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Personal Log Entry 110-1

Posted on 02 Oct 2020 @ 6:02pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley

- Personal Log Entry 110-1 -


Leland was sitting at his desk at the Starbase 51 quarters assigned to him. He had a drink in his hand, a cup of hot coffee. He had just finished another training session on the holodeck of the Tomcat's simulation at the helm.

Varying degrees of operations, maneuvers, and emergency protocols were covered. Once again, Hawksley bested his previous analytics.

"Computer. Open a personal log. Leland Hawksley, Starbase 51. The Stardate is 70755.05." He checked his silver wrist chronometer.

"Well. Here I am. It has taken a long journey to get me to someplace. I am finally looking forward to being. The Tomcat is a great ship and looks to be a great crew. This, of course, only being that I have met a few officers also waiting for transfer to the Tomcat here on the starbase." He took a drink and swallowed it. He let his left-hand finger idly slide along the edge of his desk while he had leaned back in his chair.

"I'm looking forward to touching base with Captain Sommers and the other staff. From what I have heard from word of mouth on the base here, that the Captain is an upstanding officer, and that I am lucky to be assigned under her Command." He recalled.

"If anything is an indication thus far, the standing orders and process to get on board the ship prooves she truly wants to work with thirsty officers. Thirsty being, an overwhelming need to serve, do their best and practice what they preach. Starfleet has us assigned to one of the great Akira Class - Marine Detachment Ships. These ships have been known to take missions of the highest importance." He felt pride.

"If I can be half the man that the Captain wants out of me, then I have served my best. As Chief of Helm, I oversee some responsibilities on the bridge that are crucial to every day operational procedures." He took another drink from his coffee and slowly swallowed.

"I look forward to this new venture, this new chapter in my life. I do not know what fate will bring to me. I can only accept it with open arms." He smiled.

"Well, it seems like I'm getting a bit funky sitting here. I should probably take a fresh warm sonic shower. These quarters are great. I will have a good sleep tonight, I can feel it."

"Computer end personal log."



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