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Feeding Rocky......

Posted on 09 Aug 2018 @ 3:54pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Sem
Edited on 11 Aug 2018 @ 3:57pm

"Computer, start a personal log." Pril requested of the computer from within her quarters.

The computer chimed to begin recording.

"Today I had the privilege of feeding Rocky. Chief Dodd's carnivorous plant. I agreed to feed it while he was on the away mission. I felt honoured that he asked me to feed it. Let me say that I was not aware how hard it would be.

Dodd left me instructions and even left me two mice. What I did not realize was that the plant has a mind of its own. Rocky is about 180 centimetres tall, which is actually a few centimetres taller than I am. I had to water him and prune a few leaves with was fine and I really think Rocky enjoyed it. What caught me off guard was the fact that Chief did not mention that Rocky has vines that sort of act like arms or tentacles if you will. While I was tending to Rocky, he rubbed a vine along my calf. It was unexpected and sort of tickled as well.

Rocky was lonely, I think. Dodd spends lots of time with Rocky and while he has been busy lately and then getting sent to lead this current away team, time with Rocky had not been all it usually should be. So anyway, I checked the soil conditions and watered him and he sort of stayed still then. When I pruned a few leaves off is when he got frisky. He rubbed my calf and then I even felt a vine rub my backside. At first, I would have said it was Clay from the way it felt but I realized it was Rocky.

I am very surprised Chief Dodd has such a pet/plant. He doesn’t seem like the type to have to worry about a plant. However, I do know he saved this plant from a fire and nursed it back to health. I think he can sense Rocky’s thoughts or what may transmit like thought from a humanoid. Well, after all the pruning and watering, it was time to feed Rocky the mice. Now the mice were still alive and to make things easier for me, I was told I could mildly stun the mice before feeding them to Rocky. However, I just grabbed one and went to put it in Rocky’s mouth and was surprised when the mouse squirmed and got out of my hand. Lucky for me, Rocky wrapped a vine around it and moved it to his mouth. Once Rocky swallowed it, I stunned the second mouse and tossed it in Rocky’s mouth and he seemed to savour it longer than the first one.

I just do not understand how one can have a pet plant the eats other critters. But then again, some humanoids don’t understand how Trills can have a symbiote inside them and such. Well, I again must say I have been honoured to be able to feed Rocky. I will do it again if needed, but since Rocky only really needs to eat one a month, I will be prepared with my current knowledge for the next encounter.”

“Computer end recording.” Pril requested of the computer.

The computer chimed and ended the recording.

Petty Officer 3 Kara Prill [PNPC: Dodd]
Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
USS Tomcat


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