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New Assignment

Posted on 12 Oct 2016 @ 12:33pm by Lieutenant JG Akuhl K'Tel

I have been reassigned. While my time aboard the Schweitzer was useful, it was also useless. I learned many things out of journals, but nothing compares getting hands on experience. Was it wrong of me to wish for an explosion in Engineering or perhaps a hull breach? Kahless forgive me.

I told Allison about my new assignment—the USS Tomcat—and within a few hours she replied with all sorts of information about it (where does she get this information?).

What stood out to me is that both her captain and first officer are both women, as well as some other members of the senior staff.

The other thing she told me that was of interest was that while the Tomcat is an exploratory vessel, she seems more of a warship. In addition to her standard complement of weapons, she also carries several squadrons of fighter craft.

Will this be the chance I have been waiting for? Will I finally be able to serve as I intended? Will I finally prove myself worthy?

Kahless guide me as I begin this new journey.


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