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Personal Log Stardate 239410.24

Posted on 24 Oct 2020 @ 11:03pm by Captain Jasmine Somers


With a travel bag in hand Fleet, Captain Somers board her shuttle and notifies her pilot who would be doing the one-way trip ferrying her that she was ready to leave when in space and the shuttle went to warp she started her Personal Log.

"Computer begin log" she begun and the computer beeped acknowledgement

"Captain's Personal Log October tenth, twenty-three ninety-four I have not long said farewell to my long-time First Officer and friend Maia Sterling she had served me well and faithfully for over twelve years and in that time dealt with crew issues before they reached me and for that I am thankful. But I will miss her as there will never be another like her, there will probably be other good First Officers, but they will be good in their own way as no one will be the same as the other. *pause* Even with the Tomcat docked the ship seemed different without Maia walking around her *sighs* but life must go on and I must do other duties" she paused again.

"Now I am going to where the USS Leto is docked and give them a send-off speech, oh how I hate speeches, but it is something that I must do and it will be good to see my friend again and see how her crew treat her. Now all I have to do is to figure out what I am going to say, Oh Alex where are you and your diplomatic training when it is needed" she said referencing her cousin. "Oh yeah right, you will be commanding my ship for Phase two, I hope you succeed in it as this is your final test, I bet she already knows *giggles* still the task ahead of her will not be an easy one as commanding one ship is not the same as having a full fleet as support, I hope she chooses an acting XO for the mission, computer pause" she paused again.

Jasmine stood up and walked over to the replicator and got herself a cup of herbal tea and returned to her seat. She contemplated how she started and where she was now. After taking a long swig and swallowing the liquid she continued.

"Computer unpause, I think back to how I got command of the Tomcat, I was a Marine and had to change to Fleet to command a ship, I was a rookie not really knowing what I was doing. Then in the fleet I was in we had a schism and a new fleet formed from it and when that imploded I was all alone in the night and I changed back to Marine, I stayed that way for a few years then when I came to my current fleet I had to requalify and change back to Fleet and drop a few rank grades, but even though I started off a mess I have since done well and have proven myself to my fleet mates and now I am a Fleet Captain and TFCO to boot, this was something I did not see coming, but I am happy. I do not remember if I told Alex or if she knew, but at some point, I will be handing over Command to her as I will move my flag to the Starbase, I am aware that I can go no higher in rank or position while I command a ship, so after enough time has passed and the situation is right I will let Colonel Somers take command hopefully by then I will have a First Officer in place, enough rambling. Computer save my Personal log and send a copy to the Tomcat and Starbase 51 and then End Log" She said.

The Computer beeped acknowledgement and with that, she sat back pulled out an old fashioned novel and began to read.


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