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Moon dancing

Posted on 08 Aug 2018 @ 4:39pm by
Edited on 11 Aug 2018 @ 4:02pm

"Computer begin Personal Log Iria Walon" Iria began and the computer sounded when it was ready.

"I am in love with the CEO. It started as helping him to control his telepathic powers." Iria said as the computer recorded her log. "The most cliche thing he has said is "I'd lasso the moon for you if you asked me too. I am always a sucker to have fun." she sighs softly and laughs.

"I believe him though. I think he would try if I asked." she paced around the room a moment quietly. "I haven't felt like this before and I haven't been this happy before. I don't know what is next but whatever it is I am sure we can face anything together." she hums softly a moment and adds, "I am going to check on Rocky for him while he is on the away mission. On a more work-related note, Tamara is very involved with Samuel and Rhett but as long as they don't have another fight in the office it is their business what goes on after hours. Jorie has been making notes about an officer in security and from what I can tell she is trying to ask him out. For now, I have to wait and see what happens before I can actually help." Iria hums a few more notes of a song she and Remy had listened too recently. "I had better get my head in the game now though, just because I am in love doesn't mean I get to slack off." she laughs again and then adds. "Computer save and end log, please."

After she was finished with her Log £Computer save and close personal log" Iria said and after a tone that signalled the recording was off, she decided to go get herself something to eat and drink.


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