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Coping with what I have seen....

Posted on 09 Apr 2018 @ 4:33pm by 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin

"Computer, begin recording personal log." Jenn requested of her computer.

The computer chimed and started to record.

"Well as we have returned to the Tomcat, I now have to deal with a doppelganger of myself being on board as well. We brought the crew and passengers of the freighter back with us as their ship was falling apart and likely would not have made it to New Xindus.

I admit that I never expected to see a double of me while on the mission. She has been altered but there is no mistaking that she was me in the sense that we likely are the same basic dna only different in how we lived and the experiences we have faced. I noticed that Nicci and Maia also had doppelgangers. I wonder if anyone else was duplicated on that freighter. I know we are in an alternate reality and that time here moves differently than our own. But I never figured on this interaction.

I am to keep quiet on the mission and this is hard because I want to go and talk to her about what we have in common and such, but I also want to know what it was like for her here in this reality. What they have been through with the apparent fall of the Federation in this reality.

Well, I better get to my duties. I have to tend to a few detail on the flight deck and then file some paperwork."

"Computer, end personal log and store in personal file." Goodwin requested of the computer.

The computer chimed and Goodwin returned to her duties.


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