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Away Team summary and personal feelings

Posted on 01 Feb 2019 @ 9:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd
Edited on 01 Feb 2019 @ 11:18pm

Dodd was in his decon chamber separated from the rest of the team. He set out to record his report of the events that transpired while he was to be head of the recent away team mission.

He used a PADD to record the report.

"We started out on a routine mission of sorts. We were to investigate the origin of why my Starfleet signature was coming from Xindaria and why it seemed to be ancient in origin as well.

The team consisted of Dr Cahill, Ensign Thompson, Lt. Delfin, Ensign Tanjeensz, Ensign K'Muss, two marines: Webb, Derrigo, and myself. We were to originally go to divide into two teams and cover the mines and the city ruins at the same time; however, the presence of Gorn on surface altered our plans.

I decided to keep the team together and we would hit the mine first. All went well with K'Muss ultimately remaining at the shuttle what the rest of the team all ended up in the mine. At first, it was Derrigo, Tanjeensz, Thompson and myself headed for the mine while rest remained at the shuttle, but soon Dr Cahill was called to come to the mine and Webb was her escort. then at some point, Delfin left K'Muss at the shuttle and headed for mine.

In the mine, we found a room with some futuristic technology but yet it seemed to have been there a very long time. There was even still some active equipment. The ventilation system was still in operation along with some lighting system components. We found the source of my Starfleet signature and the transmissions the ship detected, it was actually my tricorder, which was odd as I was using my tricorder when I found a much older copy of it nearly embedded in the rocky wall behind a wall panel of the room in the mine. Then some Gorn arrived and we had the sensation we were being watched, so we found an alternate way out of the mine and came out practically at the shuttle.

Then things moved very fast as we go to the centre of the ruins of the city and started to make some wonderful headway and a temporal vortex sucked my team and six Gorn into the ancient past of the planet.

The full report will depict the full story, but in the past, I was a personal assistant to a queen and had access to lots of knowledge. The race ruling the planet was called the Xindarians but they were not the natives of the planet. This planet was really a false universe's way to hold the surviving race of Xindi Avians until time could be worked out to get them back to their native universe. We helped to trigger the vortex that took us to the past, but in the long run, it also helped to get all of us and the Avian back to our proper time.

Only the side-effect of the issue was that we were in the past for three months or so while only a few hours passed in our proper universe.

While in this alternate universe's past, we witnessed the Gorn de-evolve into simple lizards and the sole female of the group laid an egg. We were able to deliver the six lizards and the egg to the Gorn and found out later that the female was actually a member of a high Gorn noble family and that her egg would be a treasure with her people. Only time will tell if Gorn would revert back to their modern appearances or if they would remain primitive.

Also, we have reintroduced the Avians back into the Xindi collective, for lack of a better word. They were welcomed but I am sure the Insectoids and the Reptilians were far from pleased to have the passive Avians back in the mix. I will have to keep in touch to see how that goes, but since the Xindi are at peace I hope that remains so.

The memories of the alternate universe are unsettling for me at this time. I know once I am released from decon and able to get back to engineering and Iria, I will feel much better. I can only imagine what it will be like to hold Iria once again in my arms and to feel the softness of her kiss on my lips. My goal is to officially make her my Imzadi and marry her. I know she is a shapeshifter and that is only one of the many things I so love about her. She has helped me to mentally maintain my mind from reacting to everyone's thoughts and fears. While I am in much better control of my telepathy I know she will be my best friend and support for as long as I can keep her. I always find new things about her to love and I have never felt this way about anyone before. I would say that while I have loved before, she is the first one I want to make love with. Hard to believe it but I know deep in both our thoughts there is a pull to have us be together and I will act upon that until that feeling fades or she tells me to bug off."

Dodd then stopped inputting the information on his PADD and turned in for the night. He would likely be released tomorrow as the results of all the scans and tests will be done by then.


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