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A time to rest...

Posted on 27 Jan 2020 @ 5:11am by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert
Edited on 31 Jan 2020 @ 11:33pm

The awards ceremony had ended, so Nicci took the time to return to her quarters.

"Computer, begin recording. Personal log...stardate...whatever it is now. A few of us have gotten promoted while others got ribbons for their actions in the fight with the Orions."

She took off the jacket and threw it on the couch. Then, unzipped the tunic and threw it also.

" Thank God there's no skirt option on this ship. I hear it's coming next year," she continued, as she took off her dress pants, and walked to the dresser and grabbed some sleepwear.

"I've been up for four days now, and we're finally in spacedock. I gave Lt Dodd a report of what needs fixing, including two of the warp coils which appear to have microfractures in the early stages."

She sat down on the edge of the bed, throwing the covers open so she could climb in.

" Unless anyone needs me I'll probably be sleeping for at least twelve hours. I took some Knock-out, so I should sleep very nicely. Once I'm rested, then I'll tour the base, maybe see if they have some Masterpiece figures here that'd go with my collection. End log. "

With that, Nicci tapped the light control and covered up for a good night's rest.


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