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Mission at hand, Love on mind

Posted on 01 Mar 2018 @ 6:29pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd

-Dodd's Quarters-


Dodd was in his quarters getting prepared for the mission at hand and so he decided to record a personal log while he was packing.

"Computer start recording personal log entry." Dodd requested of the computer.

There was a chime from the computer to signal Dodd that it was recording.

"So I am about to depart for a mission with Major Donovan. She is a great person and yet she scares me sometimes. I know she had a tragic past and from the time I entered her mind, I have seen some things that just didn't settle well in my mind.

This mission is to apparently retrieve data from a databank. I have packed everything I can think I would need not knowing the type of device I will be attempting the download from.

I am honored to be able to assist in this type of mission, but I will admit that I will have Iria on my mind while I am off ship. She has become a great friend and I do find myself having feelings for her. She has helped me so much with my mental control and speaking my mind. I can't help but fall for her. I know she is not anything like any of my past relationships. I have always sort of been attracted to women who wanted to keep me below them. Iria is not like that, I feel she is genuine and focused. She is beautiful and calm every time we are together. I always feel she is out of my league, but I will pursue her until I know exactly how she feels for me.

Well, I have to focus and keep my mental walls in place so I can impress Donovan on this mission. I always enjoy working with her when I get the chance, just feel we make a good team. I am not sure how she feels about it, but anyway, I have to be honest with myself, right?

Well, I have replicated the attire that Donovan advised me to wear and I have to admit, I feel like I am in the dark ages with the look, and I don't like the layers it has. But if it helps the mission, so be it. She also had me replicate a pistol that is from the Starfleet of the reality. Looks like it could be two designs from our reality merged into one.

Well, I am all set for this mission and so I better get a move on. Donovan is likely already on the flight deck waiting.

Computer, End recording and store log in personal file." Dodd requested of the computer.

There was a chime and the computer stopped recording.

Dodd pick-ed up his pack and gave Rocky a mouse, then left his quarters en route to the flight deck.


Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat


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