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Just clearing my mind....

Posted on 09 Aug 2018 @ 9:03pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Timothy Nelson
Edited on 11 Aug 2018 @ 3:58pm

“Computer, begin recording personal log.” Nelson requested.

The Computer chimes to start recording.

“Well, I have not recorded a personal log in a while so I thought I would get somethings off my chest.

Chief Dodd is leading an away team on the surface of Xindaria. He was surprised he was picked to lead such a mission so I am curious about finding out more when returns. He has been a great friend and shipmate. While he is my superior, we do get along very well and it is as if we have known each other our whole lives. Part of that could be that fact that he can read my mind and I am like an open book.

Well, enough about Remy, you may think I have the hots for him, but that is the farthest thing from my thoughts. I am madly in love with Kara Pril. She is the best thing to happen to me after meeting Remy. We are both engineers and thus see each other most of the time when on duty. However, I can’t get enough of her when I am off duty. She is still adapting to my favorite pastime but I know she doesn’t mind seeing me naked. I don’t worry about what she thinks of it but she enjoys my company and that is what we like about each other. She is my world now. She enjoys hiking but she typically keeps her clothes on. She enjoys all sorts of the same foods and beverages as I do. We both like animals and we both are happy when we are together. She is a trill that has not been joined with a symbiote but she is on a list to be a recipient if there is a need for a host someday. We have really committed to one another. We are going to wait until the next time we are at spacedock or a space station to request getting shared quarters. We are looking to make the next move in our relationship.

If it was not for Remy getting assigned the Tomcat, I would never have met her and where would I be. Remy got me assigned here when he got on as chief engineer. He also requested Pril be assigned here upon reading a performance evaluation of her previous duty assignment. I guess I should add that I know Remy has met someone on this ship. He had been struggling with his telepathic or such abilities and so went to see the counsellor on the ship. She was able to help him and something else also happened. Now he is a more down to earth sort and they have become a couple from what he tells me. They try to not let it hinder their professional lives but they are a great couple and make Pril and I aspire to be more to one another.

Funny thing is that Pril was sharing with me what happened when she feed Rocky for Remy. The plant made a move for my woman. I would have volunteered to feed Rocky but for some reason, that plant doesn’t really like me because it always appears to be dead when I am talking to Remy in his quarters.

Things in engineering are all within normal operating parameters and Lieutenant Taggert is doing a great job keeping things running smoothly. We are on our way to render assistance to a Gorn ship in distress. So I will be jumping in the shower then heading to my shift in engineering. Until next time. Nelson, out.”

“Computer, end recording.” Nelson requested of the computer.

The computer chimed to signal the end of the recording.

Petty Officer 2 Timothy Nelson [PNPC: Dodd]
Propulsion Specialist
USS Tomcat


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