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It's Finally Over

Posted on 11 Dec 2019 @ 4:16pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert

"Personal log, Nicole Taggert. Stardate...uh, can't read it from this angle," she began.

Nicole Taggert was just out of the shower and dressing for the awards ceremony. She had already put her pants and boots on.

"I swear these things have gotten bigger, but heck, they were already big enough," she said as she got her last undergarment on, then took her tunic off the hanger and out it on, zipping it up.

"We're docked at the Starbase and I'm glad, because honestly this ship is practically held together with spit, bailing wire, chewing gum, and stubbornness. There are 84 hull plates alone I need to have replaced, that magically didn't hear off while at warp, and four coils that need replacing, and..."

She sighed and calmed herself down a little. "At the moment, nothing I can do about that," she said oOIf only I could just sit and play with some LEGO or Transformers to clear my mind...Oo

"I confronted one of my demons on the mission," Nicci continued. "One of the guards at Bellringer station infiltrated the engineering station while we were fighting. He recognized me and tried to kidnap me again..."

Her voice quivered a little, but she calmed down before she started crying. She spent too much time doing makeup to have to redo it before the ceremony.

She continued, "...but something kicked in and I just attacked, like it was instinct, and before I knew it, I was being pulled off his unconscious form, Orion blood all over me, and my uniform in tatters..."

Nicci adjusted her tunic as she made sure the seams of her pants lined up with the seam of her tunic, per regulation.

"I got cleaned up and dressed, but I could tell the other engineers were a bit uneasy when I came back. I might need to tell them a little about my past...gloss over a few of the they understand what happened to me," she continued. "I don't think I was in any real bones are denser than normal people, like my muscles. I'm about three times as strong as a man, and can give a Vulcan a run for his money in endurance. If only the pheromones and urges didn't distract me and require those suppressants, I'd be good. But I was designed to be a good little infiltration agent, who needed to be...persuasive shall we say, as well as kick ass. Just about the only good thing to come out of my experience with the Orions was the mental enhancements. I can memorize and retain information practically as well as a just takes a bit of work to relax because my mind is almost always going on all thrusters."

She changed lipstick shades to a darker red so as not to draw too much attention, but then again, she never really had much trouble with that since returning to the fleet. Her lips alone gave Xenia Seeburg a run for her money.

"Time for a small awards ceremony. I've been up for about four days straight now, trying to keep this ship together so I hope it doesn't go too long. I need a little sleep. Maybe I did something worth rewarding, but then again, miracles are what engineers sign up to perform. End log," Nicci said, as she looked at her hair again. Every hair was perfectly placed. Her OCD was satisfied with that, and she exited her quarters, heading to the awards ceremony.


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