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Musings Of Paul Winchester

Posted on 23 Feb 2020 @ 1:30pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester


Begin Log

This mornings meeting did not go well as we got to meet the Cousin of our Captain, Lieutenant Colonel Alex Somers as I started to call her out on her contacts that had fed her the information for the mission that we are about to embark upon, and for my troubles I have Major Donavan standing outside my quarters. and before the meeting I had met with Lieutenant Walon my replacement in Intelligence and that to did not go well either.


I am now the Assistant Chief of Security which means I am to be part of briefings except I won't be allowed to ask Questions as I am on restricted duties as of now, I think I need to make my apologies to the Colonel as I don't want to be locked up in here with Donavan outside.

Maybe in the morning I will speak with the Captain to see if I can get this lifted so I can go to the gym or the holodeck, maybe what I need is a good nights sleep and a good meal inside of me and also find out what is causing this static charge in my Prosthetic arm.

End Log


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