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Moments in life

Posted on 18 Aug 2020 @ 2:42pm by Lieutenant JG Ted Silver
Edited on 01 Sep 2020 @ 1:27pm

Begin personal Log of Ted Silver

They say in a person living there are defining moments. That stick out in memory like marker buoys on a calm sea. For some who claim to actually remember the day of their birth. It’s the first time they saw their mothers face.

Although for the Gorns it’s that moment. When after hatching they feel fresh air on their skin.

I don’t remember my birth. Although my mother does and willing tells me. It is usually when pointing out my lack of a wife. I tell her that "Science is my mistress and a jealous maiden she can be" this is my answer to my mother. Who cuts the Communications after hearing my reply.

I suppose my first moment was falling from that roof. When I was a kid you could say that little Ted Silver was not a very nice little boy. I suppose it was rebelling against my parent's strict upbringing I had my little gang of scallywags which I ruled over and we liked to make trouble. One day they bet me to climb a building. I was only nine so common sense. Did not really have much hold on me. I nearly made it but my tiny hands. Are no great power against good old gravity I fell quite a long way I nearly died that day and for a few moments until the ground met my little body I thought I was going to die at the worst or crippled at the least, but there was that feeling of inner peace. There have been others since then of course.

Today was another for the record for me arriving at Starbase 51. A new posting awaits that is once the Tomcat arrives of course. But if the facilities are just as good as here on the Starbase. Then I can’t wait until she arrives so I can start a new chapter in my life as the ships Assistant Chief Science Officer.

End personal log


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