at it, eating and purring happily. She petted them and went to change clothes.

"Resume log," she said as the chime told her the computer was recording again. "Still personal, but I need to work out more. I gained 1.5 cup sizes in the last month on this mission because I was pulling so many all-nighters keeping the ship together while Dodd was kidnapped. No complaints, but I think I got more stares than normal because they're so big now. Of course, I should consider myself lucky that's the only place I can gain weight. No worries about love handles or chunky bellies. But anyhow. I've got my holodeck workout for 5 AM, and will have a nice breakfast and a good shift in the morning. End log."


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