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Serina's Hangover Blues

Posted on 28 Aug 2020 @ 2:18am by Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan
Edited on 01 Sep 2020 @ 1:20pm

Serina had one of the worst hangovers in her entire life. She had gotten totally wasted on Romulan Ale in the party. She didn't remember just how much she drank but it was more than was needed. Her headaches so bad, she thought it would explode. "Computer begin recording"

It was some party. I had a good time but I really didn't enjoy it the way I wanted to. It's been some time since I saw the twins and I find myself missing them terribly. I know that mom and dad are taking care of them but...all I want is to hold my babies. Even if it was a horrible experiment from the kidnapping, those babies are mine and I love them.

I spoke with mom and dad a couple of days ago and they said the girls were doing fine. I saw them from the terminal, sleeping in their bassinet, getting big. Oh, how horrible I feel not being able to care for them. Maybe it was a mistake to continue my career in Starfleet…..maybe I should have resigned my commission and gone home to raise my girls. Oh, I don't know what I was thinking….Computer pause,

Serina threw her boots across the room angrily. Frustrated, confused, bitter, and hurt, she kicked the couch and yelled, "Damn it to hell! Why am I still here?" she cried. Tears running down her cheeks, she sat down with a stuffed toy that was the girls, Computer resume…….

I just can't believe I did this, I left my kids in favour of my career. What kind of mother am I, giving my kids to my parents to raise…... DAMN IT! I can't win! But I can't leave my career either. I chose my career, do my job, make sure my young pilots make it back to the barn in one piece. Then I get kidnapped, impregnated, have twins a month or two later, and I'm leaving my two children in favour of my job. WHY? I know I have a bloody bottle of Andorian brandy somewhere, think I'll get drunk again……. Computer end recording and file.

Finding the bottle, still cuddling the toy, Serina quietly gets drunk yet again.


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